PS2 is Edge's "Best Consoles of Past 20 Years", X360 in Second Place and PS3 in Seventh

Edge Magazine Issue 258 will go on sale in just few days time, but details regarding what it will feature has already arrived.

The publication has awarded Playstation 2 as "Best Consoles" in a special coverage on "10 best consoles of the past 20 Years". Microsoft's Xbox 360 comes in second place with original Playstation console in third place. Playstation 3 is way behind in seventh place.

Check out Top Ten list.

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theWB271456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

360 in second. I can roll with that. I did miss out entirely on the PS2 save for a few games of Madden. Went with Dreamcast and had some good times.

Only a few games were as exciting as booting up Shenmue for the first time...few games since have achieved that kind of immersion.

I wrote 8 words about the 360 and more about Dreamcast and Shenmue. Have your opinion. I'm not gonna try n convince you otherwise. I had as much fun with my Genesis as any console, but I'm not complaining about it not being on the list. It's just a magazines opinion...let'em have it.

ShugaCane1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

PS2 Number One, okay. Stellar System

But 360 number 2, over the PS1 and PS3 ? Just no. PS1 has classic games that marked generations of gamers. Cult games. Mythic games. Masterpieces. Resident Evil. Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9. Xenogears. Dino Crisis. Vagrant Story. Soul Reaver. And so many others. PS3 ? Well. UC series, TLOU, Heavy Rain, Journey. Come on. I don't want to trash-talk the 360, it's a good console if you like FPS and Shooters or if you're an Online games addict. But still, it's NOT a better system than the PS1 or the PS3. And yes, that's an opinion.

iamnsuperman1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

The bigger question is why on earth is the PS3 behind the gamecube and 64 (I can see a better case can be made for the 64 but the gamecube? come on)

black0o1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

agreed PS1 with FF7 and games like Tombraider parasite eve, RE .. etc should be in 2nd not a FPS box ps1 set new rules in the console world and started the idea of being fully entertainment box offering VCD and Audio CD and games
it's not even fair to compare ps1 to x360 ps1 is on another LVL

I've no problem with X360 been before ps3 but ps1 as well that's BS

jackanderson19851456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

look back at the sales and see which games were the consistent high sellers... i belive COD managed 13mil sales from the 360 BLOPS 2 alone... FPS was this generation there's no denying it.

did the PS3 have some absolutely class games yeah no doubt but FPS's made this generation and owned it.

although i do agree PS1 should have been either number 1 or number 2


yeah you can't stand it but 13 million users (for the latest one) of the 360 alone love it and that's not counting the PS3 sales either.

shuga put in the UC series and Journey in his original comment, i personally hated those games but to someone else they were the best thing ever.

taste is an opinion but the fact is FPSs were the dominant brand this generation and the 360 was the console for FPSs

mike32UK1456d ago

@jackanderson1985 just because something sells better doesn't mean it is better. Personally I cannot stand COD. Justin Bieber sells a hell of a lot more albums than many of the far greater artists and bands in the world. That certainly doesn't mean his music is better

Ares84HU1456d ago

For me:

#1 PS1
#2 PS3
#3 PS2
#4 PSVita
#5 PSP
#6 Dreamcast
#7 Sega Genesis
#8 N64
#10 NES

None of the Xbox consoles even make my top ten list.

ZodTheRipper1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

My Top5 are
1. PS3
2. N64
3. PS1
4. PS2
5. GBA

PS3 took the top spot because of BluRay and excellent first party support. Hopefully Ps4 can top that =)

Heartnet1456d ago

Tbh Innovation was probably a huge factor in the list.. and certain consoles did more for the industry than others... and Cult games are exactly that cult... they dont have a huge audience so they wont be at the top of the list...

jony_dols1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

1. PS2
3. PS1
4. N64
5. PS3
6. Gamecube
7. Dreamcast
8. Xbox 360
9. Megadrive/Genesis
10. Xbox

Wells that's my top 10 consoles (handhelds excluded).

