Hot Chips: Microsoft's Xbox One SoC has 47 MBytes Cache / 204 GB/s peak BW

Msoft XBox One SoC has 47 MBytes cache in 363mm2 die!

In the pic of the architectural design you'll see the "theoretical throughput" of 204 GB/s peak BW. Confirming Digital Foundry's inside claims.

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greenpowerz1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )


Buttery popcorn is needed


They were right in what context and the popcorn? Seems to be unexpectedly stronger than originally thought.

" Bandwidth is at a premium in the Xbox One owing to the slower DDR3 memory employed in the console, which does not compare favourably to the 8GB unified pool of GDDR5 in the PlayStation 4. The 32MB of "embedded static RAM" within the Xbox One processor aims to make up the difference, and was previously thought to sustain a peak theoretical throughput of 102GB/s - useful, but still some way behind the 176GB/s found in PlayStation 4's RAM set-up. Now that close-to-final silicon is available, Microsoft has revised its own figures upwards significantly, telling developers that 192GB/s is now theoretically possible."

SuperLupe1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Can somebody please explain what the heck does all this mean ? Sorry Im no spec nut :)

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NewMonday1456d ago

it means only 32mb can go threw the fast ESRAM, witch means very limited application for it, the bulk of data will have to go threw the slow DDR3 ram, this mostly effects textures and loading time.

HammadTheBeast1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Essentially, this:

Basically this just confirms the rumors, the same things from a week ago are true.

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MysticStrummer1456d ago

It means nothing has changed, but some people forgot the definition of the word "theoretical".

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thechosenone1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Gaf breaks it down...nothing has changed it's still...

PS4 > Xbone :D xD :P :3 :O

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black0o1456d ago

ESRAm helps nothing more .. and thanks to it we may see the same thing happened this's cur-gen where Xbox holds ps back just to let games being fit into HD-DVD instead of bluRay
MgS4 30+
GOW 40+
UC3 40+ GB ..etc mean while FF13-2 were 7 GB for the poor x360

now will have to deal with files been fit into 32mb or 47 mb so x1 can run it smother, while the ps4 is setting on 8 GB

I bet ps exclusive will shine more this up coming gen much more the cur-gen

ThatCanadianGuy5141456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

PS4: 1152 Shaders
Xbone: 768 Shaders

PS4: 72 Texture units
Xbone: 48 Texture units

PS4: 32 ROPS
Xbone: 16 ROPS

Not even counting the the superior ram and ram setup, still just Means that PS4 is massively more powerful then xbox.

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tuglu_pati1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )



anyone can go and sign up in neogaf and comment, the info from there is as reliable as in here.

Ritsujun1456d ago

GP and her nasty green mind.

NewMonday1456d ago

people angry at facts

notice non of the XB1 fans try to give a credible explanation because the truth is hard to take.

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tuglu_pati1456d ago

The ESRAM is still essentially its own thing, memory read/writes to it can be 109 gbs right through to 204gb/s, but it's now a two way communication, not just a framebuffer cache like it was on the 360.

What that really means is post processing/defferred rendering is slick. Hellishly slick. Rendering is again, a one way traffic system, but any post processing can happen soon as the frame is created in the ESRAM. No GPU to DDR3 read/writes. All win win stuff (like last gen).

Clock speed increase means it has a throughput advantage (over PS4)in terms of the rate at which it process data, with almost zero stall pipeline in place. Very slick. OP/s still low compared to the opposition, but there is enough here to suggest that it will run efficiently enough.

Outside of the raw compute advantage on the GPU (for PS4), the Xbox one has a faster HSA bus, running at 30gb/s compared to "nearly 20gb/s).
It's all half a dozen of one and 6 of the other, someplace's XBO has advantages, others it doesn't.

Raw rendering, hell I wouldn't be at all concerned, it appears there's more than enough caches, and with the esram, and the dedicated swizzle hardware, this will hold it's own.

