Battlefield 4 on PS4 & Xbox One – 'We need to compromise in some places,' says DICE

The PC version of Battlefield 4 will look better than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, executive producer Patrick Bach has suggested, telling that it is "doing as much as [it] can" with the next-gen versions, "but we need to compromise in some places".

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Septic1452d ago

Compared to PC, that is to be expected.

But still, 60FPS and 64 players on consoles will be brilliant.

Christopher1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

If it's 60fps and 64 players on console, it won't be anywhere near 1080p. Maybe 720p. Maybe.

Even with the closed-system design, there's not enough there on either system to push it to 1080p.

GarrusVakarian1452d ago

It will be 720p. There is no maybe there.

MasterCornholio1452d ago

They did confirm with the PS4 version that it would be in between 720P and 1080P and they would just upscale it to 1080P. Im pretty sure that it will be a lot better than the sub HD versions of previous consoles.

ooquis1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

So since when you working at DICE that you know this?? you ever thought maybe,just maybe the ps4 version is made to be on par with the xboxone??for all you know the ps4 can do 1080p with no effort.

Kleptic1452d ago

^yeah the IGN preview dude stated it was not 720p, but wasn't 1080p either...but noticeably down on settings, still...

not worried about it...for Bf3, the game looked like hot trash on both consoles until the day it released...even the beta was pretty awful looking...and the final product was perfectly acceptable...

I'm going with the PC version this time around...but mostly because all my bf3 friends/clan mates are doing the same...I think both consoles will get a great version of it though, with much less compromise than with BF3 (between consoles/PC i mean)...

Christopher1452d ago

To further explain my thoughts:

I think the single player and "certain" multiplayer modes may be 720p. I think any multiplayer mode involving 32+ people, though, may not even be full 720p.

Christopher1452d ago

@Maninja: Eh, I'm not sure they're going to get that in both single player and multiplayer. I'm happy to be wrong.

And, don't people come and say "Well, you're wrong". None of us know for certain. But, 60fps with 720p and 32 players at once? That's pushing the heck out of the PS4 hardware, let alone Xbox One.

user74029311452d ago

look at kzsf, deep down ect, it could easily do 1080p.

Christopher1452d ago

***look at kzsf, deep down ect, it could easily do 1080p.***

1. Deep Down is complete demo mode with no concept of gameplay.

2. KZSF is 30fps limited and estimated at 1080p. But, also an exclusive title, not a multiplatform one.

3. None of those are "easy" considering that BF4 is multiplatform, 60fps aiming, will have more players on the screen at once, more forms of movement/vehicles, and will have destructible environments.

n4rc1452d ago

All this frame rate and res talk is amusing...

I remember running counterstrike at 60fps at like 1600x1200 more then 10 years ago... Ans that was with a geforce2 and like a gig of ram..

But back on topic... Look what they acomplished with this gen.. Hardware is peanuts to what we get next gen... Its not out of the question what they are claiming imo

Bobby Kotex1452d ago

No one is denying that Captain Obvious.

-Alpha1452d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall is 1080p and 60 FPS (for multiplayer).

N4g_null1452d ago

The smoke and mirrors are starting early this gen. If 8 cores and 8 gigs of ram can get it done what is the fing point!

KiLLeRCLaM1452d ago

BATTLEFIELD 4 WILL BE 720P on consoles..It's been confirmed already!

Deadpoolio1452d ago

Oh Jesus there is more than enough "there" as a few morons keep saying for the PS4 and One80 to do 1080p...Until they stop developing for PS3/360 games wont be 1080p.....

BTW the PS3 CAN NATIVELY do 1080p NOW...WITH GAMES....The 360 can't do anything about 720p without upscaling

Blachek1452d ago

I wonder if an HD Install like was required on 360 would be a viable option to improve the presentation of the game

awi59511452d ago


No battlefield 3 multiplayer hurts your cpu all the Particles and physics that goes on in multiplayer is crazy. I have a x6 core cpu and i have to overclock it to 3.7gigs in multiplayer to make my game play smooth at 1080P at 80+fps. So these consoles with weak CPU's thats whats holding the game back.