How could the 360 be NO.2?

It's failure rate in the first few hardware revisions was unacceptable, marring what was a promising launch. It's exclusive library shrunk as the years went on (with games like Bioshock, Limbo, Mass Effect & GTA4 DLCs all going multiplatform) whilst it's competitor, the PS3, list of exclusives only expanded. Good console, but certainly not the 2nd best.

Brazz1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

360 over PS1 ??? no, just no...
360 can be above ps3, maybe one is 4 and the other is 5-6, but put this diference is ridiculus! hell Microsoft have a finger in this shit.

malokevi1456d ago

360 pushed the envelope of online console gaming. This upcoming generation is a direct result of everything Microsoft did with the 360 UI/online suite.


Clarence1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

I agree. 360 had the highest failure rate of any console. I would put the 1st Nintendo higher than the 360. The PS3 introduced bluray, web browser, Upgradable hard drives. I won't even comment on the PS1. We might still be using cartridges if not for the PS1.

HammadTheBeast1456d ago


Congrats. Meanwhile, before the Xbox was even born, PS1 and PS2 were pushing gaming as a whole.

Online MP was always on PC, 360 implemented it well on consoles.

Mounce1456d ago

I'd go with a list of:

SNES(is 22-23 years rather but still, best consoles)

and the rest there-after. I put 360 even beneath PSP because I destroyed my PSP by how much I played it with MGS Peacewalker and FF7: Crisis Core and a few others. 360 only truly offered me Lost Odyssey, everything else I could find on PC or PS3 so, 360 existed almost primarily as a means to help the industry with being Competition, but as for the console in itself? Beyond the timed exclusives, Microsofts' PR frustrations and the original faulty rate that basically was at 45% until their new 360 Slim came out? It was one of the worst consoles of all the generations of gaming history, it may have gotten games that many of us or you guys love or area hyped or such, like Halo. Just, I don't see it being worth considered being an awesome console when my NES and SNES of in the 90's could last longer and held less viral bullshit and misinformation behind it :/ It's uses were in making competition better, aka, Sony becoming arrogant and needing to be kicked down once or twice before they reigned back up to being a great company for Gamers, outside of that, Microsofts' Xbox hasn't really given me much of anything I care for outside of Lost Odyssey :l

LOL_WUT1456d ago

The PS2 and the N64 where both really good consoles and are really high on my list. You had the best of both worlds. ;)

XboxFun1456d ago

I'm going to go with this list for myself:

2. NES
3. PS2
4. Xbox 360
5. Dreamcast
6. N64
7. Intellivison
8. PS3
9. Genesis
10. Master System

Megaton1455d ago

Yeah, 360 at #2 is laughable. I'm not sure if I'd even put it in the top 5. My top 3 would be PS1, PS2 and SNES, in that order.

grailly1455d ago

I don't think I'm in a good position to list the best consoles as I've always had an inexplicable preference for playstation, but I do know that edge makes rubbish lists. Remember that list with mojang being the best developer ever?

turgore1455d ago

Lies, lies and more lies. Remember the early years of the PS3 when it was super expensive and had like no games ? Thats why it is not as good as the 360 when you look at the entire picture.

Anzil1455d ago

only reason i cannot trust is cause i find edge super opinionated and arrogant..that is all....and i dont find xbox ever brought anything to the table other then console online(huge) and console polish( if this makes any sense lol) but to me a console is all about the games and sony and somewhat nin has always dominated on that front so ps3 even ranks higher than 360 on my list even tho i used my 360 more this gen

TotalHitman1455d ago

1. PS2
2. PS1
3. PS3
5. Gamecube
6. Xbox 360
7. Nintendo 64
8. Dreamcast

The 5th and 6th generations were a great time to be a gamer. There was so much variety.

uncharted561455d ago

PS2 deserves first spot but srsly 360 and ps3 dont deserve second spot. I will take any nintendo console before gamecube for the second spot. They have helped get gaming where it is today.

