Finally, A Portable Portal

Fans of the Portal series who are looking to venture through Aperture Science’s test chambers on-the-go can finally rejoice as a group of Portal aficionados are developing a homebrew adaptation of Valve’s title for the Nintendo DS aptly labeled Aperture Science.

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mcroddi1698d ago

That's great! Love portal.

Donnieboi1698d ago

Check out Quantum Conundrum if u want more/similar gameplay

PopRocks3591698d ago

Ooh. Very cool. Portal, one of my favorite games on a handheld from my favorite publisher... works for me!

Rivitur1698d ago

I remember reading about this its good to see that the dev continued to work on it and make it playable.

Someguyisawesome1696d ago

Cake is the most important question Julie =)! The second most important is what kind of cake it is, whether it exists or not =P.

I also am curious if new puzzles elements will be added to this game that Valve never considered.

Shoul1694d ago

I love creative people - they make everything so much cooler.