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Sony discusses potential PlayStation 4 manufacturing shortage issues

While the Sony rep didn’t go into specific numbers, there will apparently be many more PlayStation 4s available at launch than there were PlayStation 3s.

Shortages could still be an issue though. (PS4, Sony)

pat_11_5  +   387d ago
I really don't think there will be shortages and it seems like neither does Sony. This seems like a win for gamers.
cleft5  +   387d ago
Definitely agree with you. Sony seems to be really aggressively pushing the PS4 and it is clear they have been planning this for a while now. I don't see shortages being too big of an issue, especially with them wanted to be the dominate next-gen platform.
thechosenone  +   387d ago
"it was interesting to hear that Sony feels they probably won’t experience manufacturing shortages with the PlayStation 4."

black0o  +   387d ago
AMD are the real winers her ... they r selling chips to both camps
theshonen8899  +   386d ago
They made a chip for the Wii U too. So more win...kinda.
inveni0  +   386d ago
I think I've bought more AMD CPUs on my own than they've sold via WiiU. :)
saber00005  +   386d ago
Too bad they flunked their contract with Intel. They got some amazing processors coming out.
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vigilante_man  +   387d ago
There will be shortages due to the very high demand.

A nice problem for Sony to have..
Jaqen_Hghar  +   387d ago
A man hopes so he has 8 ready to sell on Ebay and if there's one good thing about a later release date it's that people will get more desperate to get one for Christmas
vigilante_man  +   386d ago
Managed to get a wii for someone just before they ran out in the UK in November a few years back. If only I had got 2 of them. They doubled in price on ebay.

Same could happen here. These new consoles could pay for themselves if you have the cash to invest.
Spoons  +   387d ago
Of course, everything is perfect in the world of Sony. Everything Sony does is magic. Yes.
Campy da Camper  +   386d ago
zippycup  +   386d ago
Darrius Cole  +   387d ago
Misleading Title
3-4-5  +   386d ago
There will only be a shortage for a month or so if at all.
shadow2797  +   386d ago
"Many people were selling the console for ridiculous prices ranging between $600 and $1000 on reselling websites like Kijiji and Craigslist."

LOL "Ridiculous prices" $600 was MSRP.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   386d ago
Xbone vs PS4...winner = AMD lol
The_Sneauxman  +   386d ago
yes that is very true, amongst what others may say
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Caleb_H  +   387d ago
This sucks, but that's what they get for making a great console.
xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   386d ago
Well, the article states that they don't expect shortages, so I don't know what sucks about it.
360ICE  +   387d ago
Pre-ordered PS4 today, actually. Here's hoping there won't be shortages. Now, what will my first game be.... hmm....
Drive Club.

EDIT: Oh, wait.
I have PS Plus. Now what will my first fifteen games be...
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logan_izer10  +   387d ago
Drive club comes free... pick another one :)
360ICE  +   387d ago
Free version is different from box version!
But okay. Resogun, then!
Whitefire  +   387d ago
Resogun is free as well I believe.
360ICE  +   387d ago
Boy. Hmmm... Maybe Don't Starve or Outlast then. Or Planetside 2 if that's available at launch.
HeyImBen4  +   387d ago
Don't starve is free to Ps+ members

And Planetside 2 is F2P too LOL
HeyImBen4  +   387d ago
Don't starve is free to Ps+ members

And Planetside 2 is F2P at launch too LOL
WeAreLegion  +   387d ago
You tricky dog! ^_^

You should probably just throw some money down on War Thunder, so you can get that at launch.
DigitalRaptor  +   387d ago
Hahah. :)

You should definitely pick up Warframe or DCUO.
Darrius Cole  +   387d ago
It'll can still be his first game. Seeing as the PS4 comes with 14 days of free PS+, he gets Drive Club just as soon as buys his PS4.
Mr-Dude  +   387d ago
I recommend Outlast, very creepy game!Comes free in januari I believe with Plus.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   387d ago
KZ Shadowfall MP should have answered that question. A man was debating between BF4 and KZ:SF but that made up his mind
dantesparda  +   386d ago
Im getting it with both
Skate-AK  +   386d ago
Lol. Outlast is free for + too.
FamilyGuy  +   386d ago
LOL nice, here's an idea: Spend that extra money on the dlc/microtransactions in the F2P games you end up liking and buy a year of PS+

Personally I don't think I'll buy any launch games (though KZ looks spectacular), I'm gonna get as much out of the PS+ and F2P games as I can so I can save up some money. Infamous SS is Day 1 for me though.
bjmartynhak  +   386d ago
I wish I had this self-control, lol
GdaTyler  +   387d ago
The cure to this is time. Just have to wait a while until there's more.
pyramidshead  +   387d ago
Can't say I'm surprised.
Whitefire  +   387d ago
Surprised of what?
pyramidshead  +   387d ago

Sony having the potential of having a shortage of PS4s to meet the insane high demand. I bet it caught them off guard in all honesty.
kneon  +   387d ago
I don't think they were at all prepared for what happened.

