Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition on the Way?

The Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition seems to exist, and will allegedly contain every released DLC to date

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Enemy1570d ago

Of course it is. Glad I waited.

vishmarx1570d ago

agreed.DLC size on this game is actually bigger than the game size itself at the moment lol

Enemy1570d ago

$60 well-spent right there.

matrixman921570d ago

all the dlc isnt even out yet...they may even release a complete edition when it is

Murad1569d ago

Game of the year edition is usually a complete edition.

3-4-51569d ago

picked this up the other day finally.

* I enjoy it so far, I'm not that far into it but not sure if I like it better than 1 yet.

BL1's beginning game is much better paced for new players and it's also more memorable.

BL2 feels like they are throwing you right into the mix and I had to "remember " some stuff from the fist that I had forgotten.

* So far, Items are crap compared to BL1, but the game is also noticeably much more difficult in the early game.

Only a few hours in but I didn't struggle this much in the beginning of BL1.

I'm hoping it's not too hard, and if so I'll just slightly over level like I usually do in these types of games. lol

I love the colors they added in the game, but starting in a bland white snow world is even more boring than the Entire Desert Planet of the first game.

Just got to sanctuary and used a gold key because the drops are trash so far and mainly only decent pistols.

I'm hoping the other locations are much more pleasing to look at than white snow everywhere.

Also, the bases where the enemies are in BL2 are way too cluttered compared to BL1.

All that said, I'm still enjoying BL2 and I'm thinking I'll enjoy it even more once I get to the meat of the game and out of this beginning phase.

xxPillsxx1570d ago

Oh boy, it'll be heaven to play this on Vita
FPS Roleplay on the go will be the best thing ever!

HexxedAvenger1570d ago

I agree with you dude!
I just hope that I can play with my friends on ps3 lol

iRocket1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Just remember, there is more DLC on the way ;) How about a "Game of Year BADASS edition" next year?

I myself have bought already almost everything (not the customisation packs) and will buy the next DLC, this game is just so goddamn good!

gnothe11569d ago

I bought borderlands one on xbl sale for 5 dollars...didn't think I would like the game...that game is freaking amazing. ..I bout all the dlc then bought borderlands 2 an the season pass. ..that game has made me put down madden an COD...I can't stop playing it

Master-H1569d ago

Good , i've been waiting almost a year for this, can you play local co-op in this game or online co op only ?

iamgoatman1569d ago

Theres splitscreen co-op on consoles, yes.