Xbox One's massive, custom CPU can pick you out of a lineup

The Xbox One chips are highly customized, Sell said. One significant change from the previous-generation Xbox 360 is that the graphics core is integrated with the CPU, as are most of today’s PCs chips. Sel referred to the GPU chip as a “DirectX 11.1+” chip, as it contains optimized graphics processing unique to the Xbox One. “There’s more than a CPU’s worth of processing in there,” Sell said.

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I have no idea what any of this stuff means, and I really don't think I need to know.

Games > Specs.

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All it really means is that Xbox One can't be built from Newegg components. But we knew that already.

We're just getting better detail into how this console and its chips can work together. If you don't understand what's being said, don't comment. Most of these comments in the article are completely off-base.

To put it in simplest terms: Xbox One did not get a power boost.

nosferatuzodd1696d ago

lol you go Microsoft if you're system cant match up try win in other areas its like Sony said I'm the fastest runner and Microsoft said yeah but I'm the strongest i can lift 5billian transistors

MagnusX1696d ago

Recent reports state that it is 'stronger" but slower. How that incorporates into gameplay is yet to be seen.

UltimateMaster1696d ago

None of it is relevant until we see games using the technology.

Erdrick1695d ago


i think "stronger" might mean more data is moved at a slower pace, whereas "faster" means less data is moved more quickly... which might equate to slower loading times of large maps vs faster loading times of small maps...?

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Then why comment Here -1

dcj05241696d ago

Yes but better specs enhance those games. So you can have more immersive and bigger games. If a system has both games and specs then it is a win win. Specs are to allow games to push further. It's up to the developers if they want to push or not.

Heartnet1696d ago

specs dont enhance games lol... just cuz a game can look better doesnt make it more immersive...

hell take every indie game ever made the graphics on them arnt stellar but people seem to love them... and theyd run on current gen if not previous gen consoles..

Bluepowerzz1696d ago

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO this happened to me before a sony guy took me down when im a sony guy myself

timl2411696d ago

Games do mean more than specs, which is why the Xbox One is a smarter day one buy. I'm sorry but I'm not paying $400 for The Order and indie games. Sure Killzone, but that's quickly turning into halo with how they're churning those out. Not a fanboy just my opinion. Disagree if you will

sync901696d ago

Its far more appealing than $500 for Ryse, and another forza. Then you compare KZ to halo??? lol

Im not trying to be rude, but thats complete and utter nonsense and to say that shows you've never even played a KZ game.

pixelsword1696d ago

I thought Halo was the end-all and be-all for FPS games.

timl2411696d ago

I'm not comparing KZ to Halo. Just saying that Halo is being worn out and KZ is making that same mistake. Not there yet but a few more years and it will be. And there's more than Forza and Ryse. Dead rising 3, Titanfall in the spring, sunset overdrive is a fresh take on a shooter. Not knocking the ps4, just saying XB1 has a better lineup to start. Just like the Ps3, the ps4 will eventually have better games. Just not now

threefootwang1696d ago

@ timl241

Launch games shouldn't determine what console you purchase. Sure maybe the X1 has what some people believe to be a "better" selection then the PS4 (Personally I find the PS4 side more interesting), but launch games are forgotten almost instantly and never look as good as the games that come out even a year after new consoles hit the market; the PS3 and the Xbox 360 can both attest to this. Also keep in mind, Sony has way more exclusive studios who have all confirmed they are working on next gen games, they just haven't announced anything publicly yet. I'd factor this into your considerations if I were you. I'm actually kind of happy knowing I'll be able to buy a PS4 and not have to dish out a ridiculous amount of money on launch games, plus with my PSN+ subscription I'll have access to additional games which will be free of charge as well.

timl2411695d ago


I'll be the first to admit that the PS4 WILL have better games in the future. There is a reason I am picking up a PS3. I want to play all those great exclusives that I missed out on. However, the reason I'm getting the Xbox first is because of the exclusives at launch. That's all I'm saying. I will buy a PS4 when better games come out. But I personally find it redundant to buy both when they come out. I've been a lot more open minded about consoles recently. I used to hate Sony and PlayStation. But recently it has been growing on me because the games are very good. Those games just need to come out before I buy a PS4

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I haven't looked into any of this stuff yet, but one thing's for sure: with all of that talk about MS being in bed with the guber-mint, this title doesn't help assuage anyone's feelings who might feel uncomfortable about all of that.

buynit1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )


You ppl are still scared of kinect? Like seriously... You have been watched many times jerking off to your favorite porn via your cell phone.. If you drive you have been recorded at intersections and highways..

Besides actually watching you, the guberment knows all about you right through your internet...

If you are that scared then move out of the united states. you need to get completely off the grid like out in the woods with no power, water supply etc.. Move back to the... How you ppl say it? "the draconian age"...

And to be fair... Halo did start and end better than kz, well not really end cause both franchises are still going strong..

Eddie201011695d ago

Not scared, just don't want to have to buy something that makes little difference to the type of games I play.

I not getting an Xbox One 80 anyway for this reason and many others.

pixelsword1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

@ buynit:

Microsoft already confessed that they're doing exactly that. You really need to read-up on a lot of things. If you're older than thirteen, I pity anyone within a five-mile perimeter of you because you obviously have no idea about how the world works. I think buynit really means "buying it" because of your gullible nature but that's really cool with me; because if there's enough people like you being the pillars of the house of the impressionable, all you do is provide shade and shelter when people like me drop by for a visit.

3-4-51696d ago

It can pick us out of a lineup ?

What, does it think we are all criminals or something ?

threefootwang1696d ago

Pick you out of a lineup, and with Kinect know your heart rate.

NSA is going to love the X1. lol

DonFreezer1696d ago

Why haven't you siad the same when there were all sorts of bullcrap about ps4 being more powerfull?

Jazz41081696d ago

Maybe micro needs to secure rights to the sequel and get octomom then sony fans will buy one. Just kidding. I cant wait for both consoles so lets let the games do the talking no Cerny bs or ms fluff.

Tw1tch3D1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Well if the bases is emphasized on games...ppffttt, Xbox One has better games this launch and early next year.

So if the argument is carried from specs to games, either way there is relevancy on both sides of the argument supporting Xbox One.

Not trying to convince you otherwise, just stating your point as if you hinted to the sense that if this supposed Xbox One hardware is as good as it seems, that now games should be the emphasis and as if PS4 has more and better games. When it's the other way around.

...just saying.

showtimefolks1695d ago

hopefully both companies will show the power of their systems with great games

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uhhh.. did anyone read this article... the only thing it talks about is is how the cpu chip analyzes the images received from the kinect peripheral.

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The article creator is begging for hits about trivial facts on a Webcam rather than what the CPU can do for Gamers.


Okay there.

kenmid1696d ago

I don't think realized how powerful the Kinect Sensor is.

Eddie201011695d ago

Many don't care, including myself. It's still just a motion sensor device for playing games. The kind of games most gamer's really don't care for.