Watch Dogs To Receive PC-Exclusive Effects, Features & Technologies

NVIDIA and Ubisoft have signed an unprecedented technical alliance that will see their best games enhanced with PC-exclusive effects and features. Q

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HolyDuck1732d ago

Thanks the lord I pre-ordered the DedSec edition for PC then.

It just doesn't feel right playing a hacking game on a console IMO.
Seems like the mouse would be good for precision when trying to pick what you're hacking in a chase etc, I know the game slows down time but c'mon, a controller? no thanks.

GarrusVakarian1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Tell me more about how you have played Watch Dogs and know how it feels.

C'mon a keyboard and mouse? No thanks. I'll lay back on my bed with a nice comfy controller in my hands :)

KING851732d ago

You can do the same with a PC depending on where it is in your house. I happen to have mine in my bedroom and I lay back in my bed often and play with my 360 controller.

JsonHenry1732d ago

I do the same thing. Only I play on my PC in bed or on the couch.

KING851732d ago

I use a mouse for Counterstrike and RTS which I rarely play. The controller is my go to input device. I really like sitting down in front of my monitor though, as it gives me that intimate feeling when gaming. Playing The Last of Us like that was great.

andrewer1732d ago

Just a matter of use, let's get through it and enjoy the game, c'mon.

sorane1732d ago

I can lay wherever and play my pc since i have it hooked up to a monitor and 3 nice big flatscreens all over my house :) Works wonders with my 4x wireless gamepads.

falcon971729d ago

See going off this statement the order of graphics is 1st pc,2nd wiiu,ps4,xbox1,3rd ps3,360 end of....

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RankFTW1732d ago

I'm playing it on PC but using a KB&M is just silly. The devs have said that is is much better with a pad.

pandehz1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

LOl how is it silly when it is more precise and a better 1:1 control?

Just compare any shooter 3rdP or FPS between controller and mouse and you will see clear differences.

starchild1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Either way works, guys. It's really a matter of preference.

ZBlacktt1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I'll be playing AC4 BF anyway, lol.... srs. But still getting WD at some point. From what I've seen on the PS4. It's more then good enough.

OrangePowerz1732d ago

Since I use an AMD card and nVidia doesn't like it when stuff runs on non nVidia cards I couldn't care less.

andrewer1732d ago

lol exactly. They generalize "PC" too much in titles, and I cross with "Nvidia" stuff every now and then.

starchild1732d ago

Nonsense. I have an AMD HD 7950 graphics card and all the advanced settings on the recently-released Splinter Cell Blacklist (which is the first game to come out of this partnership) run just fine on my card.

The only thing exclusive to Nvidia is PhysX on the GPU.

Blacklist has tessellation, parallax occlusion mapping, contact hardening shadows, higher resolution textures, higher precision shader effects, higher resolution shadows, and HBAO+ ambient occlusion. All of those features run perfectly fine on AMD hardware and they make the game look INSANELY good.

If we get graphical features like these in the PC version of Watch Dogs it's going to be incredible.

OrangePowerz1731d ago

I don`t remember what games and what effects, but I have seen some this year that I couldn`t activate because they where nVidia only. PhysX took ages to be available at all to non nVidia users by having it running via the CPU.

gamernova1732d ago

I'm not at all shocked by all these statements that the PC version is getting the better version of multiplats. It was the same thing current gen and same next gen.

pandehz1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Will always be.

Home computing wont die out till nano tech actually integrates into the commercial market.

Form factor with equivalent power changes everything.

Till then PC will always be king whether gaming, home use or professionally.

MuhammadJA1732d ago

I was already planning on getting the PC version. This news is just great!

falcon971729d ago

Wiiu and pc version for me...

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