Fable 2 Development Work Continues

Sam writes, "Work continues here at the Lionhead Tower on a multitude of things! Obviously Fable 2, with the team now really digging, hammering and screwing away on the latest version. Today I had the pleasure to (briefly) spend some time with Peter, Dene and Mark during one of their play through sessions and can clearly see the mood changing; the game itself is coming along very nicely and while we've still got some time to go, that date some time later this year (with all the brown leaves and all that), but anyone who would start playing the game right now would get absorbed in the world, characters and all that jazz. The Fable 2 team rocks. I saw the golden acorn today."

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Boldy3846d ago

I was a little late on posting this article but that means that we should be seein the next video diary pretty soon if they were finishing it on Friday the 11th.

Skynetone3846d ago

and the two player co-op is sweet

wow4u3846d ago

The idea of bringing your RPG character into a Friend's game and playing for loot that you return to your game is fantastic.

And, you can join at any time without leaving the game!

Imagine how excellent that will be. When you're on LIVE, you'll be able to see what other's are playing and send them invites to be henchment for your adventure.

Totally, 100% epic.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33846d ago

'Cuz if you did, then you know it sucked! I laugh at people who get excited about this game. I remember when the first one came out - the hype was unreal!!!

What happened when you actually played it? You realized it was a kids game. You can seriously beat the campaign in less than 10 hrs. This game was too easy. It was an RPG w/ training wheels.

We'll see if they can actually deliver this time around. Sounds like they're doing some interesting things. Until I get the game in my hands, I'm not sold though. I'll probably just wait for the superior PC version to come out like they did w/ the last one.

PSh1t33846d ago

Actually, Fable 1 was awesome. You suck, you piece of sh1t.

power of Green 3846d ago

The anger and tone suggests PS3 fanboy that had pieced together his opinion from others or haters.

JVIDICAN3846d ago

and your not a fanboy? 0_o

Boldy3846d ago

Fable 1 was great, did you play the same game I played, or did you even play it at all?

And if you call a childrens game, a game where you can pop off your enemies' heads by shooting an arrow at their neck with a big fountain of blood shooting up in the air, then I fear for the moms that bought this so called "kid's game" for their children.

KBDuB3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I hafta disagree. It wasn't what it was hyped up to be, not even close, but nonetheless still a great game. I really enjoyed the first game.

And, it wasn't a kid's game. =P

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meepmoopmeep3846d ago

this game looks great! i hope we get to see more on it at E3 or whenever.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Oh Please, Have you actually played the first one!!!!!!!! Talk about easy!!!! MARIO RPG WAS HARDER! You can beat this game in less than 10 hrs - thats a big no no for an RPG. And it is a well known fact that the PC version of Fable 1 had a lot more content.

Fact of the matter is most people who are ranting and raving about this game never played the first one. You can tell because if they did they would know it was an underwhelming experience. The way they were hyping up this game though you would have thought it was a killer app. Fable 1 definetly was NOT a killer app.

Thats why I have such a hard time getting excited about this game.

Boldy3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I agree with you that the game was easy and short, but that did not make it a bad game. It pulled you into the world and made you actually care about the characters. Fable 2's main story line will be longer (about 12 hrs) along with alot more side quests to do.

If you think short games means it's a crappy game, take a look at Call of Duty 4's campaign. How long was that?

"And it is a well known fact that the PC version of Fable 1 had a lot more content."

Thats why the released Fable: The Lost Chapters on Xbox

KBDuB3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Tony Scarboni - "You can beat this game in less than 10 hrs" It was longer than that............. wasn't it? I don't remember it's been too long ago.
"Thats why I have such a hard time getting excited about this game." Well, at least this time around they aren't hyping anything up without some video proof of it. So everything Peter has talked about he has shown.

@Boldy29 - "Fable 2's main story line will be longer (about 12 hrs) along with alot more side quests to do." Where'd you hear that? Is that official or just a guess??

Boldy3846d ago

"Peter Molyneux doesn't want you to replay Fable 2.

The game's main story will only take you about 12 hours or so to complete, but he wants you to keep playing long after you've completed your final heroic deed, and he's perfectly willing to rely on your natural tendency toward greed and guilt to get you to do it."

PR0NE3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

tell him not to bother to increase the longevity of the game after the main story has been finished, problem ALREADY solved: achievement ho's ;)

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