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Halo 4 GOTY edition coming in October

The Halo 4 GOTY edition will be available this October with all of the DLC and pre order items from the initial launch.

rumors on price are that it will be about $50, include the first season of Spartan Ops and will include many more exclusive goodies! (343 Industries, Halo 4, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

Credit url: joystiq.com
MadMen  +   705d ago
HALOisKING  +   705d ago
nice ill be getting it for the fotus armor i can never have to many halo games
WeedyOne  +   705d ago
They need to just give up and remake Halo 2 in HD! For the love of all things sacred DO NOT change ANYHTING in the multiplayer!
PlayStation_4  +   705d ago
whose GOTY was this?

didn't think it got any GOTY awards, almost as fishy as dead island getting a GOTY edition
LogicStomper  +   705d ago
It was my game of the year :)
PlayStation_4  +   705d ago
was talking about big websites
spicelicka  +   705d ago
It won best xbox 360 game and best graphics at the VGA's and various GOTY awards on other websites, including best multiplayer and best shooter. I think that's enough to warrant a GOTY edition.
HALOisKING  +   705d ago
Halo 4 won the 2012 inside gaming, game of the year award by machinima. http://m.youtube.com/watch?...

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