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GameStop managers to receive PS4, seven games

JS:GameStop managers will receive PlayStation 4 units and seven games at launch, GameStop has confirmed to Joystiq. The announcement was made at the company's GameStop EXPO, currently taking place in Las Vegas. (PS4)

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NYC_Gamer  +   820d ago
That's an awesome gift for GS managers
PSVita  +   820d ago
Smart move
cleft5  +   820d ago
Sony is pulling out all the moves.
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sunnygrg  +   820d ago
Where can I apply for a position of Gamestop manager?
gaffyh  +   820d ago
It's a Gamestop gift, not a Sony gift. They're rewarding their workers with PS4s, probably because it is $100 cheaper. If Xbone was $100, they'd probably give that to them.

How much management does a Gamestop branch actually need though? People who go there to buy games most of the time already know what they want. The rest of them are convinced by the normal staff one way or the other.
ElementX  +   820d ago
I doubt Gamestop bought all of those PS4s. Weren't they in financial trouble?
WeedyOne  +   820d ago

Management isn't for managing the customers lol. They manage the employees, making sure they come in on time and do the work correctly. Managers also probably have to do most of the paperwork for shipments and whatnot.
gaffyh  +   820d ago
@Weedy - Yeah, I understand that. I just think managers almost everywhere get bonuses and paid too much to do very little.
ShwankyShpanky  +   820d ago
@Gaffy: GameStop store managers supposedly pull an average of $38k, with a low of $28k and a high of $61k. That's really not very much. I've thought it would be neat to be a GS manager, but I couldn't support my family on that income.

beakeroo1  +   820d ago
Here in Australia the EB Games (GameStop) managers all work in store with the customers, they of course are in charge of other staff but they do work long hours on the counter.
Dlacy13g  +   820d ago
Sony money hatting where it counts...at the register. smart move, as they instantly get favor at the point of sale.
3-4-5  +   820d ago
@ Element - Their stock just rose 10%, I'm pretty sure they aren't in financial trouble, that was just the "hits" articles that provoke emotion and aren't really telling the truth.
ElementX  +   820d ago
Gamestop just closed 52 stores, they are in financial trouble.
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indysurfn  +   820d ago
This is a gamestop expo to recruit employees! So of course it is gamestop that is doing it. Since most people actually want a PS4 that is what any smart company would give away, especially since it is cheaper.
SilentNegotiator  +   819d ago
"Gamestop just closed 52 stores, they are in financial trouble"

WOAH! 52 stores?!?! That's like, an entire 0.008% of their total storefront count (~6700)!!

They expanded too much, too fast. There are EIGHT Gamestops in my not particularly big county. That's why some of their stores have closed; not any sort of significant "financial trouble"
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HammadTheBeast  +   820d ago
It's technically a bribe, but also a reward, since the GS people were so anti-Xbox before the policy change lol.

Ah well, nothing new, same as Xbox and GAME stores.
kneon  +   820d ago
If they are coming from Gamestop then it's not a bribe. Even if Sony were supplying them directly they wouldn't necessarily be classified as a bribe. You could "lend" the consoles to the managers in order to enhance their product knowledge. And then of course you don't bother to ask for them back :)

I have drawers full of gadgets I've acquired over the years that way. Most are now obsolete but I don't throw them out as I don't technically own them.
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Aceman18  +   820d ago
yup my younger brother who is a manager here in one of the NYC stores text me earlier to tell me what he got from them. lucky bastard :)
Dread  +   820d ago
Why is that when ms gave away consoles it was bad

But now when sony does it its brilliant

I am confused can someone explain this please.
iceman06  +   820d ago
It's not brilliant or new. It's just one of many "marketing" strategies. It might stem from the fact that PS3 had rough times and Gamestop was traditionally (and unofficially) aligned with Xbox. So, Sony and their new marketers are trying to create a better relationship for that word-of-mouth groundswell. At any rate, it's a bit different than giving consoles to the "journalists" who represent the collective voice of the industry. (at least in my opinion)
Once again...not new...not brilliant...not unexpected...not all bad for either company.
ShinMaster  +   819d ago
Because it's GameStop that is rewarding its own employees. Not Sony.

