Review: Saints Row IV - This Can't be a Full-Priced Game... Right? | RealSG

Anthony Accinelli of RealSG writes, "Look I don't completely understand what exactly happened, but it was certainly exciting. Like the opening scene in Saints Row: The Third it was exhilarating, hilarious, and a perfect introduction for the coming adventure.

Or so I thought.

Saints Row IV quickly took a turn for the worst."

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XB1_PS41699d ago

And that other site gave it a 100/100. Such contrast.

nick3091699d ago

The game was very good imo, just dated graphics kinda make it feel a little worse.. Imo a solid 8.5

AvidGamerrrr1699d ago

Nature of the beast. The 100/100 one mentioned how fun and over-the-top it was, this one mentions graphics, story, and how the powers make most of the game useless.

Different strokes for different folks!

LOGICWINS1699d ago

Yes. In the world...people have contrasting opinions.

Freddy_Millz11699d ago

I can understand the reviewer's disgust with the game. Its like SUPER over the top compared to the GTA series, and it was in fact supposed to be a DLC for SR3 after all.
Honestly, I only got it to kill time until GTA V drops but I was so amazed at the gameplay, that I beat it in 2 days! Its like an 80s movie, Super cheesy and over the top, but thats what makes it enjoyable....not everyone likes cheese tho.

XB1_PS41699d ago

It shouldn't be compared to GTA at all, it's a completely different game. If you make your ratings based off of the comparison of GTA Vs SR you aren't doing your job. Take the game as it is, not how you want it to be. Ratings are all opinion based, and that's the problem. The evidence is all here with the recent 100/100, and now this 45/100.

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RavageX1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Most of the reviews seem to forget that the game is supposed to have a story, they just go on about how crazy it is.

I doubt those reviewers take the fact that the game is supposed to be part of a series.

What happened to the overall story? Why does most of it look the same as the previous game? You know not to trust a company/reviewer that gives something like this a perfect score.

EDIT: Having read the review, all his points make perfect sense. The fact he actually finished the game adds to that.

BattleTorn1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Well, after Saint's 3, it's quite clear the game is intended to be a over-the-top exaggerated, silly parody.

Reviewers, and gamers included, would be incorrect and foolish to judge the game poorly based on being the way it's set out to be, now.

I can't actually criticize the game for what it is. That's like criticizing a RPG for being too thoughtful, and with too many decisions.

All we can do is decide whether or not we like what they've chosen the game to be.

RavageX1699d ago

I understand that they want it to be a 100% silly game now, I get that...I don't like it but I get it. It's like watching your favorite hard rock/metal band turn into silly pre-teen pop group in the middle of a concert.

But SR3(and by the looks of it this one too) just weren't done well as a game. There's less of everything. Sequels should have more content or at least equal amounts.

Leaving the poor humor and bad story direction out of it, the graphics are exactly the same, the city is mostly the same, the customization is mostly the same.

BattleTorn1699d ago

I simply loath the franchise now.

I used to always buy every open-world, sandbox action game. But now I simply can not stand the game's direction.

I have to admit I'm much more into serious story, and frankly games that take themselves seriously.
I can't buy Saint's IV, even though I have bought each (included 3), because I'd have no one to blame when I hate it. The game's heavily appealing to the (silly) type of gameplay I have come to realize I seriously loath.

Mugen901699d ago

SR use to be my favorite series. I loved the series enough to buy 2 copies of each game to play with friends on 260 and PS3. Now after the tragedy of SR3 SR4 still have the same problems to me, but in some cases worst. A series that use to be one of my favorites series has fallen into something I don't even care about anymore.

RavageX1699d ago

I think this is why I have a hard time not talking about the game. It went from something I truly enjoyed to this.

I wanted to see what the original story would play out to but I guess that is all forgotten about now.

IMO they(Volition) have lost themselves and are just trying to grab as much crap as they can to try and make a full game. A little bit from this game, a little bit from that one, add some movie references, re-use the same boring city and throw in more crap humor.

On the review comments someone mentioned the game had great voice acting as if that makes everything ok. You can have great voice acting and famous people doing parts but that doesn't make a game like this any better.

You could have Morgan Freeman doing voices and the game will still be what it is.

I thought about giving the game a redbox try, but I know I won't enjoy it.

Mugen901699d ago

*Meant to say I bought 3 copies of SR2 for 360 PS3 and PC

aliengmr1699d ago

The story was actually better than SR3.

Also had more content too. It did reuse assets, but given their financial situation I expected far less. There is more than a DLCs worth of content.

Worth $50 maybe not $60, though I think very few games are worth $60.

If you could give it a chance you might like it, but since you already hate it, probably not.

Mugen901699d ago

I did play it and beat it. Didn't like it. Maybe SR5 will be a better medium for SR/SR2 fans and SR3/SR4 fans.

SuicideKing1699d ago

I understand different opinions, but to say it shouldn't be a full price game is kind of silly. There is a ton of content in this game even if you only do half of the side missions.

MestreRothN4G1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

As a game, decent and fun, but way too overpriced, since it is a reskin for SR3.

As a DLC, it would have been awesome.

It is exactly as if Undead Nightmare was sold with a 60 USD price tag.

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