Countdown to GTA V: Story Missions

Console Monster writes: "Gamers have racked up thousands upon thousands of hours playing through Grand Theft Auto’s single player campaigns and Grand Theft Auto V will be no different.

While Rockstar Games have kept the major details of the plot under lock and key, here is what we do know:

For the first time in a Grand Theft Auto title, gamers will take control of three player-controlled protagonists in the campaign. The stories of Michael, Trevor and Franklin interconnect as their paths cross."

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dvx uk1729d ago

Serious hours will be put into this game. Can't wait!!

HarryB1729d ago

Serious hours of fucking around. Grove street 4 lyfe.

crazyeightz1729d ago

Would it kill N4Sony to male an article about how Sony Europe messed up Rockstar pretty bad by letting their game get hacked?

But of course we won't see it because anything bad about Sony will not be published here.

koh1729d ago

Have you seen any articles about it get denied? Serious question. If not, write one and submit it instead of complaining about it.

crazyeightz1729d ago

They quote articles from IGN all time. IGN already have articles up with Sony apologizing already. Yet it's not quoted on N4Sony yet? I don't need to submit anything.

koh1728d ago

So... Submit the article and see if it passes. If it doesn't, you may have a point