Titanfall: Developer Interview Shows Possible PS3/PS4 Dev-kit?

"Ever since rumours about its exclusivity towards Microsoft's next generation Xbox One console to its reveal at E3 2013 and the confirmation that it would only be arriving for Xbox and PC, many have wondered if Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall would ever come to PlayStation consoles. The powers that be at Respawn have neither confirmed nor denied whether it will - just that fans will have to wait till it appears on either PS3 or PS4 any time soon."

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Majin-vegeta1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Everyone knows it's coming to Sony platforms.It's just a matter of when.I say 6 months to a year and we'll see it.

Edit:Yup that's a PS3 remote.

come_bom1666d ago

Yep, everybody knows it's a timed exclusive to Microsoft platforms. Sooner or later it will arrive at Sony platforms.

nukeitall1666d ago

It is a timed exclusive just like Gears of War right?

Point being we don't know the backroom dealings and the reasons.

You never know, it might not even be possible on PS4 without the cloud infrastructure that MS has. This has already been hinted at by Respawn when Sony didn't come back with a solution to their cloud needs:

"This is something I[John Shiring of Respawn] have worked on for years now, since coming to Respawn. A developer like Respawn doesn’t have the kind of weight to get a huge price cut from places like Amazon or Rackspace. And we don’t have the manpower to manage literally hundreds-of-thousands of servers ourselves. We want to focus on making awesome games, not on becoming giant worldwide server hosting providers. The more time I can spend on making our actual game better, the more our players benefit.

I personally talked to both Microsoft and Sony and explained that we need to find a way to have potentially hundreds-of-thousands of dedicated servers at a price point that you can’t get right now. Microsoft realized that player-hosted servers are actually holding back online gaming and that this is something that they could help solve, and ran full-speed with this idea.

The Xbox group came back to us with a way for us to run all of these Titanfall dedicated servers and that lets us push games with more server CPU and higher bandwidth, which lets us have a bigger world, more physics, lots of AI, and potentially a lot more than that!"

cleft51666d ago

It's EA, of course it's a timed exclusive. EA likes money way too much to ignore the PS3/PS4 when it is picking up so much momentum right now.

Enemy1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

^ @ nukeitall: That's a pretty dumb comparison, considering:

1. Epic Games owns the IP and yes, they could easily, at any given moment, decide not to allow exclusivity of the next Gears of War.

2. Microsoft published every previous Gears of War entry but still doesn't own the IP. Never will, it belongs to Epic, just like Unreal Tournament.

EA decides where their games go, and they don't do full-time exclusives on one platform. Their games will always appear on more than one platform because unless you're new to gaming (which therefore means you really shouldn't be pretending to know what you're talking about), you'd know EA is a *multiplatform* publisher.

Apparently you weren't around this gen when Microsoft started with a bunch timed exclusives and ended with very little exclusive games but a bunch of timed exclusive DLC. Weird? Not really. They're doing the exact same with TitanFall, an IP published by EA, which they'll force onto the PS4 immediately following contract end, lol.

To deny something so obvious very much means you don't know anything about how Xbox does business.

Ducky1666d ago

^ Do you know who owns the TitanFall IP?

jjb19811666d ago

It could be possible that the ps4 has the extra computing power it needs to equate to what the "cloud" is doing on the Xbox one version.

AngryEnglish1666d ago

@Enemy, before you go telling someone else they really dont know what they are talking about i suggest you go back a few days where you said EA owns the IP..... not having any idea that respawn owns the Titanfall IP and any other IP they create, and the fact that they are with EA under the EA partnership program

You need to stop pretending you have any idea what your talking about im afraid

solidt121666d ago

There's dudes on Linkdin that claim to be developing this game right now for PS4 so we know it is being worked on. I can't wait to play this on my PS4.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1666d ago

Don't be delusional. EA owns the IP. Hell, the game is going to be on Origin. Guess what? Origin is on Macs and PCs. Last I checked Macs aren't Microsoft products and Titanfall is going to be offered on Origin.

buffalo10661666d ago

considering the current momentum of the ps4 pre orders and that fact that microsoft dont own any rights to the the game its unlikely it will remain on the xbox forever. EA are a very loyal company...loyal to the dollar.

princejb1341666d ago

We actually don't know anything about Titan fall
I would love for it to appear in ps4 but I have doubts
1)we don't know if MS paid for exclusivity or timed exclusivity
2) the developers said its not possible on ps4 because of cloud computing. But how can that be?xbox one was built with for cloud computing in mind, but wait xb360 wasn't. So how is it possible is coming to 360 also with its limited hardware, so I shall be calling BS to the developers

Just announce it for ps4 already so I can sleep peacefully

abzdine1666d ago

this thing is coming to Sony platforms, it's EA we're talking about this is a timed exclusive for the 10000000 time.

