Microsoft discloses details on Xbox One and Kinect chips

Microsoft disclosed details for the main processor and the Kinect image processor in the Xbox One video game console today at a chip design conference.

Those details are critical for the kind of experience that consumers will have with the Xbox One when it launches this fall. The guts inside the box will determine what kind of quality games the consumers will see and whether the machine will be prone to failure, as the Xbox 360 was when it debuted in 2005.

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greenpowerz1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Makes you wonder who's spec NDA was being enforced. MSFT's? or AMD's? Or both?

One of the better articles about this. I'm just glad I now know what I pre ordered LOL

Games is all that matters but I lean audiophile videophile and like to know what I'm getting.

Disagree? LOL

LOL @Neogaf guy says: "Huma(n) After All"

Starbucks_Fan1734d ago ShowReplies(4)
LordMaim1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

@Starbucks_Fan: It means that the Xbox One is at 1.31 TFlops vs 1.84 TFlops for PS4. That overclock really didn't do much for the Xbox.

Edit: Not sure why the disagrees. It's not like it's an opinion, they're facts. Look at the picture for the proof. Prior to the overclock it was running 1.23 TFlops, now they're at 1.31. That's not a massive increase. Microsoft needs to give people the complete picture.

iamnsuperman1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

It is N4G. You will get a disagree for saying we live on the Earth. Honestly, I have no idea what a TFlops. Is that a big difference. Would anyone realistically notice that difference. Again TFLops are alien to me (and I think to everyone on this site judging by some of the ridiculous things being said in the other article)

FlameBaitGod1734d ago

What is this earth u speak of ?

bromtown1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

For anyone that's wondering what a difference of 0.53TFlops means, its a difference of just over 2 PS3's worth of power. Not inconsiderable.



FLOPS FLoating-point Operations Per Second and the T = Tera (Billion)
It is a measurement how powerful a system is (But in reality it's not that accurate)

Below specs does not include CPU FLOPS data.

Xbox 360 Xenos GPU = 0,240 TFLOPS
Playstation 3 RSX GPU = 0,176 TFLOPS

Xbox One = 1,31 TFLOPS
Playstation 4 = 1,84TFLOPS

For further comparison
Nvidia GTX580 (2010 HIGH-END GPU) = 1,58TFLOPS
Nvidia GTX680 (2012 HIGH-END GPU) = 3,09TFLOPS

The GTX680 is almost twice of powerful but doesn't render twice as many FPS (Frames Per Second) but closer to 35% faster than the GTX580.
So the difference between the Xbox and PS4 is not gonna be very significant when we're talking about graphics as it looks right now.

Hope that explains some for you, cheers!

marchinggamer1734d ago

Honestly this whole teraflops comparison is a load of bullshit. Teraflops measures compute performance not graphical power. For example a radeon 7979 has about 1000 more gigaflops than a gtx 680 yet a gtx 680 beats it in most benchmarks

Swiggins1734d ago

Thank you Krussidull, that was very helpful in explaining that to me.

Bubbles for being helpful.

EVILDEAD3601734d ago

Nice post & +bubz @ Krussidull

The FLOP talk is cool pre-launch but post launch it's going to be great to finally have the games in our hands.


sorane1734d ago


"It is N4G. You will get a disagree for saying we live on the Earth."

So true and so funny :P I'll give ya +bubble for that one :)

iamgoatman1734d ago


"For example a radeon 7979 has about 1000 more gigaflops than a gtx 680 yet a gtx 680 beats it in most benchmarks."

No it doesn't. When compared to a 7970Ghz (pretty much all can manage that) it's the other way around.

mistertwoturbo1734d ago

"For example a radeon 7979 has about 1000 more gigaflops than a gtx 680 yet a gtx 680 beats it in most benchmarks"

That's correct if you compare a Radeon to a Geforce, you can't directly compare them to each other because the architectures are different.

But since we're talking about Radeon vs Radeon, 530GFLOPS more is an apples to apples comparison.

ThanatosDMC1734d ago

I disagree with iamnsuperman because you live in Krypton.

DonFreezer1733d ago

Shut your freaking mouth.Name me one graphics card retailer who mentiones teraflops of a grpahics card.Just one. PS fanboys you should realise that if something so big on a gpu isn't even mentioned in shops why the hell does Sony advertise it so much?I haven't seen Nintendo nitpicking specs that the Gamecube had over the first Xbox so they could feel more powerfull.

