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The Division - Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to the chaotic and devastated world of Tom Clancy's The Division. It has been 3 weeks since a deadly pandemic hit New York city on Black Friday. (Next-Gen, PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Xbox One)

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Neixus  +   734d ago
aw,expected something new :x
globeofgamers  +   734d ago
And it's not?
ME1989  +   734d ago
This is E3 footage.
TomDaSpartan  +   734d ago
It is a new trailer but most of what was shown was from the E3 reveal.
p0tat0stix  +   734d ago
ALL of what was shown at E3, just remixed.

Still though, good reminder of great things to come.
inveni0  +   733d ago
I wonder if you can control those little rolling mines with the touchpad on the DS4. Might be a cool way to do it.
Caleb_H  +   734d ago
Who let this video through??
jcnba28  +   734d ago
The closing of the car door gets me every time. This game looks amazing.
grailly  +   734d ago
we'll have to wait and see if it'll get downgraded, watch_dogs, for example, doesn't look nearly as good now as when it was first shown.
BattleTorn  +   734d ago
That's for sure.
MidnytRain  +   732d ago
Weren't they using a PC for that? Watch Dogs is coming to PC too. This game is intended only for consoles, so there'd be no excuse for it coming out looking worse that the footage shows.
mike32UK  +   733d ago
I thought that was just me! Haha oh the little things in life
jaelegend  +   734d ago
oh xbox lol never any games of your own. I swear if you say better xbox one ill flip out lol
Sevir  +   734d ago
It's market branding, I'm excited for this game and the engine it's utilizing. The animations, the graphics, the lighting, this is full representation of what Next Gen is capable of when you don't have cross generation baselines.

So glad this is Next Gen only.
vigilante_man  +   733d ago
Its the next gen only games I am looking forward to the most..
illtownNJONE  +   734d ago
globeofgamers  +   734d ago
Nope, it's from Gamescom.
surgency  +   734d ago
This REALLY looks fanmade..
d4sholil1  +   734d ago
WHY!? That deflated my anticipation. That was just a chop and mesh of the reveal trailer from E3.
voodoogts  +   734d ago
Why is M$ getting all the damn DLC first? Sony is more powerful dam it!
Mr1Y  +   734d ago
This game looks Sick
Ivalice  +   734d ago
How did this get approved?
mike32UK  +   733d ago
This is my second most anticipated next gen released that had been announced so far. Closely following after Infamous: Second Son.
webeblazing  +   733d ago
online open world rpg LMAO
why they didnt just say mmo. guess they still think console gamers are still bashing mmos

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