3DMark Vantage - What's up?

It's been couple of months since 3DMark Vantage was announced. Spiffy screenshots, some videos with Nicke talking about the past, DX10 and the future, and a shiny "Coming Soon" logo. Then... it's been quiet. Obviously the developers at Futuremark have been busy making the benchmark, but an update is definitely overdue - and that's exactly what YouGamers set out to get.

So, what's up with 3DMark Vantage? How soon is "soon"? YouGamers cornered the person who knows the answers to these things, Jukka Mäkinen, Vice President of PC Business at Futuremark and kept pestering him until he gave some answers. It should be note that even this short interview took some serious pestering - including veiled threats, bribery attempts and old fashioned begging. Jukka is always busy, and getting into his schedule is harder than you might think - especially if you are trying to talk about (gasp) release dates.

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