15 New In-Game BAJA Screenshots

TMR has posted up 15 additional in-game screenshots.

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tudors3447d ago

I am not impressed so far.

tony3447d ago

this game has been in developement the longest and it looks so average.

CViper3447d ago

Always has to be made with the lowest common denominator in mind. They aren't made to show off graphics, but to fool people into throwing out 60.00 for another recycled unreal engine title. It works too.

Bathyj3447d ago

Why even bother with Motorstorm 2 around the corner?

BilI Gates3447d ago

The first Motorstorm looks a lot better than this.

Richdad3446d ago

The car design should have been better atleast, the game also looks like mod of ATVvsMTX.