Bungie: Destiny can surpass Halo, sit alongside Star Wars Pete Parsons talks to us about future-proofing Bungie and how the studio believes next-gen gaming is “no longer just about the hardware”

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TrevorPhillips1764d ago

I cannot wait for this game, looks incredible and is the Halo for the Playstation and next generation :)

blackmagic1764d ago

Top Halo? That's at least possible. On par with Star Wars? Completely and unequivocally delusional.

WeAreLegion1764d ago

Mass Effect surpassed Star Wars. Why can't Destiny?

Blastoise1764d ago

^ Mass effect wasnt as good as Knights of the old republic

pivotplease1764d ago

Oh snap at blastoise's point. It's really subjective though. Some people love halo. Some love Star Wars. Some love Star Trek. Some love stargate. Some love starhawk. As for people like me my appreciation of sci fi doesn't go much further than the ender canon. I prefer lord of the rings over Star Wars personally.

3-4-51764d ago

At least they are aiming high though. That means that are trying to think outside the box, and not just follow what everyone else is doing.

This is good for dev's to think like this.

I'd rather that then a dev say " We want to be the next COD"

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MrChow6661764d ago

no, halo is halo, period

SuicidalTendencies1764d ago

It's not going to surpass Halo. Why even set yourself up to fail like that?

logan_izer101764d ago

So what you're saying is "Why try and top your previous performance? Just give up"

SuicidalTendencies1764d ago

Do you know how much Halo has sold? It sold Xbox systems for MS. Do you honestly believe Destiny will even come close to touching what Halo has done? Not likely.

Majin-vegeta1764d ago

Yea you're right man what were they thinking after all they did create Halo /S.

SuperLupe1764d ago

Yeah but you have to put things back in the context.

Halo coming out on the Xbox back in the day was a completely different context, environment, ecosystem or whatever you want to call it than todays videogame landscape.

I would be surprised if it ever does become bigger than Halo.

pivotplease1764d ago

I would be surprised too, but borderlands was amazing (just a little on the lower budget side). If anyone has the resources to carry out the promise of a high end sci fi take on borderlands it's bungie. It could potentially take the fps crown but I still have my eyes on battlefield, killzone, and titanfall. Things are getting competitive.

SuicidalTendencies1764d ago

Just because they created Halo doesn't mean it's automatic that their next ip will be as big.

strickers1764d ago

it might. I never liked Halo but Destiny is up there with Infamous, as my most anticipated games.


There is no reason they can't. They only really need to beat the benchmark they set with Halo CE. If they can beat that then they have done it.

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Dan_scruggs1764d ago

The game is probably gonna be great but a little modesty would be nice guys.

Minato-Namikaze1764d ago

Why shouldn't they try to do better than their last game?

Dan_scruggs1764d ago

That is a fine goal to have but that doesn't instantly make it better than Star Wars. Star Wars has a 30+ year legacy of established lore. Movies, TV, video games, books, comic book, and so on. Star Wars has had a huge cultural impact. They shouldn't even be comparing themselves to that franchise. They should just worry about being their own thing.

Minato-Namikaze1764d ago

Set high goals, If you dream for mediocrity then you will be mediocre. If you aim to to be the best even if you miss you'll still have accomplished something great.

Dan_scruggs1764d ago

Do you think George Lucas set out to make the next Star Wars or did he just want to bring his vision to life to the best of his abilities? No He forged ahead with a vision all his own and wasn't aiming at topping any other existing franchise. True artist shouldn't compare their work to someone else's. It's art. Not a competition.

Minato-Namikaze1764d ago

Name a franchise that was as big as star wars is now, back then. Point stands, i'm glad they are aiming high.

WeAreLegion1764d ago

I have full faith in Bungie. Destiny looks like a new industry standard.

ramtah1764d ago

deff day one for my ps4 when destiny comes out

LaChance1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Me too on my Xbox One ! Even got it pre-ordered.

The cool thing is that I pre-orderd Titan Fall too, Halo 5 is the next one on the list. Three of the future FPS blockbusters on my Xbox, cant wait !!

Cheers man ! Great times lieing ahead of us ! You with Deestiny, me with Destiny, TitanFall and Halo !

ramtah1764d ago

go ahead with your gaylo titanfall is timed exclusiveoh and kz sf looks better then titanfall just another cod game so onley another gaylo for you sir

LaChance1764d ago

"go ahead with your gaylo titanfall is timed exclusiveoh and kz sf looks better then titanfall just another cod game so onley another gaylo for you sir"

LOL that escalated quickly.

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