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Resident Evil 7: No More Double Talk

Tekrieg writes:

The VP of Capcom earlier this month at the DICE summit was talking about Resident Evil and he put foundations down when it comes to Resident Evil 7. (PS3, Xbox 360)

TrevorPhillips  +   392d ago
Bring back the Survival horror we once knew Capcom! Look at the DLC pack "lost in nightmares" that was more of Survival horror then the actually RE5 game and RE6...why can't you do that.
avengers1978  +   392d ago
With so many interesting new horror games on the horizon, RE 7 would really have to step up there game, from there last couple of releases. RE4 was good but the series has declined IMO
kreate  +   392d ago
"With so many interesting new horror games on the horizon"

like what?
Salooh  +   391d ago
Evil Within
dying light
pc have more too ^^
Reverent  +   391d ago
And don't forget Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs.
Mounce  +   391d ago
@kreate, &to branch off 14Febs titles.

Amnesia: A machine for pigs, DUH.

And don't forget some underhyped, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Horror games such as:

'Routine' - https://www.youtube.com/wat... <SERIOUSLY, Check out this game and more videos, it's on Steams' Greenlight program as well as the one below.

'The Forest' - https://www.youtube.com/wat...

There're many more, many of them are from small studios, not Giant-EA-like companies that have the marketing and advertisement behind it. Just remember, just because you don't know of it, doesn't mean none exists when it comes to the Horror genre, TONS of dedicated developers and gamers who want to make a frightful game exist out there. I want a Next-gen and official game of SCP: Containment Breach -Hnnngng-
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Jessica_VazquezGR  +   392d ago
I didn't even bother with 6 or 5. It just stopped being scary because of how much it was diverting from it's survival horror roots.
fardan85  +   391d ago
I truly wish to play a new resident evil which feels just like the original.
I still have Code Veronica, Zero, 1 Remake, 1,2,3.. Best RE titles ever.
Mounce  +   391d ago
I agree, that DLC pack was a great fan-service but for that reason, it shouldn't BE fan-service....it should be WHAT IS....Resident Evil.

They said they were bringing RE6 back to its roots, they didn't. Revelations sorta did, AND it did well and was received happily with fans! SO, RE7 better infact be back to their roots and have barely any relation to the stupidity that is the story in RE4-5-6. They should've just kept it as awesomely as it was as a Virus outbreak of T/G and the like that 'went wrong' with people like William Burkin being essentially insane scientists. All before they pulled a Dead-Rising story-breakthrough of. IT CAME FROM BEEEES!


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bjmartynhak  +   392d ago
RE3 was the last one I played. At this point I would just rather have a reboot.
TrevorPhillips  +   392d ago
Just finished RE3 Nemesis again on my PC, still love it :)
j-blaze  +   392d ago
i'm not against rebooting RE, but they could make RE7 like old RE games again without rebooting if they had the right director and writer, now that Mikami is busy with his project, i say they should collaborate with Platinum games' Hideki Kamiya, he directed one of the best games in the series RE2, he also hates online and that's a plus!
Venox2008  +   392d ago
play re 0 and re:make and code veronica..all 3 amazing games
British_Knight  +   391d ago
Code Veronica was my favorite.
SpaceGhost  +   392d ago
You have to play RES4, there is a reason why it is considered one of the greatest games of all time. It was the first and only time a RES game mixed horror with controls that actually did what you wanted them to do. Granted the new ones suck so much suck its not even considered a horror genre any more. just another "zombie" shooter
lnvisibleMan  +   392d ago
When they were making the first game they orginally planned on using an over-the-shoulder camera similar to the one used in RES 4. But later dropped the design as the psone 64 bit hardware was incapable of such a feat.

[Source Play magazine issue 177 Shinji Mikami interview]
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kostchtchie_  +   391d ago
re4 is what killed the series, and people that actually liked that garbage are who Capcom have been catering to all these years with 5 & 6 and all the other spinoffs, only guys that have been getting good RE games are Nintendo fans
fossilfern  +   391d ago
I have disagree I don't think RE4 is the best game of all time and its not the best RE game either but I'm not saying its a bad game, I just feel its criminally over rated. I liked the look of the RE4 beta compared to the final game.


What bjmartynhak needs to play is the remake of RE1 on the GC or the Wii port! Such a fantastic re-imagining and also play RE0.
bjmartynhak  +   391d ago
I'll give RE4 a try one day.

Now, the Wii version of RE1 seems a good idea! I just took a look and it is really worth!
Cheers fossilfern
fossilfern  +   391d ago
no problem, bjmartynhak.

