Lost Planet 3: A C-list game with triple-A ambitions

VideoGamer: "Lost Planet 3 is one of the most ambitious 5/10 games I've encountered in a very long time. As disappointing as it all turned out to be, there's no denying the team at Spark Unlimited had pretty lofty goals, what with a story that centred on engineer Jim Peyton's dangerous drilling missions on E.D.N. III and the role the planet's vital resource T-ENG could play in the survival of Earth."

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ritsuka6661727d ago

Crapcom don't understand the AAA market.

Bakkies1726d ago

So Capcom outsourced Lost Planet to a studio who has only made trash, lo and behold, Lost Planet 3 is also trash.

F4sterTh4nFTL1726d ago

Who is the hell asked for Lost Planet 2 and 3. Hell who in the hell asked for Lost Planet 1.

Neixus1726d ago

Only good game capcom has released in the past years is Dragon's dogma, which is amazing.