Valve's Most Anticipated Three-quel Poll Results

SpawnFirst completes a poll of the most anticipated Valve three-quel games, and the results just might surprise you.

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HolyDuck1602d ago

I really hope they do something different with L4D3.

I love the gameplay, but the somewhat short episode are pretty boring, I wouldn't mind a mix-up of the gameplay, maybe even adding the overly used horde game mode just to see how it goes.

Not too fussed about HL3 as I can understand HL2 etc were amazing for their time, I think it would let people down because they're expecting so much

yog-sothot1602d ago

If Valve ever decides to make Half Life 3, I think they should consider doing something smaller first, like an "HL2 episode 3". That would let people get used to the franchise once more and it would damper crazy expectations we usually see when a game takes a decade to be made.

hiredhelp1602d ago

I like to see valve actually do a New IP.

karamsoul1602d ago

It would be quite the mindf$&@ if whatever the new title was named, has a 3 in the title somewhere :)