Here's How Multiplayer Plays in Batman: Arkham Origins

Gameranx: "Multiplayer really isn't all that difficult to understand once you watch this video."

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logan_izer101666d ago

So is this like Spies vs Mercs from Splinter Cell?

3-4-51666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

* 3v3v2

* 2 teams of 3. Banes team, and Jokers team.

During the match one player from each team can "find" joke and bane and become them.

They are more elite than regular "soldiers" and have unique abilities like Batman & Robin.

* Batman and Robin on same team, trying to take both teams out.

I played the Beta on Xbox 360 and it was pretty fun.

Only bad thing is that you have to hold A button to Run. This means you can't aim/shoot/run at the same time otherwise you run right into a wall. You need to kind of balance the 3 and use some strategy.

It's pretty fun but no where near a BF game.

Endo-Endo1666d ago

so two teams of thugs fight and a player as Batman hunts both sides down?

kratos171666d ago

I think two players compete for who can kill a certain amount of thugs the fastest.