Five Games that Revitalized the JRPG This Generation

Seeing as how Square was the one to introduce the JRPG to a new generation with the release of Final Fantasy VII, many have have seen their decline as “killing the JRPG.”

Here are five games that say otherwise:

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Relientk771732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Tales of Graces f
Xenoblade Chronicles

Snookies121732d ago

Uhhh yeah. Why is Persona 3 Portable in there and not something like Ni No, or Graces f? I mean, Persona 3 was an amazing JRPG, but it's technically last-gen.

miyamoto1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Dragon's Crown revitalizes and redefine's 2D jrpg like Castlevania SOTN and Guardian Heroes did in the 1990's defying the 3D trend

still haven't defeated the White Killer Rabbit though

PS: Demon's Souls also revitalized old school gaming over all. it jump started the whole Dark Soul revolution

Nate-Dog1731d ago

Graces f wasn't anything special. Vesperia on the other hand was amazing, although that was at the start of the generation and is on a console that doesn't really appeal to gamers that like games from Japan so I don't know if I'd really say it "revitalised" the JRPG this gen. But it got me into the Tales series and is probably my most favourite JRPG ever now so I won't complain.

beakeroo11731d ago

Persona 4 Golden > Persona 3
Dragons Crown is much more of a beat em up than a JRPG (and tbh I'm finding myself playing it for no more than half an hour when I can be bothered switching it on)and hell yeah Ni No Kuni should be in there.

majiebeast1732d ago

What about Valkyrie Chronicles.

Godmars2901732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Not multiplatform/Xbox 360 title. Seems to be the trend despite Dragon's Crown.

Then again maybe the writer just has everything but a PS3.

wishingW3L1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

probably because it's strategy just like Disgaea.

kreate1732d ago

Valkyria chronicles is not a normal strategy game. Its quite unique.

The only problem is that it wasn't a commercial success.

ZodTheRipper1732d ago

Valkyria Chronicles definately is missing, when I bought it I had absolutely no idea what an amazing game is waiting for me. I'm always forgetting it on my "best PS3 games" list but it's even in my Top5 fact I'm playing VC2 on my Vita right now :D

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STK0261732d ago

I don't think Tales of Graces F (or the original Wii version for that matter) helped revitalize the JRPGs this generation. While it is a great game, just like Tales of Xillia, it's still a Tales games, like Tales of Vesperia, and pretty much plays like Tales of the Abyss or Tales or Symphonia. It didn't bring much new to the table. If anything, it showed, just like many of the other games I've mentioned, how the Tales series has stalled a bit in the last few years.

WhyWai881732d ago

I appreciate Tales of games keeping as traditional JRPG. Instead of Final Fantasy 13 that went bananana trying to attract western market.

Jubez1871731d ago

That's the whole point of the Tales games though, to keep it classic JRPG...they seem to be the only ones we can count on nowadays. Xillia did adopt some western elements though with the sidequests (a lot of them had more story than a basic WRPG side quest too).

j-blaze1731d ago

Relientk, with all due respect, don't pretend you played Xenoblade please, all you have is ps3, and always mention NNK and Tales "great games btw" it's like these are the only 2 RPGs you ever played lol

OT: great list, i'd add 5 more..
Resonance of Fate
The World End With You
Lost Odyssey
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Dragon's Dogma and Nier
can't wait for Lightning Returns, FFX/X2 HD, The Legend of Heroes "ps3", Drakengard 3 and other amazing JRPGs this year!

NeXXXuS1731d ago

Lost Odyssey for me. Amazing game.

JoySticksFTW1731d ago

LO is the my favorite rpg on 360 next to ME1

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RPG12011732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

There has't been anything that great to be honest. I'm crossing my fingers for FFXV though looks amazing. But in this gen my fave was Valkyria Chronicles. The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles are really good too.

Edit #1: Final Fantasy Type 0 is a must for hardcore jrpg fans.

chadboban1732d ago

Man I wish they would localize Type 0.

hulk_bash19871732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I would argue Demons Souls>Dark Souls. Simply because of the fact that without the success of the former, the latter would not exist.

ZodTheRipper1732d ago

It's simply a better game because of it's world&character tendencies. I couldn't enjoy DaSo as much as I enjoyed DeSo.

Inception1732d ago

Not just better world / story, but Demon Souls also had better frame rate than Dark Souls. But Dark Souls still an amazing game though (imho).

j-blaze1731d ago

"the latter would not exist"

I would argue Dark Souls>Demon's Souls. Simply because of the fact Dark Souls is better

hulk_bash19871731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

You're entitled to your opinion just as much as I am to mine. Even though I disagree. And also in the context of the article "revitalized" meaning bring new life. Demons Souls being a reason for games like Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma existing, makes it a better fit for this list.

SilentNegotiator1731d ago

Plus it's on Xbox, so you can play it. Right?

AznGaara1732d ago

List needs more Ni no Kuni and Valkyria Chronicles.

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