Splinter Cell: Blacklist | iLLGaming Review

For a lover of the shadow and a master of ledge hanging, nothing can get as gigantic as Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Sam Fisher is back on board the Fourth Echelon, the American President’s new breed of spy infiltrators, chosen from the previously disbanded Third Echelon (from Splinter Cell: Conviction). He is joined by his ex team mate Grim, a Rookie agent Briggs and a young and convinced Informations Hacker, Charlie. Together they are going to stop an American threat touted to be the next big threat after 9/11, led by a terrorist group who call themselves The Engineers; the threat is classified as Blacklist.
Splinter Cell returns at the right time, with the right blend of action and flamboyance. The whole aura of the Blacklist attack will push the story forward, with a digestible terrorism story and a propelled build up. As Sam Fisher, you will go through several missions, be it solo, Co-Op or Main Story based, in order to crash the terrorist party and stop the Blacklist, one step...

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