Outside_ofthe_Box1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


Nukeitall why the hell does it matter to you if Titanfall is exclusive or not? It's not like exclusives matter right? Or even if it comes to PS4 it's not like the XB1 loses Titanfall if it comes to PS4 right?

I don't see any reason why Respawn wouldn't bring it to the PS4. What does Respawn gain from keeping it exclusive? The reason why Gears was exclusive was because MS was doing the marketing, manufacturing, etc. for it. This isn't the case for Respawn as EA is doing it this time around. So unless MS is going to write another paycheck for exclusivity after this one expires... Titanfall will be multiplat as keeping it exclusive wouldn't benefit Respawn nor EA at all.

kneon1666d ago


"xbox one was built with for cloud computing in mind"

What they mean by that is that it can connect to the internet. That's all you need. You send the server a request and some data and get a response back. There you go, that's cloud computing in a nutshell. It's not rocket science.

humbleopinion1666d ago

Titanfall is not EA's IP - It's Respawn's who are independent. EA is only publishing it under EA Partners program (mainly to stick one up to Activision) but the IP is not theirs.

Will they release the game to every platform? That's up to the developers and the deal they struck with Microsoft. Maybe, maybe not.
Case in point: Left 4 Dead. Externally published by EA, IP owned by valve, nothing to do with Microsoft - and still no PS3 announced for neither L4D1 nor L4D2.

We've similarly seen SC:Conviction and MGS4 platform exclusive and published by third party. Both had their sequels released multiplat, but not these two games.

Evilsnuggle1666d ago

Nukeittall *** we do known the the reasons microSCAM was behind in development with its first party game . So that paid EA for timed exclusive to titanfall for xbone . This game was in development for ps3 that is why they used valves source engine because it run good on ps3. What cloud infrastucture do you mean Dedicated Servers . All first party SONY game uses Dedicated Servers this is not new .

gaffyh1666d ago

Respawn owns the TitanFall IP, it is one of the things they got in their deal with EA. So they can do what they want with it essentially.

mp12891666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

@nukeitall, "it might not even be possible on PS4 without the cloud infrastructure that MS has."

lol, i don't know how you come up with that but its hilarious. Thanks it made my day.

Information Minister1666d ago

@ nukeitall

Bioshock and Mass Effect were once exclusive to Xbox/Windows as well. Just saying...

Besides, EA has a hard time competing with Activision just because of Call of Duty. And now they have Bungie's Destiny to worry about on top of that. You have to admit the most probable scenario with Titanfall is timed exclusivity.

ajkula1665d ago

@Kenshin_BATT0USAI #1.1.8

Last I checked Pcs aren't Microsoft products and EA partners owns only your "back door"

jjb19811665d ago

During the development cycle, Gabe Newell just didn't like the ps3 platform. That's why L4D was exclusive to Xbox. I'm sure Respawn doesn't want to miss out on millions of dollars. After all they are in the EA independent partners program.

WeedyOne1665d ago

@ Nukeital

"You never know, it might not even be possible on PS4 without the cloud infrastructure that MS has."

Its coming out on pc and the 360, neither of which will have cloud computing...
It's definitely possible, not even a question!

Ritsujun1665d ago

Microsofie's the well-known master of timed-exclusives.

NeutralXP1665d ago

hey smart ass all ps4 games are timed exclusives so get over it and titanfall ain't coming to PS4 so I will enjoy it while you wait lmao

Ritsujun1665d ago

Look at the mad NXP. His gameless Xbosh360's exclusives all turned into timed-exclusives.

malol1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

EA loves money and i can see this on PS4 later on.

malokevi1665d ago

"Hell, the game is going to be on Origin. Guess what? Origin is on Macs and PCs. Last I checked Macs aren't Microsoft products and Titanfall is going to be offered on Origin."

Thats nuts. I have steam on my mac... you think every game on steam can run on a mac?

Respawn has said time and time again that Titanfall is coming to xb1, xb360 and Windows 8 exclusively. They are making use of MS' cloud on all three platforms... a service that Sony cant even come close to providing at the price or processing speed with any other cloud on this earth.

That's why. I don't expect to see this on PS4 any time soon. Servers are integral to their vision for this game... obviously.

