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Bohemia scrapped Arma 3′s campaign entirely during Greek prison debacle, ships after game release

Entire campaign scrapped whilst developers were in jail, with the RPG elements removed. New creative direction points towards Operation Flashpoint. (ArmA 3, PC)

NYC_Gamer  +   235d ago
Well,there is no reason for me to buy the game until the campaign is released.
SITH  +   235d ago
There is plenty of reason to buy the game before the campaign is released. The editor alone provides that reason. I have played over 100 hours alone with user generated content on steam workshop that rivals some past arma and operation flashpoint campaigns. The multiplayer is functional, and the steam client is functional to allow you to choose what user generated content you want and install it for you.

Then the editor itself. Make your own campaign. Literally!
Also there is the single play missions which about 6 are currently available and more will be released at game launch.
Feralkitsune  +   235d ago
ARMA isn't a single player kind of game anyways. Basing your purchase on that is not a good reason to ever buy it. It's all about either playing user made missions, or paying with a group. Hell, you could even play game modes like Wasteland.
aliengmr  +   235d ago
What he said ^^
gamepard  +   235d ago
i hope they dont make a shift in their scenario and make Greece an enemy country (they will be for laughs )...they must understand that Greece is not like other european countries with no enemies around ...going and taking pictures of weapon systems and army bases without permission isnt happening anywhere in the world
aliengmr  +   235d ago
Except they weren't doing that. They were on vacation.
gamepard  +   234d ago
NO ,they were doing exactly THAT ...i m from GReece and i have seen photos of what they were shooting (detailed and countless photos of our army bases from every angle possible) ...if they were in other country like Turkey ,Germany ,Israel or AMerica they would have hanged them by their testicles
aliengmr  +   234d ago
Actually it was 7 photos your government took issue with.

They were not scouting for the game as the art was already done.

They were on vacation. They were NOT detailing your military bases, they had no reason to.
sovietsoldier  +   235d ago
i hope the company sues for damages caused by the false imprisonment of its employees. and greese is one country i will never step foot in along with the whole middle east.
GenericNameHere  +   235d ago
I don't read news and political debates and whatnot. How is Greece these days? They still doing bad economically?
KazHiraiFTW  +   235d ago
Greece is a shithole. Athens is one of the filthiest cities on earth.
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gamepard  +   234d ago
..stop playing lot of videogames and educate yourself a little bit... Greece is not Middle east
sovietsoldier  +   234d ago
hurr durr, i know that. i also know your out of bubbles for being a bubble head.

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