Level-5 Sales: Professor Layton Series Sells 15 Million Units, Ni No Kuni 1.4 Million

Siliconera: During this morning’s Level-5 Vision press conference, president and CEO Akihiro Hino talked about the “company’s vision” along with a look at the business performance of some of their most popular franchises to date, in addition to the announcement of Layton 7, an upcoming “role play puzzle” game being developed for iOS, Android and 3DS.

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wishingW3L1934d ago

1.4 for Ni No Kuni and those sales are only for Japan, so with WW sales it should be way higher.

deep_fried_bum_cake1934d ago

It says "Ni no Kuni sales for the PS3 and Nintendo DS version (Japan-only) reached 1.4 million sales worldwide.", so it's not just the Japanese sales.

3-4-51934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

1.4 for an RPG, is actually a lot in today's video game industry.

Also, Level-5 always release beautiful games.

CaptainSheep1934d ago

Awesome! Ni no Kuni was amazing, this is great news. :D

no_more_heroes1934d ago

Ni No Kuni should have sold way more. It's that good. Easily the best JRPG I've played since Lost Odyssey.

Chaos_Raiden1934d ago

Congratulations, Level-5 for making a high quality RPG game.

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