Why is it that you guys always try to claim double standard? lol
Just like when the fanboys jumped to conclusions saying that Sony fans suddenly loved TV even though what Sony is doing is very different.
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Blaze929  +   820d ago
like the press, game store employees should receive free XB1s and PS4s - they are afterall the ones who sell them. Can't sell something to well they don't own.
rainslacker  +   819d ago
I was told they got Vita's at their expo last year.
Psn800  +   819d ago
Wish I worked for them .
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TBONEJF  +   819d ago
i think its stupid that MNGRS gets the system first before its employees do. because they are the ones that works harder than the MNGRS.
irokster  +   819d ago
I second that, brother.
Jazz4108  +   819d ago
Im a gamestop asm or assistant manager and live in las vegas and will be at the expo tomorrow. I will find out what this is about. Pm me if you are interested in the truth as I will be there 100%.
Yep  +   820d ago
Expect bias when you enter your local GameStop store.
diehllane  +   820d ago
Is it really bias if the PS4 is the better console anyway?
Most gamers I know are leaning towards the PS4 and feeling it is better, even those on Xbox360 this generation.
Yep  +   820d ago
"Is it really bias if the PS4 is the better console anyway?"

That's a bias and an opinion.
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Rowdius_Maximus  +   820d ago
Agreed, there is no need for complaining about this
CaptainPunch  +   820d ago
"Is it really bias if the PS4 is the better console anyway?" That's kind of bias...
360ICE  +   820d ago
Well, there's difference between bias and opinion. Webster it.
M-M  +   820d ago
When he says the PS4 is the better console, I think he means in terms of raw power. In my opinion though, the PS4 is the best choice that suits my needs.
STANK08  +   820d ago
Haven't you heard? They are the sole driving force for skewed pre order numbers. Between handing out flyers telling customers not to purchase the X1, not taking X1 pre orders, Gameinformer (which is owned by Gamestop) further spread misinformation and media bias with widespread panic "MS IS Evil" rhetoric.

Why? Because MS going all digital would've been a major blow to Gamestop piggy bank
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majiebeast  +   820d ago
It would have been a mayor blow to gamers.
Ketzicorn  +   820d ago
Yeah that's why some of their stores have Microsoft employees in their store advertising and they have Pre Order Xbox One all over their website.
ziggurcat  +   820d ago
1. oh, so PS4 destroying xbone in pre-order sales everywhere = gamestop skewing numbers. got it!

2. the information on the fliers was letting people know about MS's policies, just in case they may not have been aware. nowhere, and at no time, were they telling people to not purchase the xbone.

3. what misinformation?
CynicalKelly  +   820d ago
But Sony are going all digital too.

GameStop was against Microsoft mainly because they wanted to take all their used game sale profits and give most of it to the developers who made the game.
kneon  +   820d ago
So Gamestop actively worked to make sure the PS4 was way ahead on pre-orders on all the Amazon sites as well?

Or maybe Gamestop and Amazon are working together to bring down Microsoft.
majiebeast  +   820d ago

*Puts tinfoil hat on*
We all know who are behind the ps4 preorders being far better, crab people and the Illuminati.
Aghashie  +   820d ago
Ur argument is valid, so I agree w u. However, I must state that I disagree with the method u choose to redact it.

What u wrote is true and logical, so, that can be considered a statement. However, since u include bias on redaction, its no longer a statement. It's now an opinion.

Next time, avoid using bias, stay neutral and avoid the desagrees. That way ur ideas can reach more people on any forum with out being marginated or tagged as a fanboy.

Good luck.
OrangePowerz  +   820d ago
And this gen they have been biased towards 360.
Yep  +   820d ago
What are you guys... trying to get revenge? That's extremely childish.

