PlayStation Plus: Machinarium (PS Vita) Free for Members

By Morgan Haro: "Machinarium returns to PlayStation Plus, this time with the PS Vita version available for those who didn’t have a chance to play it on PlayStation 3! The much-anticipated Spelunky is also releasing this week as part of PS Vita Summer Select. Grab this new release on PS Vita and PS3 as a Cross-Buy purchase with an exclusive PS Plus discount to boot. Lastly, the PAX 2013 sale rings in one of the best community gaming events on the planet: PAX Prime."

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sincitysir11702d ago

Already beat it on ps3 but I love free

PSjesus1702d ago

why European and Japanese PSN+ get top PS retail games on PS3 and Vita?
while we got PSN indies and PS1 or PSP games it's ok
but why?

beakeroo11702d ago

We got it free on Plus in the EU ages ago, that was on PS3 though.

stage881702d ago

Beat it on PS3.
Great little game, in fact I got the platinum.

beakeroo11702d ago

There isn't a platinum trophy on this game and if you finish the game you get all of the trophies anyway. I've finished it on PS3 and Vita. It is a good game though, gives the brain a nice workout.

stage881702d ago

Oh my mistake. I got 100% in it anyway. Nice ending as well.

imt5581702d ago

Machinarium is a great flash point and click adventure. Highly recommended.