Epic Games To Unveil Their Unannounced Next-Gen Game at PAX Prime 2013?

It seems like NCSoft and Epic Games will unveil their next-gen unannounced game at PAX Prime. This bit of news comes from a PAX Prime Streaming Schedule.

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HolyDuck1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

As long as it's something new and not one of their old IP's I think it'll be pretty stellar, no Gears, please.

pedrof931455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

A new Unreal Tournament ?

Please ?

HolyDuck1455d ago

Agreed, that would be amazing.

Back to what they're good at, first person, arcade, stupid weapons, massive jump height, updated graphics, that would be amazing.

sephiroth4201454d ago

i really hope so, i miss the over the top crazy guns, gameplay and maps.

Kingdom Come1454d ago

Back to what they're good at? They revolutionised the Third-Person Shooting Genre with 3 critically acclaimed titles.

starchild1454d ago

I hope it's something in that Infiltrator demo's universe or at least something that looks comparable.

creatchee1454d ago

I wouldn't mind Unreal Championship 3 either - the hybrid shooting/melee combat was awesome.

lfPetrini1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

I would love a new Unreal, but I mean, an actual Unreal like the first one, with a great campaign and etc. A new UT would be more than welcome though.

XB1_PS41454d ago

I'd be 100% OK with a Gears game, but I'd prefer a new IP. I used to play Gears every night for months. It's a great game, but with new consoles, comes a craving for new IPs.

I want games that define this generation, not follow the last.

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1454d ago
creatchee1454d ago

I wouldn't mind if they ANNOUNCED they were making a Gears game on next gen, but maybe coming 2015 or something. The franchise needs a break and a full development cycle.

Raiz1455d ago

enough of gears of war... give us something new epic games powered by Unreal Engine 4

JunioRS1011454d ago

Unreal Engine 4 is too much for consoles still. Unreal Engine 3 will be the standard for a while

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31454d ago

Fable: Legends or whatever it's called is using UE4.

christrules00411454d ago

There Unreal Engine 4 is scalable. Just like Unreal Engine 3 ran games on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Of coarse they were dumbed down for the console versions but that is a great engine and with good optimization you can do a lot with UE4.

Khajiit861454d ago

I hated judgement. It was like plzying horde most of the campaign.

Iltapalanyymi1455d ago

Any word on sony or sony's first party studios revealing new games?

eezo1455d ago

NCSofts also has a session marked as "TBA".. this might be something related to Playstation exclusive announcement....

Mr1Y1455d ago

Imagine if epic started making exclusives for Sony instead of Xbox, now that would be a 180 :o

eezo1455d ago

dude you are calling it 180... it would be a massive.. unexpected 180 in next-gen videogame consoles battle

Mr1Y1455d ago

Yah that's true, it would definitely be a interesting turn of events

Excalibur1454d ago

I have a feeling Epic is over Microsoft's shenanigans and they will be Multi-platform Next Gen.

CalamityCB1454d ago

*whispers* They have been multiplatform this gen.

Foxgod1454d ago

Most likely wont happen, however, the resistance creators did do a 180.
You guys are always fantasizing about others being punched in the nuts, while being punched in the nuts.

Thehyph1454d ago

Insomniac are making an Xbox One exclusive and a ps3 exclusive at the same time. Into The Nexus was announced after Sunset Overdrive, too. Figure that one out.

So I wouldn't really call it a 180.

More on topic: I hope it's something new. I used to have a love for Unreal until I realized that Quake 3 and Half-Life (based on modified id tech) were both much better for competitive gaming, especially with mods thrown into the mix.
If it's not something new, then I hope it's Jazz Jackrabbit. I always thought those games were unfairly overlooked, just like Commander Keen.

SuperLupe1454d ago

I doubt Epic would be going Sony Exclusive. I dont see MS and Epic abandoning such an "epic" partnership like they had this gen.

That said you never know, Crytek may just be MS's new Epic and Ryse will become the Xbox One's Gears of War.

If Gears ever goes multiplat I'm pretty sure they have something else planned as a compensation.

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