Also try and get RE0 there is a Wii port of that too and its really good.
SpaceGhost  +   387d ago
FYI I did not say it was MY favorite game of all time, I said it was considered by a lot of people to BE. @kostchtchie_ how was it the one that killed the series their are games before RES4 that were terrible and RES5 was in a category all on its own. Granted it is NO 3, but you have to give 4 a go, it is the last good next gen RES game we are going to get for awhile. *fyi my favorite game of all time is NOT a horror game, It is Beyond Good and Evil.
leahcim  +   392d ago
try the first two, and do yourself a favour, especially the 2nd one is by far the best resi to date.
Biohazard8860  +   391d ago
Ill agree RE2 is amazing, but imo REmake is the best :)
Inception  +   391d ago
They don't have to reboot it. Just put normal civilian as main character who doesn't have kungfu / super-human reflexes or experiences with Umbrella / B.O.W outbreak, lower the ammount of herb / ammo, and give instant death when some monster bite you than they're all set.

One of the reason why RE gone the action route is because the main characters already got lots of experiences when fighting zombies / monsters. Do you think it makes sense if you play as a cop / soldier like Leon, Jill, or Chris who pissing in their pants when fighting a slowpoke zombies for a thousand times, when they already had history beating bad ass monsters like Tyrant or Nemesis? Think about it.

And look at TloU for example. You got high tense when your hiding from clickers as Joel / Elie, who doesn't have much training with guns because they're only normal civillians. I hope Capcom got some hint from TloU and apply the right atmosfer in RE 7.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   391d ago
It's one of the reasons why some fans requested that Capcom re-released Biohazard: Outbreak because it puts you in the role of ordinary citizens. Capcom could have easily appeased both fanbases by having Resident Evil main entries for the action/horror crowd while having the Outbreak series for the old school.

Another route could have been having story elements to hamper character abilities. Shinji Mikami did a smart move in Resident Evil 3.5 by infecting Leon Kennedy withe Progenitor Virus to affect his combat skills and sense of reality which could still leave players feeling helpless.

Even The Thing for PlayStation 2 made monsters with challenging weakness of burning them alive with the little resources of fire located in the Arctic Base. The genius monster design balanced out the highly skilled soldiers to still achieve a sense of dread even though the player would be fully armed with bullet weapons.
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Inception  +   391d ago
@Kyosuke Sanada

I never play RE: Outbreak but i think this is the right time to put normal civies as main characters in the main series. Maybe make it two campaign with Leon, Claire, Rebecca, or Barry so old RE fans not complaining for the absence of popular RE characters.

And i love the idea from RE 3.5. But too bad Shinji Mikami scrap it and made RE 4 more action minded. I'm not saying RE 4 is a bad game, far from it, but RE 3.5 really nailed the survival horror atmosfer compare to RE 4.

Ah The Thing, i really love this game (and the movie). The fear and trust system when your companions got attack by monster or when you made some bad / good decission are some of the best system i ever played in survival horror game. It really unique and nailed the survival horror atmosfer from the movie. Capcom should apply this system in RE 7, along with little resources to kill the monster.

But dude, you had some good idea there. You should posted it in capcom official forum. Maybe capcom staff will read it and got some enlightment of how making RE 7 as one of the best survival horror game in the future ^^
CocoWolfie  +   392d ago
yeah i missed the days when bodies would stay on the ground and you were unsure if they were dead.. but now they just evaporate?

anyway hopefully this doesnt disappoint, if not we have the evil within from the original resident evil director :)
ritsuka666  +   392d ago
Too late crapcom.. the damage is already done after horrible game RE6.
DarkBlood  +   392d ago
if this is going to be the end they should go all out by brining every known characters especially from zero as well
dredgewalker  +   392d ago
With the way Capcom handles their games these days I doubt Resident Evil 7 is gonna be good. The last good resident evil for me was RE4 and that was not even scary. For me RE3 was the best that I can still play and enjoy to this day. Mark my words RE will never be the same again and there's no point in giving this game a chance.
ritsuka666  +   391d ago
No Shinji Mikami= no more old school Residen Evil. plain and simple.
lnvisibleMan  +   392d ago
They definitely need to go back to they old routes and release a survival horror game. Love if Barry Burtin was the protagonist in Resident evil 7.
thinktwice  +   392d ago
they seriously need to go back to the classic roots of Resident Evil and definitely change the engine something really powerful. Hey I'd tech 5 or even CryEngine 3 that's if they really know how to use that engine to take advantage but if they did and seriously put the time to work I'm sure they could do something pretty awesome.
hankmoody  +   392d ago
Rebooting seems to be the best option at this point. That storyline has reached the point that it just makes no sense. Reboot and focus on the eerie mood of the original games. I recently replayed Resident Evil 4 and was surprised by how creepy the game still feels, even now.
Austin48  +   392d ago
Please bring survival horror back
pyramidshead  +   392d ago
Cherchez La Ghost  +   392d ago
RE6 wasn't bad. Chris story line just felt like a shooter. Jake's was Ok. Leon's was pretty decent. But what wasn't there was that feeling like I played RE1.

