Tom Clancy’s The Division: ‘Live Your Own Adventure’

The upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division will take the RPG genre to a new whole level through an “online, open-world, role-playing experience where exploration and player-progression are essential.” The game is currently being developed by Ubisoft, however the objectives are very clear – customization, choice and freedom are the three element keys that define this upcoming experience.

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malokevi1668d ago

Looks better on tablet :p

Caleb_H1668d ago

This isn't even tagged to the ps4. Biased submitter.

patsrule3161668d ago

Ubisoft is adding extra content to The Division for Xbox One. They are adding extra content to Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed 4 for PS4.

I wouldn't put PS4 as the definitive version of The Division.

Caleb_H1668d ago

So excited for this game.

Dlacy13g1668d ago

In a weird way this game kind of reminds me of Destiny in terms of the underlying premise. up, adventure then get to extraction. Anyway, I am super excited for this one.

Psychotica1668d ago

"the game is extremely social and it emphases the importance of teamwork, cooperation and backup. Solo behaviors will be strongly discouraged" - That's disappointing to me, I really prefer playing lone wolf style and after working all day I don't want to be social.

Brix901668d ago

But who knows maybe you can really be that lone wolf like Chuck Norris and be this badass ghost that people will tremble when they see your name.

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