For Next-Gen, Marketing is the Differentiator

The [a]list daily: "The history of the console business is one of major differences between the competition. The Super Nintendo and the Genesis had very different controllers, graphics, and basic architecture. The PlayStation was vastly different than the N64, with a CD providing a very different experience from a cartridge. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 have completely different internal architectures, with programmers specializing in one or the other."

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Muerte24941933d ago

Microsoft advertised heavily out of the Windows 8 Surface and it still tanked. The generation buying games now are alot more informed than the previous ones. Word of mouth always comes out ahead of TV Spots. Especially since most people receive their information through the internet rather than television.

People will always get what their friends have. Why do you think the Iphone is so damn successful? No way Microsoft's buying their way out of this one.

NatureOfLogic1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

You beat me to it, but I fully agree. Everyone thinks MS can just buy their way out of this. If anything, they'll just cause more damage.

black0o1933d ago

win8 and surface both weren't saved by big marketing so i cant see it happening to x1 ...
x1 had bad PR since 2012 with all the rumors that been leak

ABizzel11933d ago

Value is the differentiator.

Bundi1933d ago

...I hope.

Fixed it for you.

ruefrak1933d ago

There was also big news about how much they were going to spend marketing Windows Phone (and they do put out a lot of ads for it) but you don't see that setting the world on fire.
And from the Sony side, there was a lot of hype about how much they were going to spend marketing the Vita, and again, not that big of a response.
The biggest factor is going to be availability. Whichever side can produce the most units and get them onto store shelves will have an advantage. Since Sony is going to launch in more countries, it would appear that they have a slight edge. And while the adage that it's a marathon and not a sprint, jumping out to an early lead is not a bad thing.

mcstorm1933d ago

@Muerte2494 I disagree the Surface did not flop. You need to look at how it was sold before you say its a flop.

In its 1st 3 months on the Market the Surface RT Sold over 1 million and this was only available in one or 2 shops in each country it was in.

Now the Moto Xoom which was the 1st Android tablet sold around half a million of this tablet and it was out in every shop in the country's it was sold in.

Just because Something dose not sell as well as the leading product dose not mean it is a flop I mean if this was the case then the PS3 is a flop as it has not reached PS2 numbers.

I do agree friends do tend to get what each other get in terms of phones and tablets ect but people are starting to see that there are other devices out there that do a better job than others and once one friend looks at another option they take a look at that.

I know this as most of my friends and family and work colleges had an IPhone or Ipad as there last phone or tablet and now only a hand full have a Iphone or Ipad and the rest are using a Windows Phone or Android Phone and 6 of them have a Surface RT and others have an Android tablet.

Im not saying that MS will sell the most consoles this next gen but it is how it is sold and also having it in demoed in stores that makes it a success or not. Look at how well Kinect Sold and how Move did not for example.

If Microsoft, Sony Or Nintendo cerate a Buz about there products this will be the one that sells well.

darx1933d ago

Less competition in the console market compared to the tablet market.

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NatureOfLogic1933d ago

Word of mouth and next cool thing > Marketing.

OlgerO1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

YES, why do you think that the next gen is so big on social feautures this gen. all facebook and twitter feeds are going to get oevrloaded with these consoles. This is why the share button on the PS4 is such a genious feature. Its pretty much billions in free marketing.

JunioRS1011933d ago

Marc vs Mark fist fight... We need to settle this once and for all

Thehyph1933d ago

I haven't seen any Xbox One ads yet. However, "greatness awaits" comes on when I watch "Breaking Bad."

This has nothing to do with Sony producing that show, either. When I watch Crackle (Sony owned) on my ps3 I get non stop Microsoft ads.

hagla1933d ago

I just get a Hippo beatboxing in a Kit Kat add on crackle.

Thehyph1933d ago

Hahaha I haven't seen that one, but it sounds like I want to. Probably location tailored, that's pretty standard for internet ads.
I get a Windows 8 ad, an HP/Windows 8 tablet ad, a Hoover ad, and a Black Ops 2 ad.

Aside: I love Crackle. Classic 70's Hong Kong martial arts films, good selection of B-movies, 70's black sitcoms, that show that's like rated R Muppets.... Crackle was meant for me.

ape0071933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

in my honest opinion, i think MS wasted a HUGE Opportunity with not Introducing a kinectless SKU, the reasons are

1- it's freakin sony, the selling rate of ps3 beat xbox 360

2- the cheaper console almost always sell more and this time it's Sony

3-PS4 is the first console in history that is cheaper and NOT weaker, in fact it might edges out X1

4- sony has better momentum than ms heading to new gen

MS has cloud dedicated servers, if they made a kinectless one with a price equal to to ps4 399$ and advertise CoD to play better on X1, almost every cod gamer will jump to X1, they wasted a huge opportunity imo

CocoWolfie1933d ago

oh ofcourse the 450 price tag is gonna be harder to sell, plus with kinect, well they need a lot of luck marketing that i mean my little brother whos like 10 couldnt care less about about the kinect and he owns a 360 and plays it daily.

ape0071933d ago


and btw it's 499$

ZHZ901933d ago

@ape, cloud won't make X1 to beat or to be equally to PS4.
Sure yes X360 beat PS3 in USA and UK but Worldwide it was PS3 beat X360.

And if X1 is same price as PS4 ($399), but PS4 is more powerful(we already it is and it is not only in specs) still people will buy PS4. If X1 was cheaper than PS4 while PS4 is more powerful that would've been competetion (Can't really tell majority will care about cheap or power)

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