An officially disproven rumour still the hottest topic 10hrs later? You know Respawns got a winner when... 😊

Kevin ButIer1665d ago

Even if Respawn owns the IP... they would never chose to EA as publisher if they wanted to maintain exclusivity...

ohiostatesman1665d ago

False alarm. Dev said its an old photo and its just someone with their PS3 to play games. Maybe Titanfall will come but it may not. It's X1 exclusive for a year at least.

noctis_lumia1665d ago

epic game is NOT EA buddy keep that in mind
it will come at some point on sony platform its a matter of when

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ZBlacktt1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Oh for sure, they see the sells figures for the PS4 and they know the PS3 sold more consoles the the 360. So heck yeah they want in on that!

JunioRS1011666d ago

Majin-vegeta was so badass. Evil, but man, when he blew up that stadium and pissed Goku off I was like OOOOOO GET EM GOKU

noctis_lumia1665d ago

vegeta is more bad ass than goku sry dont care if goku is the protagonist

and at some point in the latest DBZ movie battle of gods vegeta without even transforming to ssj3 is getting stronger than goku ssj3 form

avengers19781666d ago

It's entirely possible that they are working on a different game that isn't exclusive.
Do I believe TitanFall will come to playstation, yes.
Both ea and respawn have said they want to get it to as many players as possible( though this statement alone means very little)

ZodTheRipper1666d ago

It would be stupid not to bring it to Playstation. It was smart making it a timed exclusive though, they'll make much much more money thanks to that decision because of various reasons.

Jazz41081666d ago

I would expext respawn to own ps4 dev kits like most devs but it still does not prove they are using them.

Enemy1666d ago

Even the Xbox fanboys know it's coming to PS4. In this case, Microsoft has a contract with EA, a half year to a year, for TitanFall exclusivity. Until then, Respawn will falsely deny the existence of the PS4 version, which we know will come with exclusive DLC and better graphics, in usual EA fashion.

A timed exclusive is a timed exclusive. Would it make sense to say "the PS4 version is in the works" at this time when it's supposed to be made to look Xbox only?

GarrusVakarian1666d ago

I hope so, i really want to play it. I'll probably buy it for 360 and if i like it enough, again for PS4.

Tony-A1665d ago

It's obvious it'll be coming to PS3 and PS4. The only ones saying otherwise are extremely delusional Xbox fanboys.

LackTrue4K1666d ago

Mass Effect 1 came out to Playstation 3, the only thing holding Titian Fall back is $/contract. ;D

No hate toward Microsoft, but the more people play this game the better.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1666d ago

Why do people care so much. The usual response to a game like this is... "I'll get it for the PC."

So why the hype for a PS release? Just get it for the PC.

DigitalRaptor1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Because observing historic trends is easier for to bear for some than it is for others.

PsnGammer211666d ago

But console gaming is better than what pc does. Graphics wise no it's not because they can constantly upgrade meaning spending 100 to 400 dollars ever 6 months to year so u can play game. Now console just has better community, and gameplay to me. I do have a computer that plays battlefield 3 ultra high and I prefer the graphics on ps3 lol.

DigitalRaptor1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

That's a 2006 insecure MS fanboy term but okay... Call it "sloppy seconds" all you want, it makes me feel nothing but indifference. All that phrase does is de-value the game as something that won't be worth anyone's time in a year. I played Mass Effect on PC years before it came to PS3, but when all these games appear on PS3 - the only thing that made sense to say was "I told you so".

When something isn't exclusive, you don't have to wait. So if a game appears I play it as a gamer does, and then I go back to what it was I was playing before. Timed exclusivity on Xbox is a wonderful thing.

Reverent1666d ago

I actually am getting it for PC. Plenty of other great games on PS4 when that rolls around.

XboxFun1666d ago

To all the Sony fanboys, if you are so anxious and excited to play this great Xbox One exclusive first then just get an Xbox One.

It's really that simple.

I mean with every Titanfall news story we get an influx of Sony fanboys so excited and hoping this excellent game will come to their system.

I guess this just shows further proof that Xbox One has the better more anticipated games.

1665d ago
AndrewLB1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

psngamer- I don't spend anywhere near that to keep my PC at a level to play any game on max settings. The last investment I made was in early 2012 for a GTX 680 for $450 after selling my GTX 570 for $300, and prior to that was in 2009 for my i7 860 CPU (which runs at 4ghz overclocked) and Asus p7p55d-deluxe motherboard which was $350 together. But I also sold my previous CPU, a Q6600 w/motherboard and made up $250 of that.

What many people don't factor in when it comes to PC's is that if you don't upgrade everything at once, and avoid waiting too long between upgrades... it doesn't cost very much to keep a PC at a high performance level, especially if you get very good deals on the parts you use.