They bumped up the allocations at least a couple of times. And each time would have meant going to the company assembling the console and asking how many more they can produce if they can get the parts, and then going out to the suppliers and finding out how many more parts they can get in time to produce the consoles.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   387d ago
MS probably caught them off guard by handing such a huge portion of the market to Sony through badwill from those initial policies and TV focus and of course $500 price point.
amnalehu  +   387d ago
I heard they already have produced and boxed over 10 million units with close to 1.5 million of those already pre-sold in the US alone. I think the stores will be empty on launch day but you may be able to get your hands on one when a new shipments show up. My advice is to pre-order while you can and don't forget to get an extra DS4!
WeAreLegion  +   387d ago
Where is your source?

If they have 10 million units ready to ship, they'll be good for a long time. No possible way a shortage could occur.
The_Sneauxman  +   386d ago
I don't think they'll have 10 million unless I see a source. That is quite the number to be spouting without further information
Animal Mutha 76  +   387d ago
Shortage is a relative term to demand. They can make all the systems they want but if the demand is high enough you will always get a shortage.

I don't think they will be able to make them fast enough and that's not a bad thing just representative of that demand. Same goes for MS.
Sadist3  +   387d ago
No one cares what any of you think, since none of you are actually manufacturing the PS4
Majin-vegeta  +   386d ago
You're picture fits perfectly towards your comment you mad?
diehllane  +   387d ago
In all honesty, you always want there to be a SLIGHT shortage.
Otherwise you end up with consoles just sitting on the shelves.

The longer the shortage you have, the more time there is to come out with new games to sell with the console once it comes back in stock.
To some retailers, this is better.
Skate-AK  +   386d ago
I can't order mine until October. I hope I can still get one at launch.
hollabox  +   386d ago
There's almost always an hardware shortage, they just leak this crap to get more sales. I did this crap back when I was selling door to door services, its called the JIFS.
NeutralXP  +   386d ago
32 countries ya right try more like 10
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MasterCornholio  +   386d ago
Slight correction.

"Microsoft will launch the Xbox One in only 13 markets around the world later this year, and not 21 as it had announced at this year"

"Sony Confirms all 32 Countries the PS4 Will be Available in on November 15th/November 29th"

Now let me educate you so you dont make that mistake again. The only one whos having problems with producing their console is Microsoft which is why they reduced the countries that they are releasing the console in from 21 to 13. Sony on the other hand are able to produce their console for 32 countries because they dont have the same hardware issues like Microsoft.

In the end Sony is releasing their console in 32 countries while Microsoft is only releasing it in 13 countries.

Im glad that i could help you with that.



Sevir  +   386d ago
Well right. The PS3 launched 500k units, 400k for north america and 100k for Japan. Its very obvious that the launch lf the PS4 will eclipse the PS3 trouble launch. BluRay lasers shortages, Cell processors not being by Sony in house was the big reason for the scaled back launch.

Thats not an issue now given that bluray is defacto, and the CPU GPU Comes from AMD who has been making APUs for a while.

Itll be a case where its a significantly strong line up. I predict that theyll have about 1.5 million units ready for launch. And preorders may outstrip supply by 500k-1M. Either way, God's willing I'll have my PS4 15 Nov 2013.
Sci0n  +   386d ago
This is great news for those who didn't preorder or preorderd late. You still have a chance of getting a launch console. The PS4 launch will not be nothing like the PS3's while there will be way more consoles to go around the demand will be allot higher but you still will have a legitimate shot at landing one at launch or soon after.
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llMurcielagoll  +   386d ago
I pre-ordered my launch day edition on Amazon shortly after the E3 conference. However, if anything happens that I couldn't get my day one PS4 I will gladly wait until it is back in stock again. I am not going to rush it like I did with PS3.
IRetrouk  +   386d ago
Im a bit bummed right now, my son wants a ps4 for christmas, told my wife to preoreder him one months ago, find out yesterday that she forgot to do it, have to let son have my ps4 now :-(
GiantEnemyCrab  +   386d ago
Pre-ordered the day Sony had their first conference from Best Buy. Day Uno!

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