PSN slashes indie game prices for PAX Prime

Great discounts on great games, up to 75% off on games like Journey and Tokyo Jungle.

(NA only)

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Ripsta7th1125d ago

This is my chance!!! Ima buy as many i can lol hopefully these transfer to nxt gen

coolasj1125d ago

Picking up Tokyo Jungle and Skullgirls. And Speluncky of course .

Hicken1125d ago

I missed out on Skullgirls before, so now's the time.

ApolloTheBoss1125d ago

F*CK YEAH! Journey and Tokyo Jungle here I come!

MoveTheGlow1125d ago

If you have PS Plus, it's time to get Tokyo Jungle and Dyad. Dyad if you like insanely fast stuff and a great use of color. Tokyo Jungle if... you're breathing and/or the day ends in Y.

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