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Xbox One release delay explained - there are no manufacturing problems, insists Microsoft

OXM UK: "Microsoft's head of product development, Albert Penello, has said that the console's delay in some European territories is due to the complexities of localising its new voice-control features, and pointed to its use of near-final retail kits at Gamescom as proof that there are no supply problems." (Albert Penello, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Septic  +   638d ago
"This is the part of the internet that's frustrating, because everybody wants to assume there's a [units volume] issue. And yet I'm showing real hardware here at Gamescom - a real, final, retail kit. Which I have yet to see my friends show me.

Yeah I think its wishful thinking on the part of some and unwarranted panic on the part of others.

But this has me really excited:

""I think people are using the way [voice] works on Xbox 360, which was an accessory we built five years after release, as how it's going to work here," he told us. "But it's so much more elegant and so much more integrated"

Here's hoping its true. I don't want this:

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iamnsuperman  +   638d ago
"This is the part of the internet that's frustrating, because everybody wants to assume there's a [units volume] issue. And yet I'm showing real hardware here at Gamescom - a real, final, retail kit. Which I have yet to see my friends show me."

It is probably wishful thinking but has the One passed the FCC yet? Also there is the issue of is this really a good excuse. They said themselves someone in Switzerland (who speak German and French) don't have a release till next year. Yet it is releasing in Germany and France. I think it is a tactful way of saying we want to bolster the biggest contested regions
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IcicleTrepan  +   638d ago
Switzerland has four official languages. Perhaps it is a legal requirement that they support all four languages. I don't really know, but here are the languages:

vigilante_man  +   638d ago
Switzerland is a different case. They also speak Swiss-German which is very similar but there are differences. And Swiss-French and Swiss-Italian.

So you gotta add them too..

But lets be clear here. This is the company with billions of dollars and many versions of Windows with localisation all over the world. If Sony was having this problem then okay - but for Microsoft to have this problem is bad on their part.

This only confirms in my mind that they were looking to a 2014 release until Sony tipped the balance.
gamertk421  +   638d ago
This isn't just a matter of dashboard localization, though. The Kinect has to be very fine-tuned to work correctly, so I can see how a delay can easily be needed.
iamnsuperman  +   638d ago
"This only confirms in my mind that they were looking to a 2014 release until Sony tipped the balance"

Probably right. They probably saw the releases the PS3 was having this year and thought Sony would be mad to go for a 2013 release for the PS4.
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trafalger  +   638d ago
as a consumer from the outside all we see is m$ is releasing in x amount of countries and sony is releasing in y (or should it be s?) countries. from a consumers point of view they wonder why one is having to explain themselves.

so even if it were manufacturing issues m$ is likely not to confirm it. they could indeed have working systems but they may not be producing them as fast as sony.

at the end of the day ask yourself if it matters to you. are you wanting to buy an xbone on release day and are upset there isn't enough stock. or is this just another witch-hunt here on n4g where you really don't care but want to to make m$ look a incompetent as much as possible?
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Anon1974  +   638d ago
So either there's manufacturing problems or Microsoft is displaying early incompetence. So which is it?

Seriously. When they released their list of launch countries, they knew full well the units would have to be localized, and they released their list of launch countries anyway. Then, suddenly, it's "OH OH!" and the console is delayed months to give them time to localize - a task they knew full well they had to do prior to launch.

I don't know many bosses that would take the news "Hey, about that launch and the localization we've been working on...we're going to need an extra 4-5 months. Ooops?" very well. Clearly, someone needs to be fired.
Gozer  +   638d ago
It must be a conspiracy since its MS ammiiright? No way it could be what they say it is. /s
malokevi  +   638d ago
"If Sony was having this problem then okay - but for Microsoft to have this problem is bad on their part."

There's that blatant double standard.

Why can't we just take them at their word and stop arguing about theories and hypotheticals? It's ridiculous.
SilentNegotiator  +   638d ago
Wishful thinking? They're a multi-billion dollar company. They had ALREADY announced a bunch of countries SEVERAL months ago, before delaying a bunch of them.

They had a LONG time, to do something as simple for a corporation of that size, to localize voice controls for just 8 countries.

The excuse looks a lot sillier when you consider that Kinect 1.0 already laid the voice control ground work years ago.
thechosenone  +   638d ago
When a company announces that it's going to ship to 21 countries and then turns around and lowers that number down to 13 there IS something wrong because companies don't do that kind of thing just for the f**k of it.

So MS with its billions and billions of monies can only manage 13 regions while Sony who's about to go out of business next week can manage 32? Sure...OK.. whatever. lol
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Anon1974  +   638d ago
And so now they've turned around and announced they're lowing their ship forecast by 800k due to problems with manufacturing.

Did no one tell this guy?

mewhy32  +   638d ago
Manufacturing isn't a problem for them. I mean they're getting outsold 4-1 by Sony so they should be able to keep up with the pitiful demand easily.
dmeador  +   638d ago
Strange numbers considering there hasn't been a single XB1 or PS4 sold anywhere in the world
Cueil  +   637d ago
if you squint you'll find that they are all non union countries... take that for what it's worth
StoutBEER  +   638d ago
Uhh... if my Xbox calls me Batman... THEN THAT IS NEXT GEN!!!! XD
Cueil  +   637d ago
Microsoft would make a effing forture if they sold those kind of things... like bootup theme sounds and welcome sounds... walk into the room... welcome agent 13... were would you like to go today?
andibandit  +   637d ago
I can just imagine xbox welcoming me in the Kitt voice, preferably with red lights flashing sequentially across the screen.
iamnsuperman  +   638d ago
So this is the same thing that was explained when the said the release regions were being limited

"But at the same time we said, this is a region-free console," he added. "In regions like Switzerland where people speak German and French, they can get a German or French console. It'll work fine."

