Surprise! All GameStop general managers will get a free Xbox One as well

neowin: "It's a good time to be a GameStop general manager! Looks like Microsoft will not allow Sony to steal their thunder in terms of giving these GMs some free hardware and software. Just a few hours after GameStop executives revealed at their expo in Las Vegas that all of its general managers will be getting a free PlayStation 4 and seven games, they have now said those same people will get a free Xbox One console from Microsoft as well."

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Starbucks_Fan1884d ago

Wow. Lucky. Hopefully all other employees there get a good discount or something towards both systems.

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camel_toad1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Most of the gamestop GMs I've met don't even play games. They should give the systems to the lowly paid sales associates who actually play games.

B-radical1883d ago

You go out of your way to meet GM's? The terribleness it burns!

Deadpoolio1884d ago

Employees DO NOT get discounts on consoles

NumOnePS3FanBoy1884d ago

yet more of a reason I don't like Gamestop

princejb1341884d ago

I'm starting to doubt these articles
I used to work for GameStop and they never were very generous to employees not even store managers
They just got a few games when they went to Vegas for their annual conference
But 2 brand new consoles....NAH

Blaze9291884d ago

Maybe it's the console manufactures doing this and not actually Gamestop. These people have to sell their product and it's stupid to try and sell something they don't own. Like the press - hardware and games should be given to game store employees to help push the sale not out of ignorance.

saber000051884d ago

Ever work at Gamestop? They are greedy and cheap...

NumOnePS3FanBoy1884d ago

Some of these managers don't deserve this at all because, as you all may know, Gamestop employees would always push the xbox brand along with COD COD COD a lot more than the ps brand.

ravinash1883d ago

I think thats the point, to get the manager educated on your systems and your games.

mwjw6961884d ago

This is not big news as some might think. After the PSN crash Sony held a special meeting for all GS managers. They where all given free PS3's and one years subscription to PS+. Assistant managers where also given PS3's if they went online and took a training course for Sony. That news was given to me by my boss at the Gamestop I worked for.

It happened before in 2007, as a reward for sales push. That I can not confirm.

lilbrat231883d ago

WTF? Wasn't it also stated they will get a PS4? damn N4G and fake news.

hakeem09961883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

this isn't new they also got a free xbox360 during the last console release so did all the BestBuy GM's .I'm sure all the Bestbuy GM's will get a free XB1 too

P.s Sony will do the same thing

WillM171883d ago

Whatever, i am a GameStop manager? --'

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GiantEnemyCrab1884d ago


But do they get free games too?? Sony seems to have the sweeter deal.

ZeroX98761884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

why would Sony be a sweeter deal?
I think both platforms got some pretty impressive titles.


AHHH didn't know 7 games were bundle with PS4!
well sweet deal anyway

crazysammy1884d ago

My friend said he lost track of how many free games MS gave them lol. Obviously he was joking but it was a good number.

hazardman1884d ago

Who the hell cares if it comes with games!!!! Its FREE!!!!!

Enigma_20991884d ago

Everybody commenting on this article, that's who.

StoutBEER1884d ago

Exactly! That's what i was thinkin. God if I could only get a free X1. I could spend half of what i was gonna pay on the console and get every game i want! Damn it shoulda kept applying and bugging them.

hazardman1884d ago

@ Enigma.... I still dont care dude.. Free is free it doesnt matter if it comes with games or not. MS just saved someone $ why you crying over it dude. Ok Sony gave 7 games..shit good for them. They going home with FREE PS4/7 games, Xbox One..again for FREE!! Shit wish I was GM at Gamestop right now!! Only for the Free stuff then I quit!

That's a whole lotta games with that $$$ saved.

SilentNegotiator1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Microsoft should care.

If both companies are going to give that uh..."incentive" to the managers, but one gives a lot more games, it might lead to less impartial word of mouth from the stores.

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C-Thunder1883d ago

We're getting Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising, and killer Intinct along with a year of live.

C-Thunder1883d ago

I'm not a manager, my wife is.

KingKelloggTheWH1883d ago

Hard to believe you when Killer Instinct is free to play -_-

C-Thunder1883d ago

I thought it was odd too, I'm guessing they're giving the premium unlock thing. But I don't know. She said we're also getting Titanfall but I don't know if that's from Microsoft or if EA is technically the one giving it.

You don't have to believe me if you don't want to.

Campy da Camper1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

If I were getting both id just eBay the one I don't want and buy a ton of games for the one I want.

C-Thunder1883d ago

Thought about it but I think we're just going to hold on to the xbone for any killer exclusives that may pop up over the next several years.

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lastofgen1884d ago

Wow, these managers must be feeling insanely good right now. Free next-gen consoles is awesome.

user55757081884d ago

free stuff is free so take it but idk if i were a gamestop GM i wouldnt want a console from a company that basically tried to put my business and job in jeopardy

LogicStomper1884d ago

I see two problems with your argument. How could you become a game-store manager if you have an extreme bias towards one console? I imagine you being the one that will argue against what customers want because of what YOU think is good.

Second flaw is with this quote:

"a company that basically tried to put my business and job in jeopardy"

So you're saying the Microsoft is TRYING to lose money? I actually do not see the logic behind it.

ApolloTheBoss1884d ago

To really get back at M$ I'd take the console, sell it then buy a PS4.

user55757081882d ago

idk if anyone here is aware that gamestop's stock dropped 5% after the xbox one's original used game policy was revealed or the fact that they're expected to close around 500 stores in 2013 due to used game sales declining and digital media being on the up and coming overall resulting in a lot of jobs lost...but hey dont listen to me im just getting high off teh cloudz network

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ginsunuva1884d ago

Who cares. That's like 2 days worth of work pay.

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