Tw1tch3D1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

My personal list:

1. PS2 (the only era that felt like true gaming)
2. PC
3. Xbox 360
4. Xbox 360 (went through 2 during this time)
5. PC
6. PS3
7. PC
8. PC
9. PC
10. PC

...yup, that sums up my last 20 years of gaming. Other than PC, I spent more time playing on Xbox 360 compared to other consoles.

For some reason, PS gamers claim "true gamers" but for some reason online was lackluster and there was just a lot more "game life" on Live than PSN.

guitarded771455d ago

People can put whatever they want, wherever they want on their little lists. Then they can take said list and shove it directly up their cartridge slot.

Just because a publication makes a list, it doesn't mean it's true. Enjoy what you want, however you want.

strifeblade1455d ago

nobody gives a **** what a psfanboys list is. Edge is respected multiplat game magazine- not a ps fanboy like you. Putting the vita in that list? You are pathetic- everyone knows nintendo owns the handheld and as of right now psp library is much stronger than the vita so you fail big time.

JC_Denton1455d ago

Edge magazine is the single worst game reviewing group in existence. Please don't take this list remotely seriously.

twinspectre1455d ago

49 disagree ??? WTF is happening ?
maybe people don't know What Playstation 1 is
XBOX 360 is the biggest joke of gaming history because 360 introduced DLC's
a whole of generation with Halo and Gears WTF is going on ???? 2nd place Damn
Playstation introduced RESIDENT EVIL , FINAL FANTASY VII , METAL GEAR SOLID , TOMB RAIDER and other great game that thanks for Xbox360 generation those games get worst
Damn Xbox fanboys they don't Know FACTS

redwin1455d ago

I loved my ps2, but it wasn't innovative. The games where very good but the system was just a hardware upgrade from the ps1, even with the use of the cd was first introduced by turbofx first with street fighter 1 and Y's books 1&2. A few years later ps1 came out. The dream cast I would say brought more to the table with their online multyplayer. Remember that games is just one aspect of the hole package. We have to take into account the innovations that have impacted today's game culture. Hardrive, controllers, online interface and multyplayer. I think that ps1 with its DVD player and immense game library kicked started this game generation.

pixelsword1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I don't know about the 360 being over the PS1 (The PS1 was the game-changer that brought us into the modern disc age), and I think the original xbox needs to be above the 360 (XBL was the first serious and successful attempt to make online gaming an extension of the console and the game instead of something you merely go to) but it does belong over the PS3; not for any advantages the 360 had, but what the PS3 didn't realize in terms of what executives said it would do in terms of running 120fps/1080p games. The PS3 had very few 60fps/1080p games and none of them ran a rock-solid 60fps that I can recall. The PS3 was more powerful than the 360 from what I've seen, but because of the very new architecture and a severe lack of developer support in it's devkits, the power wasn't obvious in all but a few 3rd party games; the exclusives were very good though but even until now, no PS3 exclusive games pulled off what Lair did in 2007 in terms of resolution and scale.

In terms of the games overall, I'd say that the PS3 has a decisive edge over the 360 in that category.

MrBlanco1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

for me


those are the only things i have owned anyway

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thekhurg1456d ago

I can't. There's no way that the Xbox 360 is better than the SNES. The volume of amazing on that console is something that only the PS2 can claim to have reached.

Saigon1456d ago

I so agree with that. I believe the SNES should be number 2 myself. I am not certain what Edge was looking at but I think they need to truly reconsider. I look at it in the hopes of revolutionizing gaming in itself.The 360 and the PS3 in my opinion did not do that. the only landscape they changed were for social and media impact. Not saying they shouldn't be in the top 10 but the 360 is up there way too high.

lastdual1455d ago

I too would be tempted to rank the SNES at #1, but truth be told I don't play it nearly as much as my 360 or PS3 these days.

Since Bethesda games are among my favorites of the past decade, I would probably have to go with the 360 if I was being honest. PC is king, but for consoles, being stuck with the PS3 versions of Skyrim and Fallout would just be too painful.