A good solid piece of kit that shows what a closed box customized system can do to beef up individual components.

Color me far more impressed with the dedicated silicon than I would have been if they had just taped the GPU and CPU together.
There is some smart stuff in here, wherever they know the CPU or GPU are gong to be bogged down doing mundane stuff, they have added silicon to alleviate it.

that seems like a good summary.

Bigpappy1456d ago

Nice to see N4G has so many engineers. Hope to get a chance to use their products in the near future.

As far as the spec's are concern, I am a Tech, not an engineer. I know what FSB, clock speed, Bandwidth... ) all that tech stuff means. I am no engineer though. I will look at the quality of the games an discuss those when released. The features, which make the console more of a pleasure to use, are also more important that over all power. But if the PS4 turns out to do way better graphic than Xbox 1, that could be a selling point for many gamers, if it turns out like this gen, People talked up Teraflop and cell to high heavens, then when the games came, most looked better on 360, could happen here.

release the games and let's see. That is all that really matters in the end. No?

ChrisW1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )


Yet... Even with Kinect, XboxOne should be cheaper because of its crappy low specs. Seriously! Isn't it odd that it's not?!?

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tuglu_pati1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Also, what the 8GB Flash memory are for? Really interesting...

Tw1tch3D1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

What needs to be taken into consideration, is that this is an SoC. A single chip system, everything is on a "silicon die".

So as a result if the ESRAM points directly at the GPU, that alleviates the CPU in it's own right committing to other tasks. Just because it's DDR3 don't mean it's slow, it's fast because of low latency, significant Data Flow.

The design was built from the ground up, no beefy components simply put together.

Don't want to ruffle any feathers, but that is a major leap in architectural design Microsoft brought it's A game here folks.

@ tuglu_pati

Yes very interesting. What's more, is that Microsoft had a tutorial yesterday at Hot Chips called "Flash Trends: Challenges and Future".

We'll find out more once the techies hop on this. But I'm on beyond 3d as we speak and it's as much buzz. Very interesting, scratches that exotic architecture itch i've been hoping for out of the new optimized hardware.

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rainslacker1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

To expand on Dayz comment, since big numbers are nice, but not as nice as knowing what you're getting with those big numbers, I offer the following.

Shader: A program that is used to do shading. Basically, when you have a polygonal model, the models aren't always completely lifelike. For instance, a sphere can look blocky. A shader can help make it look smooth. In addition shaders can apply special effects to models, or even 2D images. Shaders handle how the final texture will look when on the screen. The more shaders, the more can be done at one time.

Texture units: These are used to map the actual textures onto a model. Textures are flat images that have to be drawn on the model's polygons. These textures can be used not only as the basic colors of the image, but also the light texture, bump textures(which give it more realistic looks), or any number of other special textures used to effect the way a model looks when it's finally rendered. Basically, the more you have, the more that can be done at one time.

ROPS: Short for "Raster Operation Unit". This is a bit more complex, but the basics of it is that before the image is displayed, each pixel is processed to give it it's depth information. This is where AA comes from, as well as many other nifty pixel and screen effects. Again, the more you have, the better the image can theoretically look.

Otherwise, I can offer this to those that don't care what all this means. All these specs discussed here means that the X1 will be able to play next gen games. It's not a bad set up. Has advantages and disadvantages, and like all consoles to date will require talented devs to make the most of what it offers.

stuna11455d ago

Microsoft is lying! Plain and simple, with those specs it just doesn't add up once you add in the fact that they said they up clocked the CPU.

TheKayle11455d ago


do urself (and to us!!) a favour PLS before u start try talking technically again..go to study...

whta u said is a freaking big nonsense BS lol

MagnusX1455d ago

Microsoft is revising there specs saying that "its much faster then we previously calculated" lol

DonFreezer1455d ago

No we can't. Why haven't you asked the same when Sony pr chaps talked shit about teraflops , rops and shit?Why do you need explaining know when most of you played it computer engineers when Sony talked nonesense.Shut your mouth ps fanboys.Xbox One has won before the game even started.