Keep me out of these fanboys wars. I'm a Nintendo/PC guy anyway.
Destrania  +   820d ago
Good, then get off PS4 related articles.
HammadTheBeast  +   820d ago
Ever been to a GAME store in UK? The people jump on you for even mentioning a product other than Xbox.
pyramidshead  +   820d ago
Christ, not been to GAME in ages. Waaaay too pricy but I guess they are high street retail. Amazon + Play are a cheaper and better service :P.
rainslacker  +   819d ago
I got called stupid by a GameStop employee when I told him I didn't want a 360. I think these biases exist in all game shops. It's only really natural. A good manager would make sure that the associate can at least respect the customer though.

My current one has a range of associates that all seem to like different things, so it's nice just to go in and talk about games. We almost never talk about systems.
user7402931  +   820d ago
its not bias. ps4 is superior.
Aceman18  +   820d ago
not really as i stated above my brother got all this earlier, he just text me about an hour ago saying Microsoft give them a free X1 also.
rainslacker  +   819d ago
We already do.
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solidworm  +   820d ago
dirty war is on.
scissor_runner  +   819d ago
I think every one in this current gen war ethier has a website or works at a game store, etc lol. Hardly any real gamers here so expect this to get way uglier than it should, web sites make more money that way.its like the borg have taken over gaming. The crash is coming and I can not wait.
WeaseL  +   820d ago
They probably had a vote on it
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Bundi  +   820d ago
Nothing like a bribe to secure display preference.
Deadpoolio  +   820d ago
You mean like the way FACT MicroSoft PAYS to have the 360 at the front of the store......

Oh BTW general managers are getting a Free One80 also...Oh Neither are from Sony or MS they are from Gamestop corporate...Good try though
GiantEnemyCrab  +   820d ago
FITgamer  +   820d ago
Maybe i can i get my buddy Will to sell me his at a discount since he's so anti-sony. :)
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Sci0n  +   820d ago
im jealous! lucky bastards! lol.
crazysammy  +   820d ago
In 2002 I got a free xbox from MS at a GameStop conference. I also got a GBA SP, a DS, and N-Gage (lol) among bunches of other stuff. Its a marketing tool for the company and everyone has done it from MS to Atari to Nintendo to Sony.

MS usually gave better free stuff every year but this will be hard for them to top.
dcj0524  +   820d ago
I can imagine it: "Yeah I'd like to pre-order a XBOX ONE" "So would that be the PS+ bundle or the 2 game bundle?" "No a XBOX ONE please" "But sir. You can buy these PS4 bundles for the same price and you know all those xbox one games? If you sign up for our power point card you can get all XBOX ONE exclusives on PS4" lol.
crazysammy  +   820d ago

They just got free Xbox 1s as well. What a year to be a GS manager lol
dcj0524  +   820d ago
Lucky s.o.b they get both.
falviousuk  +   820d ago
Swap this around and the masses on here would be shouting from the rooftops that MS are paying off gamestop to push the xbox one. But as it's Sony its all fine and dandy.
DigitalRaptor  +   820d ago
Calm down, lose the bitterness and read this:

ZBlacktt  +   820d ago
Saw this in another story. Wow, that's a lot of PS4's! Sony hooking everyone up this year. Even us gamers with a more powerful console at $100 cheaper. Exclusive 3rd party content, etc.

" We contacted GameStop's PR rep Jackie Smith for comment and she confirmed the news to us and the fact that the free consoles will be given to all managers, even if they didn't attend the expo. In addition to the free PS4, GameStop general managers will also get seven PS4 launch game titles. GameStop currently has over 6,500 stores in 15 countries so that means Sony is giving out thousands of its PS4 consoles and tens of thousands of games to GameStop employees. "
jaelegend  +   820d ago
well looks like i need to quit my job get hired at gamestop and earn management spot
in 2 and a half months lets go
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ElementX  +   820d ago
So MS gives away swag bags and the Sony force comes out in full force, however Sony gives Gamestop PS4s and it's brilliant?
ziggurcat  +   820d ago
"So MS gives away swag bags and the Sony force comes out in full force"

link proving this idiotic statement, please.
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ElementX  +   820d ago

for one. yeah i know it's old but I remember
Just read the comments
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testerg35  +   820d ago
ziggurcat, seriously?