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SITH1734d ago


Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha hah all win!

kewlkat0071734d ago

" For example a radeon 7979 has about 1000 more gigaflops than a gtx 680 yet a gtx 680 beats it in most benchmarks"

Wtf..I got the!t I was lied to.

Bigpappy1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Seems to me a lot of people are misunderstanding band width affect on speed as opposed to clock speed. If clock speeds are similar, RAM with a narrower bandwidth can actually have the bus addressed in parallel. So it all come down to the design. in particular, how the processor accesses the RAM. If they both access the RAM directly form the processor PS4 wins speed. If MS is using the internal 47MB of RAM link a front end bus, it would increase the data and address bandwidth of the DDR3 RAM in a flexible manner, depending on how much is used for address and how much for data cache.

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JunioRS1011734d ago


PraxxtorCruel1734d ago

...but how dumb are you? We gotta know your power level!

JunioRS1011734d ago

I tried to go Super Saiyan once and pooped my drawers.

XboxFun1734d ago

Now there's a God level Super Saiyan, so we have to know if this can be achieved by you.

Kayant1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Frigid where are you..... Xbox one uses Jaguar like PS4.
It looks like the leak specs from earlier where true.
More info --->

pyramidshead1734d ago

Let's not tease him too much........maybe. :P

MasterCornholio1734d ago

I remember some people were saying that Microsoft would change the specs by a huge amount in the last few months before release.

I guess they were wrong because the specs barely changed anything.

Motorola RAZR i

M-M1734d ago

I don't know where the disagrees are coming from, Frigid would always go around saying that the Xbox One will have a Kaveri chip. Like EVERYONE said, it doesn't have one. Even Greenpowerz said yesterday "people will be in for a surprise tomorrow", where's that surprise at?

ziggurcat1734d ago

he'll probably start spouting off nonsense along the lines of, "since it's the same, then PS4 definitely doesn't have hUMA or HSA blah blah blah" even though that wouldn't be true.

badz1491734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )'s just that they are now all saying "it's all about the games"

MRMagoo1231734d ago

the surprise is that the xboners after seeing 100% fact that the ps4 is more powerful still deny it, i was surprised i thought they would just go hide back in their caves but it seems the denial is strong and they dont even believe MS' own spec sheet lol.

All we know after this is the ps4 has the same gap on the xbone as we thought it was weeks ago.

n4rc1734d ago

I love this.. I almost can't believe it!

Nobody has EVER said the specs you throw out aren't true.. Yes when you measure one aspect of a component.. the ps4 is ahead in a bunch of them..

Why people argue with you is the other bullshit you include.. Usually something along the lines of xbox sucks and it cant compete blah blah blah...

That is why people ignore you.. You refuse to accept arguments based on effiency or anything else.. Just "look at my .5 tflop! Screw xbox"

Games are what matters... Not a number...

Funny tho... Thats exactly what ps3 owners always said when the roles were reversed.. And i wasnt here bashing ps3 so i dont give a crap what someone else said to you years ago..

MarkusMcNugen1733d ago


Its okay man. Most of the hate these guys come up with they dont even understand themselves. I can guarantee you that 98% of all the people who post GPU specs (i.e. ROPs) or Teraflops have absolutely no idea what they are or how they correlate to the system architecture as a whole. These are just fanboys picking a few small pieces of information and spouting it as the end-all be-all of Xbox One without understanding how it all works.

And yes, in the end, as much as people think PS4 specs are the most important thing. They are not. It will be features and games that sell the systems to the masses.

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vigilante_man1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Read the article but it made little sense. Your link was way more useful so thanks.

Not sure what the true picture is yet for both. We will find out nearer the time. Guess it also matters how the hardware is utilised.

Seems PS4 could of gone the ESRAM route for super fast speeds at certain times but thought the best option with less bottle neck was the unified fast GDDR5.

Microsoft have gone with the small cache system. Both are vastly superior to what we already have. How much cheaper would the XB1 be to make/produce? We know the Kinnect 2 costs almost as much as the XB1. Does this make the XB1 cheaper without the Kinnect 2?

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SkippyPaccino1734d ago

I wonder if lays is making their chips?

Swiggins1734d ago

We all know that Sony uses superior Pringles technology in the PS4.

SkippyPaccino1734d ago

I thought Nintendo used the power of Pringle? The Pringle mascot is a picture of Marios dad? I believe Sony also uses lays but they add onion dip

kneon1734d ago

Yes the pringle technology is far superior. There is much better consistency and few broken chips :)

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