“Gamers” now apathetic to SOPA now that it is back?

"Recently I posted about the findings of SOPA 2.0, and how the Obama Administration wants to pass part(s) of SOPA. Further inspection of the documents listed by the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force shows that they also want to widen the meaning of what “streaming” means, making it allot vaguer then once thought. " - Michael

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GarrusVakarian1933d ago

Sigh, politicians sticking their noses in where they aren't wanted.

christian hour1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

In Europe a few years ago they were trying to pass a bill that would hand more voting power over to the larger countries of the EU and leave smaller countries powerless to voice their opinion against any changes in european law (among a lot of other, terrible, terrible ideas, such as the creation of an EU army and military enlistment).

Not sure on the exact reasons but no other country in europe was given a public referendum on the bill, it was ratified by governments in their respective countries.

Only one small tiny island stood in the way. My island :) Ireland.

And we voted against it! For once I was never happier with how my country decided to vote for something, my faith in humanity was restored, and all the corrupt officials in my coutnry that tried to push it for their own personal gain, we're stopped dead in their tracks.

But the rest of europe didnt know. RTé news stopped passers by in countries all over europe to ask them were they aware of what was happening today. Most were outraged their country didn't give them the option to vote, and everyone seemed proud of the Irish for voting no and stopping it dead in its tracks.

A year later waht happened?

They pushed us to vote again. And what happened this time? They wore most of the original yes voters down, they spun sentences, took things out of context and created stories and changed the voice of my country and of europe forever.

To me, that day, democracy died.

And ever since then things have just been getting progressively worse.

If they want something put through, if its essential in whatever amount of control they're hoping to gain to achieve whatever purpose they have in mind, they will keep pushing.

And they won't stop.

They'll dress it up as something else, change the wording, and pray we don't take notice this time or just give up trying to stop it if we do.

Governments need to stop pandering to large corporations and start being for the people like they're meant to be.

*edit* I should also add the Lisbon Treaty only came about because of the Nice Treaty, which Ireland also voted no on. Yuuuuuup. Fucked if you do, fucked if you don't.

ILive1933d ago

Can they please give it up already!

pr0t0typeknuckles1933d ago

As long as they can find a way to screw people over but still put money in their pockets they will never give up on this.

drizzom1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Im sure they timed this. They launch this when school starts, when everyone is busy dealing with getting adjusted to classes and a new school setting to care.

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The story is too old to be commented.