I still say that RE: Outbreak series was unsung in the entire RE series. It was hard as hell to survive by yourself. We need a HD remake with voice chat.

Related video
fossilfern  +   391d ago
Id love a re-release of outbreak with the online working! Such an under rated spin off!
Inception  +   391d ago
Somehow i agree with you even though i never play RE: Outbreak (only saw it on ytube). And yeah, RE 6 definitely had some flaw, but they got some decent survival atmosfer in Leon / Ada campaigns. Like the cemetery, university, subway, or when fighting that regenerator monster (forgot the name) in china. I really love those chapter and i hope they make similar situations in RE 7.
gantarat  +   391d ago
regenerator monster = Rasklapanje
Inception  +   391d ago

Ah, yup that's the name. Thx for the reminder mate :) bubs+
demonicale666  +   391d ago
I stopped playing Resident evil after 4. They've lost their way with the series.
EximiusNebula  +   391d ago
"The hard part is taking all these things and figuring out how to make something for everyone."

If they make RE: Outbreak file #3, they can make many people happy. Co-op, action, move while aiming, exploration, and retain the feel of old school RE.

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MilkMan  +   391d ago
It is the nature of gamer...."complaining&quo t;
I've played all the RE and I found part 6 to be the game I always wanted RE to be.
I suppose since this is the era of COD, gamers made a connection from that games kinetic action to RE 6 and said well my game is ruined since it plays like COD.
When perhaps if RE 6 would have been first to bat, we may have appreciated it more.

In my mind RE was never scary or horror. Yes there were a few jump moments, but nothing to make me urinate on myself or make me hide under the table. After all I was playing a game.

The old control scheme was atrocious and the way the game mechanics played did not satisfy me.
Yes, RE 6 was not terrifying (although what is?) but it sure was fun to play and at the end of the day, fun beats almost anything when it comes to gaming.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   391d ago
Well it kinda depends, a game doesn't have to scare the bejeezus out of a user for he/she to appreciate the effort the developers made as an attempt and fun is subjective because there are alot of gamers who find being scared enjoyable

What I do agree with is the update in elements like weapon switching and character motion in it's predecessors (even though I still love them.) but changing genres in gameplay is not the way to do it. It's like wanting a platformer to have less jumping and more cover based shooting.
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MilkMan  +   391d ago
I see your point. I wonder if this is why they are having a difficult time nailing down the sweet spot.
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Biohazard8860  +   391d ago
Wish they could get alot of the team members that made REmake man that was the most scary re game.
azshorty2003  +   391d ago
7 million copies estimated in sales & only 2 million actual. Ouch!

Ive seen it as cheap as $10. Even at that, I won't buy it.
skydragoonity  +   391d ago
Please revive this franchise... If there's no more ideas i with some of the fans won't mind a reboot.
gamepard  +   391d ago
capcom you not only need to change the gameplay mechanics part (which is as you saw from the reactions ultra failed for this type of game genre) but also the artistic direction of the series ...after RE4 all types of enemies you introduced were at least unimaginable,totally forgettable and grotesque without reason ..you need to put down to work your art teams
pabadamus1  +   391d ago
I don't believe that there are as many different types of RE fans as the guy suggests. Survival horror is a genre within itself and is by no means a sub genre of action adventure. I hate how they try to blame fans' disparate tastes for their lack of focus when it is obvious that 5 and 6 were blatant attempts to emulate mechanics and ultimately the success of CODDLEFIELD and GEARS OF UNCHARTED. No one asked for the mess that is RE6. There are so many design issues and out of place mechanics that we can only call it an unmitigated atrocity to man. And it is no one else's fault but Capcom's.
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ShuckyDuckyQuakQuak   391d ago | Spam
gioaden  +   390d ago
resident evil 3 remake would be so great!
gioaden  +   390d ago
re7 must be more on zombies, zombie dogs hunters lickers and runner zombies(old fashion enemies) not the one in re 4-6!. and the setting must be like the one in resident evil3, city, leon and chris as partner .

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