Gamescom Hands-On Preview of The Elder Scrolls Online - AusGamers

At Gamescom AusGamers was given an opportunity to sit down with the latest build of The Elder Scrolls Online and writes:

"With roughly three hours (maybe a bit more) under my belt now when factoring in E3 and now Gamescom, it's still a long way off any definitive "this is the only MMO you should be playing" type of line, but I can tell you it's very good so far. This is most represented by the ease at which you can get into the game, how inviting it is once you're there and the stark differences it presents over traditional MMOs with its tie to one of the most popular single-player experiences in gaming history. It has the right hallmarks of the genre, don't get me wrong, but it shifts it up ten-fold through combat, exploration, leveling and pacing -- all coupled up with a unique emergent quest and personal gameplay system. It also looks amazing and with the promise of being able to move beyond Skyrim and Cyrodiil, and even visit Morrowind, there's a lot to be excited about if you're a fan of the series..."

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