UltimateMaster1455d ago

Yeah, cuz you know if it comes from a website called then it must be true :D!

Kryptix1455d ago


Pre-order numbers for PS4 games say otherwise.

Wait, you're denying the higher PS4 numbers? Damn, you're more blind than I actually thought.

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NextGen24Gamer1456d ago

This is something I knew a ways back and thought that Microsoft would explain that to the masses. They never did and it's obvious this is "HUGE" news to those who think that "RAW" power means anything.

Microsoft has been showing & talking about the next gen games, while Sony has been talking about the numbers.

Maybe now people can stop talking about numbers and let the "GAMES" do the talking.

I know this for a "FACT"...Developers have been pleasantly surprised once they got the final Xbox one specs & software tools.

It's actually BETTER than they initially thought.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

"It's all about the games"

My personal taste is I love xbox exclusives a little more and I love the xbox live community a lot more.

No_Limit1456d ago

Agreed Elite,

Games as it should be. Specs is fine the way it is.

LaChance1456d ago

This would explain why there is no gap whatsoever in graphics betwen Xbox One and PS4. On the contrary, Xbox One games are actually looking to be more impressive graphically.

Its just that MS shows the power rather than talking about it.

I have yet to see a game that looks as good as Ryse running on the PS4. And with all that incredible power Cerny is talking about I would have thought Driveclub could give Forza 5 a run for its money. On the contrary, Forza 5 is making DriveClub look last gen.

Its quite surprising to see that all these N4G engineers were completely wrong about the power of both consoles ... NOT !

zebramocha1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

@elite the reason Sony talked about numbers is they already have devs to really utilize the hardware,killzone 2 and halo 3 weren't launch games but there is a difference in the way the look and I'm not to talking about art direction differences,considering bungie had been with Ms longer than gg with Sony

black0o1456d ago

there's gap between ps4 and x1 is the same gap between ddr3 and GDDr5

UnHoly_One1456d ago

Most gamers won't choose their console because of a bunch of specs that they don't understand anyway.

They are going to choose it based on the games, and how they look. And right now, the PS4 can't touch Ryse, it's not even close.

XabiDaChosenOne1456d ago

Am I missing something? What is being confirmed here that hasn't been in the rumored specs for months now? What's wrong with you people?

black0o1456d ago Show
UnHoly_One1456d ago

God of War 3 is a fantastic game, yes.

But I am strictly speaking graphics, which is what "Joe Average Gamer" will see in commercials and base his decision on.

And in that regard, yes, Ryse looks better than anything they have shown on the PS4 so far.

I'm not trying to start an argument here, I'm getting a PS4, too, it's all good. (I just wish inFAMOUS Second Son was a launch title, because I don't care about any of the other games announced for the PS4 so far.)

jony_dols1456d ago Show
bobshi1456d ago

Nothing says 'I admit the Xbox One is weak next to the PS4' like saying 'who cares, it is about the games'.

Dat Wii U defensive technique.

Did it ever cross your mind that those games would be even better if the console was not so weak compared to the competing console?

Good_news_every11456d ago

So now that devs have been saying the ps4 is more powerful and then we get this news confirming the ps4 is more powerful , we now are talking about games ? Lol you xboners are funny, if you haven't seen anything that looks better than ryse you aren't trying very hard , second son looks miles ahead and it's open world kill zone looks far better and it's 1080p 60fps and even forza looks better on the same system lol you guys are crazy or just blind.

Nfs has been said to look like a pc game on one console , which as we know now via specs is the ps4 and yoshi pretty much confirmed it days ago, the ps4 doesn't need pc gameplay to look good it runs on the actual hardware , most games still haven't even been seen running on the xbone.

Well at least now we can put the power argument to rest , we ALL know now that the ps4 is at least 40% better