PS3Home: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review

PS3Home: "When the original “Splinter Cell” came onto the scene (back in 2002) it more or less single-handedly introduced gamers to an entirely new genre of stealth-based gameplay."

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ohiostatesman1731d ago

I just got this game for Xbox 360. It is fantastic.

Benchm4rk1731d ago

I concur...The true successor to chaos theory

starchild1731d ago

I also agree. It's amazing.

Mario181731d ago

This game reminds me of Syphon Filter which is a very good thing

Fil1011731d ago

Have you played online yet if so is it any gd as the last ubi game I brought was fc3 and the mics sucked, jus wondering as I might go pick this up as the last slinter cell I played was on gamecube.

Mario181731d ago

I did not try the online yet sorry

AdmiralSnake1731d ago

I enjoy the online, but it does have some problems which ubisoft needs to address, but it's a load of un.

Ju1731d ago

On my bucket list. Big bucket, though...which is a good thing I suppose.