Rumor: Xbox One to launch on November 8th

According to Kotaku’s sources, someone involved in Walmart’s marketing team has just informed them that Xbox One is set to launch on November 8th according an upcoming Walmart conference call.

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stuff1935d ago

This could work out as long as they can meet the demand.

Deadpoolio1935d ago

Which we know they most likely cant since they are having yield issues from the overclocking and the 32mb of eRAM essentially frying the GPU....Unless they finally underclocked the GPU enough that it doesn't do that anymore....However that does make the system weaker than it already is..Which explains cutting 21 launch countries down to 13

JokesOnYou1935d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

How about a link for proof of yield issues?

All consoles have shortages at the very start, its the nature of the beast ramping up manufacturing for newly developed tech hardware is NOT easy and considering kinect in every box too I imagine that takes added time. Given the latest spec info and I believe micro has tweaked hardware specs in the past just a few months before release. Id say this has contributed to a delay in production more so than anything up until the last month or so...its no doubt micro is going to throw some big money around and eventually get a ton of X1s in stores shortly after launch.

blitz06231935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Well it makes sense to me. MS is almost rushing everything about the Xbox One after all those 180's. Why not top it all off with a premature release date? Then again, it's not like a week can make a difference. This can actually help MS by a bit if true

Foxgod1934d ago

Hes a troll, MS cut it down to 13 because they are not done yet translating the dashboard, and finalizing all the services for all the regions yet.

The yield issues are a lame rumor, the fact their chips are overclocked counters this rumor.
Nobody would ever overclock if there are yield rumors.

kenmid1934d ago

Yield Issues? Can you provides us a link?

ohiostatesman1934d ago

Xbox One launch is going to be crazy. Especially in the land of Xbox - The United States of America.

Retroman1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

@ deadpoolio

if MS dont TEST all issues before release possible RROD all over again, this time MILLIONS of dollars will not bail them out.
hope it is not a pre-mature release like 360 was

im a Sony fanboy wishing xboys luck. wish no one need to spend 1,500 for 3 XONE's

UnHoly_One1934d ago

GT67, I'm spending 1000 on two XB1's at launch. lol

Gotta have one for me, and one for the girlfriend.

MusicComposer1934d ago

It was mentioned on Neogaf that this picture could possibly have been photoshopped.

Look at these dates listed:
NBA 2K14 - October 01, 2013
Call of duty - November 05, 2013

and then the Xbox One release date:
November 8, 2013

Now wouldn't it be written as 08 instead of just 8 if the other games are in that format? This picture may turn out to guess the release date on pure coincidence of course. We'll know soon enough though.

dmeador1934d ago

Same thing I thought. Also there is not a "confirmed" next to. Surely other people saw this. I hope its true bc I'm pumped to get my hands on it, but I'll hold out hope

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CarlosX3601934d ago

Isn't that a Halo tradition?

hqgamez1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

this better not be a premature release just to get a step ahead of the competition. It will just be sad if another rrod similar issue was to occur. That will be the final 180 by Microsoft and a nail to the coffin.
It would be ashamed tho if they cut their region release forecast just to have consoles in main regions, it would show how much they don't care.

My advice to Microsoft, if it ain't fully ready. don't release it. Sony is gonna be storming in like the ps2 days and its best not get in their way because they know what they are doing. Sony wants that domination taste again.

Jaqen_Hghar1934d ago

Can't blame MS for wanting a little taste they've been at or close to 3rd both generations they've been in gaming

Kryptix1934d ago

I really doubt a release date anywhere near the very beginning of November means it's rushed. Since Sony are very confident about the November 15 launch and I'm thinking Xbox One started production maybe some weeks later after the Sony FCC report, it's a perfect time. Also considering that Microsoft is only shipping 6.2 million Xbox Ones, an earlier day like November 9 could be expected. It's on a Friday and 6 days before the original Xbox got launched. Wouldn't make a difference in sales, so I expect Microsoft to heavily market the Xbox One like it's the only next gen console coming out to the people that don't pay attention to gaming news.

christocolus1934d ago

I sure hope ms meets demand, but we should wait for an official the way,i love the way the comments above from arrogant fbs have been locked/ makes this place safer lol..but i still wonder why some of these guys always run to be the first to post nonsense on xbox one articles ? why dont they follow ps4 articles instead, afterall in their opinion the ps4 is all powerful,most reliable and has the best games so why the need to keep stalking xbox one? i really do not understand their reasoning especially that of nature of logic??its weird cos his name makes it all ironic..

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callahan091934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Ultimately it doesn't really matter. As long as they both release around the same time in the same holiday window, the release date won't benefit either one. Remember back in 2006, the Wii came out 8 days later than the PS3, but it still went on to be the hottest ticket item of that holiday season. Really though, all of these consoles are going to be virtual sell out items in their initial holiday season. A few days or even a couple of weeks difference between them won't make a difference as long as they are out by Black Friday, I would say.

Sevir1934d ago

Well right but the Wii was a 200$ console with the fad of motion control. They launched With 2.5 million consoles the biggest console launch of any in recent also the PS3 only launched with 500k units so the Wii with it's cheap price and larger than life demand and amazing supply chain sold impressive at launch obliterating Sony and MS's launch as well as catching up and surpassing MS in 5 months. Obviously Ninth hasn't been able to bottle that lightning twice, and I have a feeling MS will have some great odds to overcome in trying to best Sony at launch... A week won't make any difference , these consoles are virtually launching the same time only one has it's brands strength renewed and a lower price and some compelling games to play at launch.

avengers19781934d ago

I guess it could be true, but why they did not mention the date a gamescom is beyond me.

assdan1934d ago

There's been a ton of rumors exactly like this. I wouldn't be surprised if this was true though. Microsoft will probably try to get a jump on sony, even though one week will make no difference. And there's a pretty good chance that it will come out on this day anyways. They won't release on a weekend, because of preorders, and Friday or tuesday makes the most sense to release a console on anyways. So there's only a few days that they really could release on.

Sevir1934d ago

It's a week, and I fully expect MS to launch about that time. This will be interesting considering that they are launching right on top of each other. No year head start and certainly no $100 price advantage in their stable. Both consoles will sell out but man is the PS4 going to clean house.

Anzil1934d ago

its false i garantee it there is no coma and no zero infront of the 8th so someone just put a date in lol

trancefreak1934d ago

All I have to say is congratz to all the new console owners. If true there will be some very excited gamers come November.

mrmarx1934d ago

next gen begins nov. 15

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TheFallenAngel1935d ago

I don't believe the rumors. I'll wait for MS to announce the date. My brother is in the fence between a PS4 and xbone. He loved his 360 but after what MS tried to pull at the beginning, he is having his doubts on MS.

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FamilyGuy1934d ago


If MS is releasing on the 8th and know it already what reason do they have not to make the announcement already?

Rumors, if this one is true we should hear something from MS THIS WEEK, otherwise it's just BS.

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kingmushroom1935d ago

i was thinking MS would pull a fast one, will just have to see

HammadTheBeast1934d ago

Won't really matter. If the XbO is released in November, it can be at most a week or two ahead of PS4, not really too much breathing room.

vigilante_man1934d ago

If it releases everywhere the same day then it could have 3 weeks on the PS4 in the UK. That's a lot of advertising just before Christmas.

They want to minimize the PS4 success.

Gridloc1935d ago

It will only matter if they have shelf stock after filling all preorders.