I said this before on the last post about this. That is true but shipping costs are still ridiculous. For somewhere like Switzerland it is fine but once you start going to Scandinavian or eastern Europe the costs escalates rapidly. I remember ordering something, off Amazon, from Germany (iPhone battery pack) to the UK. It was twice as much as the actual product
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christian hour  +   638d ago
They had the same problem with Kinect when it first came out. Here in Ireland we couldnt use voice commands for its first year or two, but if you changed locale to UK it would let you use it, and it would recognise your voice...

If Kinect is no longer a requirement for Xbone to function and if this wasn't a problem before, I can't understand why it's suddenly an issue for them.

Personally though I have a hard time believing anything microsoft come out with these days considering they said they couldnt just turn off DRM, but they did, that Kinect was required, and now its not. Etc etc etc.
Cueil  +   637d ago
to be fair if news came from Romania that the Kinect didn't work you'd by on here slamming the console
Foxgod  +   638d ago
The free Fifa makes up for it, a few months wont hurt.
Will be playing GTA V, WWE 14 and other multi's till then.
SuperLupe  +   638d ago
Dude which country do you live in ? I live in France so no delay for me.
Foxgod  +   638d ago
I hail from the kingdom that kicked Napoleons ass, as well as the kingdom of Napoleon liquorish:


The Netherlands :)
stevehyphen  +   638d ago
Maybe if you burned up the white house and capitol building, you'd get day one release instead.

I guess Napoleon wasn't good enough.

Of course, I kid.
n4rc  +   638d ago

Hahaha.. So true bud..
T2  +   638d ago
Canada probably require French too even tho none of us understand a lick of it ... No offence to my Quebecois brothers ... I guess since we burned the white house we got day one !!! Plus our slingshots can reach redmond....
SuperLupe  +   638d ago
Hahaha ok then :)
Foxgod  +   638d ago
Dont ask me why we name our candy after warlords, i have no idea :P
Lucreto  +   638d ago
If you are from the Netherlands then you won't get Fifa 14.

It is only for Tier 1 countries. You will get 2 other games instead.
Foxgod  +   638d ago
Even better!
Cueil  +   637d ago
Oh shucks... I feel for those people... they get two games instead of one :p
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kwiksilver99  +   638d ago
so kinect2.0 is indirectly the cause for the delay?
Salooh  +   638d ago
Kinect and all these 180's have an effect . They wasn't planning to release as many as sony even before the 180's because of the restrictions which need to be implemented for all countries. So why people surprised that they won't release the console until next year ?.
stage88  +   638d ago
Didn't we hear this BS a few weeks ago?
It's just PR spinning.
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skydragoonity  +   638d ago
Ok. I'll just take microsoft's word then........
boing1  +   638d ago
We're waiting for a devkit 4th month now. Sony send theirs after just two weeks. Pretty sure it's manufacturing problems.
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boing1  +   638d ago
Not sure who disagreed but I'm sure we're not alone in waiting for so long.
DinoNYC  +   638d ago
So in other words there was manufacturing issues. Got it.
jairusmonillas  +   638d ago
It would be trouble if they don't deny they have manufacturing problem cause Sony will AGAIN make advantage of it.
MasterCornholio  +   638d ago
Yeah i can imagine Sony saying something like " remember RROD?" just to scare consumers if Microsoft announces that they have manufacturing issues with the console.
MasterCornholio  +   638d ago
The real question is will there be a massive issue with hardware failures at launch like with the 360?

Hopefully Microsoft wont make that mistake again.
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badz149  +   638d ago
with the damn thing THAT huge and the use of SoC (less heat), getting RRoD would be a stupid miracle!
MasterCornholio  +   638d ago
Which is why i dont believe it will happen but if it does then Microsoft has some serious explaining to do.
Mikeyy  +   638d ago
The size of the case has nothing to do with weather or not the CPU will overheat and fry. If the paste cracks or the heatsink comes loose the temp will skyrocket.
Clarence  +   638d ago
Why would M$ tell the truth.
stuna1  +   638d ago
Exactly! If they had do people really believe that they would have had to resort to all the back-pedalling they've had to do these past months? No they wouldn't have.

The launch of next gen consoles shouldn't play out any different than last gens launches concerning region restrictions and language restrictions to the point you're only releasing in 13 countries, come on people can't be that dense! It's fairly obvious that there is a lot more going on here, especially if you look the issue head on, they're things that are handled early on in development.


What you're speaking on concerning the Hot Chip specs for the Xbox 1, the key word being used was theoretical 204 Tfs! And it's not even sustainable! Only the 68 Tfs is, which still makes the PS4 about 40% more powerful. The 47 mb esram is the part that pushes the Xbox 1 to the theoretical 204 Tfs mark, but it's also the part that's not sustainable, moreso like a boost of nitrous if you will.
Phoenix76  +   638d ago
I've got a feeling that Xone will be the new SEGA Saturn!! Bolting out of the gates before the race has started.
prettyboy12  +   638d ago
im kinda cool with that,maybe someone like panasonic or apple can actually take there place,can you imagine if that happened sony would have no choice but that make even better games...ITS A WIN WIN!
SonyKong64  +   637d ago
I really think this will happen.

Saturn/Dreamcast all over again, only this time corporate greed is to blame = )
SilentGuard  +   638d ago
If the Kinect features are optional then why delay the release in those countries? They would just have to wait a few more months to get the voice integration. Looks like another way the Kinect is going to end up being the Achilles Heal for the One.
boybato  +   637d ago
Yeild issue or not who calls their consumers Tier 2. Its like branding them second rate citizens. lol

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