Call of Duty: Ghosts Blitz Mode Will Be a Camping Ground for Snipers

Given the mechanics of the sniper in Call of Duty and the desire to get on a 20 kill-streak, this will inevitably happen. In Blitz, all you have to to do is enter the zone. There is no bar that needs to be filled or a bomb that needs to be armed.

That means that players will be running around frantically and heading towards the objective more often and there is nothing more a sniper likes than to know where the opposing team is heading so they can sit back and pick them off.

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RamsesNum11730d ago

I want snipers to be lethal but at the same time, I don't for reasons like this.

Angerfist1730d ago

Dude has not heard of quickscoping idiots running around i guess

maximus19851730d ago

i can understand the old "if it aint broken dont fix it" saying. but also id add "if it aint broken dont charge me 60 dollars for the same thing"

dredgewalker1730d ago

You can blame Activisions broken way of dealing with customers :)

Caleb_H1730d ago

If the snipers are as op as BO2 then blitz is gonna be a snipe-fest.

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