Why the Wii U Keeps Winning me Over

An article about how despite it's dwindling sales the Wii U continues to stand out from the crowd. A look at how with imagination, care and color Nintendo are winning my trust and my money.

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ape0071939d ago

i kinda hated the wii but im loving the wiiu

R00bot1939d ago

For me the Wii was a bit of a love-hate relationship.

It's online experience was terrible, it's eShop was cringeworthy and I wasn't a fan of the UI, but it had some stellar games (some of the best games of last gen, IMO) that kept bringing me back to it.

I still open up Wii-mode on the Wii U sometimes to play the great games the Wii had, now we just need to get the Wii U some of those games (and they ARE coming, now we just have to wait).

N4g_null1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I remembered that ape007 and I told you that you would like the wiiu. Lol

my biggest issue with the wii was not the hd output because I love tech and knew I needed a dlp hdtv... so I got to see that Nintendo was almost ready for hd and shaders. It was the fact that gaming companies where loosing the spark of talent that made this industry rock. Gamers where attracted to hype instead of real games, that one system exposed who the real gamers where last gen and who where sheep. Then they ran online to protect that very hype as if they where protecting something they where about to loose. Now here we are, after all the lies hate and pixel counting who is still playing and enjoying their old games.... almost none of you. Hyped about a gt auto that everyone hated? What is left are a bunch of story gamers that only sony can satisfy.

the wiius biggest draw is its game play that Nintendo prefected on the wii, now in glorious HD, I have mostly led sets now and will be getting 4k soon.

I love a few things in gaming and that is god of war and almost all of Nintendo s games. Love the challenge. Love the fact that they are doing gaming the most justice. Free online, replay value, no modile csshing out, not a lot of empty hype and now a solid home for real game devs. Hey it even comes with its own tv! It lets me use any of my old hhds. All my old games work.... I got a ton of great wii games that you cant find used any where.

What is more of the problem is how the other consoles are simply doing it wrong or just dont get it. I dont want a jr pc... and if I did where are the console games? Not ps2 games I want the game types from the snes, and ps1 and the saturn and dream cast. No more shooters, brawlers, skill based arcade games.... I feel like the 3do or Philips cdi won a console war.

sony has gotten better yet they can only get one purchase out of me so far....story does not Trump game play sony! Oh and ms they bought halo and gears and will keep buying thing. That isnt respectable to my gamer side.

Being in the console war you must show us you got skills in the arena not money bags... how about they find and buy some talent instead? Oh that is what they did.

plus there is no way I can get excited at 1.8 tflops... like I said I know my tech and all my tool makers are embracing things like tesla cards and 10 tflops will be reachable by mid to early 2013 even the ut4 engine needs 2 tflop to even look inpresive, even intel has gpgpu cards coming!

thank god for crytek and the guys at unity for pushing the wiiu though... loving it because it is a balanced approach with out bankrupting companies. It came to display hd games at a proper resolution with action packed frame rates. While having no hype specs that are not going to make a difference.

Yes the ps4 and xone are powerful... yet what are they going to use it for? I hope it is for game play, because that is what its used for on the pc.
If sony doesn't handle this and put up a true fight against Nintendo hd gamers will become pc gamers since sony can't possibly be ready for what is coming on the pc front.

Yet these games coming and tech coming can not compete with the fun coming to the wiiu. Nintendo makes a difference in gaming by supporting what we loved before story gaming and less skilled pop gamers appeared. They are the only true console on the market right now... this is also why they rule the handheld market.

ape0071939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

honestly i was kinda a gfx geek for some little time, the HD shock blinded me but now i realized that gfx are becoming somewhat stagnant and that mk wiiu still look AMAZING compared to any nextgen high end pc, im playing a lot of wii games on the wiiu and there are some amazing game i left, good thing wiiu has backward compatibility, im enjoying SMG 2, DCKR(collected all KONG letters in all levels :D)

wiiu is definitely an amazing console and a must have next to a ps4, X1 or Pc

the wiius biggest draw is its game play that Nintendo prefected on the wii, now in glorious HD"

wholeheartedly agree

N4g_null1939d ago

Yeah im a graphic geek for a living and I love making hd graphics. I was a little ahead of the curve. I was bored with hd gaming at quake 4.... really but zbrush saved my life lol.

I really want to see sony do a aaa mario contender, a real mario kart competitor, and what happened to space shooters! Some one fix little big planet! Really the frame rates killed the game play on the other systems for me along with bad controls.

Oh but if hd shocked you then 4k gaming is going to send you to your grave lol. The new engines coming from adobe and autodesk are going to be crazy, this will spill over to pc dev not consoles as much, so it's pc and wiiu for me this gen till sony or ms make some thing I want to replay.

oh try not to trade your games in as much and renting makes more sense than buying if you are unsure but you knew that. Have fun man!

falcon971939d ago

I love the WiiU,and for me when MK8 and Bayonetta and Project CARS are out i can only imagine how amazing of an experience them games will be with MiiVerse interaction ect.

R00bot1939d ago

And the update coming soon (which keeps getting delayed) that should speed up the OS and update a few other things that haven't been disclosed yet.

BOWZER351939d ago

Can't go wrong with the Wii U, great system.

1939d ago
R00bot1939d ago

I'm glad the Wii U is getting good press (finally).

I think it's a great system, but it really doesn't click with you until you've had it in your house for a while, and after you have you almost wonder how you survived without it.

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