GameStop closed 52 stores in past three months

Retailer ended quarter with 6,505 stores worldwide after closing and opening outfits in United States and internationally.

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Excalibur1733d ago

That sucks, I hate to see anyone in any industry losing their jobs, especially in this economy.

KwietStorm1733d ago

They better count that as a blessing, since Microsoft backtracked on their used games policy.

jackanderson19851733d ago

gamestop was one of the places they allowed trade ins... not sure how it would have affected them greatly seeing as both MS and a large portion of the publishers said they wouldn't be adding in extra fees

Yodagamer1733d ago

It's really simple alot of people would have thought used games aren't allowed as they have and some people still do so they wouldn't have thought to bring them to gamestop. A public misconception of the former used games policy might have hurt them.

Soldierone1733d ago

Not really. They didn't restrict it, they just said "if you want to do trade ins, it has to be through GameStop." If anything, it benefited gamestop entirely since they no longer would compete with Ebay or direct second hand sales.

kreate1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


But That's what kwietstorm was trying to say though.

Later Microsoft one by one, backtracked on everything making used games tradable cuz of the complaints.

So that's why it helps gamestop eventually, not from the beginning.

Gamestop was putting pressure on microsoft about this issue and later it happened.

Jovanian 1733d ago

let it burn!

i'm tired of their destructive practices to gaming

Starbucks_Fan1733d ago

No sympathy for the 100s of people who got laid off?

CerebralAssassin1733d ago

Maybe he doesnt have a job to know what it feels like to lose it. In any case, most employees get relocated to other locations.

Deadpoolio1733d ago

Well chances are he lives in his mommy's basement and doesn't have a job himself cause it would get in the way of his intelligent commenting on the interwebs

Hicken1733d ago

Not really. Well, we get moved to other stores, but it's not exactly like there are the hours to spare.

Which is why I no longer work at GameStop after my store got closed earlier this year. Fortunately for me, I was able to find other work prior to that.

kreate1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

That's the dillema.

Would u support a evil greedy corporation just so that ppl will have jobs?

I know the American people indirectly abadoned the military and now we got a bunch of unemployed soldiers with no work or on unemployment.

Combat is what they know and combat is what the society don't need.

I didn't see much support when circuit city closed down.

What's special about gamestop?
They don't even have that many employees like circuit city or the US military.

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Misaka_x_Touma1733d ago

Tell ya what you either go back to your old self gamestop or dissolve all together

V0LT1733d ago

Sorry for the job losses but I can't say I will miss them thats for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.