UltimateMaster1452d ago

There we go again, another debate over 720 or 1080... bla blah.
is it even really relevant to even argue on a game that isn't even released yet?

Christopher1452d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

***Killzone Shadow Fall is 1080p and 60 FPS (for multiplayer).***

Can you provide a link that says, explicitly, that it is natively 1080p w/60fps? All I've found are "analysis" posts not official ones.

Edit: Nevermind, found it in a video just released today.

thehitman1452d ago

A lot of people wont be able to 1080p @ 60fps on PC either... not on max settings.

GDDR6_20141452d ago

I wonder what PC specs you will need to run it better than ps4. I would think my 3 Tflops 7950 is more than enough, that costs just $250 today, you can certainly build a pc with that for $700-800.

RyuCloudStrife1452d ago


You are just wrong! The dev ALREADY said it'll be above 720p!

Christopher1452d ago

@RyuCloudStrife: And I always, 100% trust what a dev says when people who played it said it didn't look 720p!!!!

starchild1451d ago

People saying "oh these consoles have plenty enough power to do 1080p/60fps" don't really seem to understand how things work.

Sure, the PS4 and XB1 would have the power to run current gen games at 1080p/60fps guaranteed, but if you are talking about games that are pushing graphics in other areas then it isn't guaranteed or necessarily even possible at all.

Even past generation consoles could have all ran all games at 1080p/60fps, but the games we enjoyed those generations would have been stripped down and wouldn't have been nearly as great in other areas. With fixed hardware something always has to give--there has to be compromises somewhere.

So is that what some of you want? The potential of all our games to be held back (in terms of AI, physics, graphical detail and realism) all so that games can conform to some standard that you think is important?

If you guys really want a guaranteed 1080p/60fps you should be gaming on PC. Consoles really aren't the place to enforce such a standard.

Going from 720p to 1080p uses around 40% more of a GPU's performance, while going from 30fps to 60fps uses 100% more of a GPU.

I don't want games to have to run on a 140% weaker GPU essentially. All that performance can be better put to use creating richer worlds, with more physics based elements, and more complex AI.

If people were smart, they wouldn't be asking developers to shoot for a standard that will be difficult to achieve and will result in games with juddery framerates (as they struggle to keep above 60fps), instead they should be asking developers to shoot for a rock solid 30fps that doesn't suffer from stuttering and screen tear.

A stable frame rate is much more important than a higher average framerate.

In order to achieve a stable 30fps it actually means that 30fps will be the MINIMUM frame rate and the actual frame rate will be going between like 30 to 50fps. Likewise, in order to achieve a solid 60fps, the hardware actually has to be rendering something like 60 to 80fps. That's a tall order.

mewhy321451d ago

Well if they program for the lowest common denominator bone then we in for a very disappointing BF4. If they develop the PS4 version separately and don't get held back by the inferior bone tech then we could be in for something special on the PS4.

turgore1451d ago

It runs above 720p...still not native 1080p tho.

Shaaunyb1451d ago


No battlefield 3 multiplayer hurts your cpu all the Particles and physics that goes on in multiplayer is crazy. I have a x6 core cpu and i have to overclock it to 3.7gigs in multiplayer to make my game play smooth at 1080P at 80+fps. So these consoles with weak CPU's thats whats holding the game back.
_____________________________ ___________________

Seriously doubt that, considering i'm running an i3 at 3.4GHz and it runs smoothly.

Godz Kastro1451d ago


Dude, you really think the ps4 is more than what it is. You will have a slice of humble pie if you don't come back down to earth.

csreynolds1451d ago

"Maybe 720p"

People who've played the PS4 build at Gamescom have claimed it currently runs somewhere between 720. Moreover, neither Sony nor Microsoft are going to make a next-gen console that underperforms visually when compared to current gen.

bigtakilla1451d ago

Honestly it's a multiplat, so the sad truth is whichever system winds up being the weaker one, it's more than likely going to be optimized for that system and ported over to the other.

tehnoob31451d ago

Yes, it is confirmed to be 720P, but I do not think that this is representative of the consoles' potential. If you recall to the start of this generation, the pinnacle of console graphics was Resistance.