I wonder if this counts towards the number of preorders and/or sold?? LOL

Umm.. MS gave some 360s away at a show, oprah or was it ellen... and boy.. were Sony fans up in arms.
gamertk421  +   820d ago
Looks like I left my GS manager position too early. I could have got this for free and sold it to pay for my XB1!
ZBlacktt  +   820d ago
Sounds like they got rid of the right person.
Brix90  +   820d ago
Lol yeah not too bright
WeAreLegion  +   820d ago
Didn't mean to click agree. Sorry for the confusion.
BlaqMagiq24  +   820d ago

Sell the better console for a weaker anti consumer one? It's no wonder they got rid of you.
gamertk421  +   820d ago
Sorry to burst y'all's bubbles, but I was the dumper, not the dumpee.
Ben Dover  +   819d ago
Suuuuuuuure you were >.>
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GusBricker  +   820d ago
Good for them. Do I get one? Then I don't give a shit.
Belking  +   820d ago
Sony really is desperate for that US market. They learned a hard lesson for ignoring the US this gen.
BlaqMagiq24  +   820d ago
Why do they need the US when they lead MS in worldwide sales this gen and preorders in every country for next gen? So what exactly is the lesson they're supposed to be learning?
Belking  +   820d ago
Where is the proof? Show me where sony says they have outsold ms and not shipped numbers. You can't because they haven't. MS giant US lead and sony lack of japan sales has kept them ahead worldwide.
#18.1.1 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
rainslacker  +   819d ago
When I read this reply to you from Belking, I sit here imagining tears running down his face, as his voice becomes more and more strained trying to hold onto his one last bastion of hope that the 360 is the dominant console this gen.

It really is like a child who is trying to rationalize away the fact that their dog just ran out into traffic on a busy street and can't accept that fluffy is no longer with us.

Also Belking, I'm pretty sure I provided you with official links the other day. Check your comment history. Shipped vs Sold is a meaningless number since there is no official worldwide tracking system for units sold. All companies report shipped units, and for all intents and purposes, shipped units are sold, or soon to be sold, otherwise they wouldn't keep shipping them. Most businesses have 30-90 days to pay off those shipments they receive, so they aren't going to stockpile them just to boost another companies numbers.
#18.1.2 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
BlaqMagiq24  +   819d ago

So Europe doesn't matter anymore? Oh wait you didn't say that in your comment because PS3 outsells 360 over there EVERY week. And last I checked there were countries other than Japan in the world buying PS3s as well. Which is why there is a chart for worldwide sales. And as for shipped vs. sold you can keep playing that game all you want but it can only be one or the other. If PS has shipped numbers then so does MS. I don't understand why people keep using that argument when it can't even be proven.


Well said.
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iceman06  +   820d ago
If not catering to just one region is akin to ignoring, then you might be right. Despite initial delays and consoles shortages, they delivered as many consoles as they could...to the world...not just the US. YES...they would love to reclaim the US for their very own for the revenue that they could generate. So, they will do everything possible to do so including releasing at a lower price, releasing here first, and releasing marketing first because it just makes good business sense. It's not desperation. It's smart!!!
Delive  +   820d ago
Is it a bad thing that they learned a lesson and are going out on a limb to regain a positive outlook in the US market?
iMixMasTer872   819d ago | Spam
NeutralXP  +   820d ago
COOL good to know I will sell mine on eBay ain't keeping it
Caleb_H  +   820d ago
Anyone got gamestop job listings????
GraveLord  +   820d ago

I kid, I kid!
_FantasmA_  +   819d ago
LOL all these angry bots. What about Amazon who promotes the 360 versions of games more? What about IGN and GT which are pro-M$?? Its all good when the american corporation does it huh?
aLucidMind  +   819d ago
All while their associates struggle to save up their money due to the obnoxiously low wage of 7.25.
Rodney25  +   819d ago
Okay I love me some PS4, but just to point something out. The X1 had an article just like this and the people were talking abotu how the managers don't play games and how it was a dumb move and... fuck I'm begging for disagress with this comment.
CrazyGooner  +   819d ago
Sony trying to gain some positive PR. Expect MS to offer managers exclusive DLC lo.

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