Saints Row 4 - All 34 Hacking Puzzle Solutions

Solutions to all 34 Hacking Puzzles in Saints Row 4. Most of the hacking is done in the Kinzie side quests: Gateway, White Rabbit, White Light / White Heat, A Whiter Shade of Pale, and White Wedding.

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beer_baron1487d ago

Thanks for the guide. Reminds me of old school Pipe Dream, or the BioShock 1 hacking game.

explicitd1487d ago

Oh ya, good old BioShock 1. I liked the hacking in Bioshock 2 better myself.

BLAKHOODe1487d ago

Where was this a WEEK ago???


Hazmat131487d ago

i think its the vice president thats gives you an extra time to hack stores so that was very helpful.

BustedDpad1487d ago

I dont have the patience for these things!! So glad I got hax now. LOL, thanks!