8 Year Old Kills after Playing GTA – Are Video Games to Blame?

An 8 year old boy intentionally shot and killed his 90 year old elderly relative after playing Grand Theft Auto IV. Police are saying they believe the crime was intentional. Media outlets are jumping on the headlines and making it seem as if videogames are to blame. In this commentary, Red Dragon lays out a few other questions that the main-stream media is disregarding.

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Excalibur1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

And why was this 8 year old playing an M rated game?

Why did an 8 year old have access to a loaded gun?

If you find out the answer to those questions then you'll know what and WHO is to blame.

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cleft51699d ago

Beyond that it's a world of difference between picking up a controller and picking up a gun, aiming it at someone, and then pulling the trigger to kill them.

Anon19741699d ago

Well said. How is it that the focus is instantly on video games and not how did an 8 year old have ready access to guns and ammunition. Where were the parents? Why was a child consuming media intended for adults?

Aren't these more along the lines of the type of questions we should be asking after study after study has found no conclusive link between videogame violence and real world violence?

andrewsqual1699d ago

Every article talks about this like the USA is the world. How often does something like this happen outside the USA? How about almost never? Do we need any more proof its just their screwy country?

diehllane1699d ago

Good to see 27 agrees and 0 disagrees on this.
Absolutely the truth.

paul-p19881699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

But the media would never say that, they don't know how to investigate the true issue at the heart of this (gun laws, minor playing an M rated game etc) it's just


Seriously, the media news outlets need to educate themselves before they try to educate the common people...

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GarrusVakarian1699d ago

Parents always ignore the age ratings on videogames. Its your responsibility as a parent to look at the age rating and determine if you think your child is mature/intelligent/responsible enough to play it.

cleft51699d ago

Regardless of age rating, this killing has nothing to do with games and everything to do with a disturb child that had access to a deadly weapon. No way there wasn't warning signs that either was ignored or overlooked.

SniperControl1699d ago

This story was on here yesterday.

yarbie10001699d ago

The video is about asking the questions that the media didn't. It isn't just a review of what happened

ziggurcat1699d ago

1. no, video games aren't to blame.

2. parents shouldn't be letting their kids play games that aren't meant for kids.

3. parents shouldn't have loaded weapons in their home.

Ripsta7th1699d ago

3*Parents shouldnt have easy access to loaded weapons in their home

ziggurcat1699d ago

there's no reason to have a loaded weapon in your home.

and 'murica isn't reason enough.

levian1699d ago

In a word? No.

I find it retarded that these kind of questions and accusations are being thrown around in this day and age. The media (games, TV, movies, music) isn't, has never, and will never be the problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.