So, What Will The Next Xbox One Reversal Be?

Where earlier this summer it would have felt seismic, Microsoft’s confirmation recently that Kinect will no longer be required for Xbox One to function seems almost perfunctory. It is, after all, the fourth time in less than two months that the company has decided to change its position on a given Xbox One feature after weeks spent denying it could even be done.

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Godmars2901908d ago

Isn't the only thing left the release date?

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shoddy1908d ago

Batteries not included reversal

Kingthrash3601908d ago

I would hope...but nope. I think they are taking the cards they have to launch.

ErcsYou1908d ago

As long as its a positive 180, who cares. I think they may be done shooting themselves in the foot for now.

FamilyGuy1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Doubt it, they'll see how many they can sell at $499 first.

Get them to included rechargeable AA batteries in the box instead of normal AA batteries.

Get them to lower the price of XBLG

Get them to reverse their stance on combining the community of their games with other systems. Like how FF14 and War Thunder allow PS4 players and PC players to play together. MS not allowing this is the only reason some devs are skipping their system.

How about letting people play the online multiplayer free-2-play games without needing an XBLG subscription.

Controversial headline but they could fix a few more things if they really our listening to the community.

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rainslacker1907d ago

I'd say that it's no longer a game machine, but now a vacuum cleaner. Of course one that only works when connected into a power receptacle, and only to those select few with a constant stream of electricity to their homes.

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ziggurcat1908d ago

a SKU that doesn't include kinect

Deadpoolio1908d ago

They've already confirmed that is not going to happen...It's probably the only thing they will stick to their guns on

DrRobotnik1908d ago


They also confirmed that the DRM was irreversible and xbox one is unplayable without kinect. But that changed very quickly.

ShowanW1908d ago

Why do people waste so much energy trying to brake up Kinect and the XB1 itself. If people really have that much a problem with the Kinect, then they never really wanted an XBOX One to begin with.

Christopher1908d ago

***If people really have that much a problem with the Kinect, then they never really wanted an XBOX One to begin with.***


I like the potential for some exclusive games on Xbox One. I think Ryse could be a good GoW replacement of sorts, for example. With more titles coming in the future, I may have a good number of exclusive titles I'd want an Xbox One for.

But, I don't want to buy a console that requires me to buy motion gaming and external peripherals I have no need for. That's why I don't own a Wii or a WiiU. I don't want those things. But, I do want some of the games that are on those systems.

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ZBlacktt1908d ago

More added countries to the release?

Mr1Y1908d ago

It could possibly be that...

HammadTheBeast1908d ago

But that would be a re-reversal.

ZBlacktt1908d ago

I guess it would still be something they said they were going to do. But change of plans.

capjacksparrow1908d ago

No Kinect. Won't be until they are ready for a price drop though.

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pandehz1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Surprise twist would be:

After releasing etc, when you unbox it the darned thing is actually equipped with a Titan and i7 Haswell processor with 64gb ram.

RRRRRiiiinngggg. *smashes alarm clock*

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