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Lost Planet 3 at least has a respectable story and some combat variety to it, even if the pieces don’t always come together quite right. Jumping in and out of the mech keeps it from being just another cover-based shooter. If not for level design that’s full of frustrating inconsistencies, it might even have been good enough to fully recommend.

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ShugaCane1733d ago

Oh. What is that game about ? lol

ritsuka6661733d ago

I didn't know there was a third Lost Planet coming until now.

seanpitt231733d ago

Oops, wasn't expecting a good score so iam not dissapointed.

malokevi1733d ago

First was good. Second was horrible. Didn't even know the third was coming... and wouldn't care if I did.

FamilyGuy1733d ago

After watching the trailer for this a couple months ago this score doesn't surprise me at all.
It just didn't look good, odd too because I thought Lost Planet 2 looked great before it released so I was interested and let down.

meetajhu1733d ago

When was this game announced?

Ilovetheps41733d ago

It was announced over a year ago. I can't remember an exact day. It was somewhere around April or May of 2012.

I remember everyone spreading the rumor that Spark Unlimited was working on Battlefront 3. They were dropping hints for it everywhere and then they announced this game instead. I guess it's good that they didn't get their hands on Battlefront.

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Mario181733d ago

Flopcom at it again. Seriously when was the last Capcom game that was really good? I do not remember. They had awesome games back then

Skate-AK1733d ago

Probably Dragon's Dogma. I hear pretty good things about it.

DoctorJones1733d ago

Yeah Dragons Dogma is a really good game, just held back from being great by minor issues, I really enjoyed it. I'd certainly like to see a sequel to it.

Welcome2Die1733d ago

Dragons Dogma wasnt that great, it got a 7 (7.5?) on IGN but I tried it anyway, theres tooo much walking, the enemies are always the same, the story is lame and the combat is meh... Other games like Dark Souls or Skyrim are much better executed...

admiralvic1733d ago

Probably Monster Hunter. They remain fairly consistent.

CaptainPunch1733d ago

I don't know why they bothered making this game, I don't think anyone asked for it.

cero551733d ago

saw this score coming from a mile away,they changed everything that was fun about lost planet gameplay and turned it to a generic gears of war clone.

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The story is too old to be commented.