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Lost Planet 3 starts off down the path of mediocrity almost immediately. Jim Peyton is a relatable character, but his story is held back by repetitive combat, tedious quests, and a narrative that doesn't deliver. Once you've played the first few hours of the campaign, you'll feel like you've already seen it all as you drag through the remainder of the plot. LP3 goes through the motions of the typical action game, never delivering any surprises or gameplay elements that would make a memorable experience. Instead, you'll just get to fight a giant crab boss for the fourth time.

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hulk_bash19871516d ago

Didn't have high hopes for this game. Just wanted an excuse to use that Nick Cage looking Picture.

ritsuka6661516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Time for retire this franchise,crapcom.

No_Limit1516d ago

Holy,! another franchise Capcam has ruined. The first game was great and it was all downhill since.

admiralvic1516d ago

I liked 2 and E.X. Troopers was fun / very unique... Though I had absolutely no faith in this developer.

Mario181516d ago

Crapcom... the hell is up with you?

BLAKHOODe1516d ago

This game was never even on my radar and I loved the first one.

1516d ago