How did the PS4 and the Xbox One do at Gamescom? Sessler's ..Something

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam reflects on the news out of Gamescom 2013, and ponders the announcements by Electronic Arts, Sony, and Microsoft. How did the Xbox One and Playstation 4 fare in one of the last remaining big events before the launch? And what is that special "something" that's going to finally get us excited about these new devices?

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I thought that they, in a sort of way responded to a lot of questions being asked. Like what will you do for us Europeans because your giving the US all the goodies. Ohh you get FIFA free if you preordered :). They showed more Ryse, to tell you hey this game isn't just about qte it's about much more than that. They kissed indie developers ass with the new program ( and they should have from the beginning) They announced a new game ( fable ) they showed somewhat why the Kinect is worth your money. That's about it though

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coolasj1608d ago

I get sad when the only Adam Sessler videos that catch fire are the "Console War" ones. He talks about so much more, one of the more eloquent minds of the industry.

Tuviejacalata1608d ago

Sony was talking indies... and i fell asleep... there was a lot of hype and big names being mentioned prior to the conference.. and nada. noe, to the next conference... as usual.. maybe next time, maybe next year... zzz...

dcj05241608d ago

Rime. That> Everything else.

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