I'm about to upgrade my CPU/motherboard and currently on ebay i can sell my older i7 860 for $150-170 and $130-150 for the motherboard. And that's ~$300 towards buying the new i7 4770k with Asus Z87-A for $400. So basically $100 to massively upgrade my processor and motherboard some 4 years later.

And when I eventually want to upgrade my graphics, I'll either sell my 680 or get a second card when they've come down in price a lot more. Either way it wont be that much money out of pocket.

_QQ_1665d ago

@PsnGammer21  LOL 100 to 400 every 6 months? 3 year old gaming pc's are already stronger than PS4.Console has a better community? you mean the 10 year olds?better gameplay?maybe Nintendo but otherwise PC offers the best,most unique gameplay.

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AngelicIceDiamond1666d ago

Well whenever the game goes multiplat (or if at all) I would want to play this game on the lead platform first.

I don't don't sit around and wait to play third party AAA games to come another platform.

Other than that good for everyone if true.

MRMagoo1231665d ago

So you mean on the pc ? cos thats the only thing this game is running on at the mo.

Hicken1665d ago

Oh, we won't be sitting around and waiting. We'll have plenty to play in the meantime.

Think of yourselves as beta testers for the PS4 version which will come sans any bugs, and PLUS all the extra content when it does come over.

When you think of it that way, you should probably be a little bothered.

AngelicIceDiamond1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Go away with that fanboyism Hicken. You guys are really want this game bad.

It came from "Xbox has no games"
"This game has to come to PS4 it just has to"

Lol now your going as far as saying the PS4 will be better?

How sad and desperate are you? Like I said, I don't sit around and wait to play game great games because I'm not prejudice over a piece of plastic like you and everyone else, it amazes me you can't see that and how blind your are.

Play games not fanboyism if you want to be taking seriously.

But I guess that's way to hard for you and most people here.

Hicken1664d ago

There's no fanboyism to it.

IF it comes to the PS4, no one will just be sitting around waiting for it, because there will be plenty of other games to play in the meanwhile.

Not sure where there's anything fanboy in any of that.

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xtremeimport1666d ago

The presence of a Playstation controller doesn't really prove anything. But if you're looking for evidence that it's possibly on the way to a Sony platform I guess this is another piece of the puzzle.

Majin-vegeta1665d ago

So what happens when my dream comes true??

noctis_lumia1665d ago

just like mass effect right ?

stupid ppl thinking an EA game will remain on one or two platforms

Megaton1665d ago

I'd say a year. If EA could get Mass Effect to the PS3, you can bet your ass Titanfall is coming to the PS4. Basic knowledge of how EA functions and Microsoft's moneyhat game would tell you this.

SmokingMonkey1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

If it was truly an exclusive, then they would proudly come out and say so....

...they haven't.

Sevir1665d ago

Its extremely funny how one camp is arguing a foregone conclusion, MS paid to have Titan Fall exclusive to the 360 and Xbox One for a brief period of time. We know that much since EA is the publisher, however, Titan Fall is the ONLY game in development at Respawn and the fact that a Dualshock appears in a developer video at their studio CONFIRMS the title is more than just a PC xbox/exclusive.

Another point. People saying that titan fall is only possible with the power of the xbox one's cloud need to stop fooling them, the game is running on 2003 engine, furthermore its also launching on the 360 And that system isnt connected to the MS's Azure cloud servers.

Just be excited you get the game first because of MS's genius in securing a partnership with EA! The game is amazing, but its definately coming to coming to PS3 and PS4, and i think Respawn is handling the PS4 version while the team at EA who is handling the 360 version is also doing the ps3 version as well.

Eddie201011665d ago

Titanfall is probably a timed exclusive and that's probably good but PS4 will have many other true AAA exclusives by the time Titanfall is available for PS4.

alb18991665d ago

It may be but maybe not.......because of money, money, money.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1665d ago

Yea... and in the meantime we'll be plenty busy with other stuff.

NeloAnjelo1665d ago

@Nukeitall... "May not be possible on PS4 because of cloud"

ARE YOU FOR REAL? You know this game is coming to 360 right?

How blind can people be to buy into this Cloud BS being spewed by MS..???!!!

Bleucrunch1665d ago

I lost respect for them...after all that crap they went through with Activision....this is how they choose to release their new thanks Respawn!

TheXgamerLive1665d ago

Sorry, no. Titan fall will NEVER come to ps4 as its partnered with MS games. Butr there is a chance you'll see a titan fall 2 on all platforms.
However thats unlikely.

3-4-51665d ago

Late 2014/ early 2015 = PS4