Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Confirmed to be Digital-Only Release

Although the game was originally announced to be exclusive to the eShop, there had been murmurs of it receiving a physical release. Unfortunately, Producer Motohide Eshiro confirmed that the game will indeed be a digital-only release in the west.

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linkenski1703d ago

At least we're getting the game. Hopefully the boycotters will stop whining now that they know petitions will do nothing.

NewMonday1703d ago

this game is making me get the 3DS, I could let the other good stuff pile up on the backlog but I want this Day1.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1703d ago

Smart idea saves the devs/publisher tons of money.

exfatal1703d ago

Still getting this day one, was pretty sure i was going to retail if i got the chance but meh, i wanna play the game, trading it in after im done is just a bonus lol

krontaar1703d ago

Disappointing. Not buying it until Nintendo has an online account system.

XboxFun1703d ago

This and EA's announcement?

I think this is just the beginning people.