Grand Theft Auto 5 leak sparks Sony apology to Rockstar

Sony has issued an apology to developer Rockstar after audio from forthcoming title Grand Theft Auto 5 was leaked online.

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kingmushroom1932d ago

It's gonna sell millions anyway

StraightPath1932d ago

Sony and their piss poor security. Why on earth would you put it on the servers if you know this is going to be a big game and hackers will find a way to gain access to it.

Poor judgement from Sony and resulting to upsetting Rockstar and ruining it for the rest of us.

Indo1932d ago

Halo 3 (cough) Halo 4 (cough)clears throat... GOW Judgement (spit) it happens to everyone and the only thing to do is learn from mistakes and take it down.

SIRHC131932d ago

This is still in the news?

manchesterman221932d ago

lol people complaining that it was spoilt for them? surely they chose to read the leaked info or listed to it?

Khajiit861932d ago

I dont see the problem. Even if they waited hackers would eventually get it. Doesnt bother me any, im not searching the web for gzmeplay videos or info, just have to wait until sept 17th and give rockstar their hard earned money.

dead_eye1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

So the game wasn't leaked. Just the audio was hacked. I don't see the big deal.

CaptainFaisal1931d ago

Exactly! that's what i was thinking! i mean songs and soundtrack were leaked! They should be happy gameplay and story campaign wasn't leaked! then they could be mad lol :P