Resistance 2 Trailer Online Now!

The new teaser for Resistance 2 is online now. Check it out and post your thoughts!

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Clinton5143903d ago

A teaser for the real deal which shows up June 13. How annoying. Oh well, June 13th noted.

cmrbe3903d ago

At least its something official unlike Killzone 2 which is really getting on my bad side now.

Lord Anubis3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

hey lad where is it? i only see a mo-cap session.


just saw the youtube version. It reminds me of Ratche and clank so much going on and the graphics look kind of the same except they look better for Resistance.

CaptainHowdy3903d ago

Anybody else notice it's the day after MGS4?

RecSpec3902d ago

June 11th would have been infinitely better. Trying to cut in on my MGS4 playtime.

cmrbe3902d ago

I am sure you will want to take a few minutes break. Sony are masters of scheduling. Massive impact. MGS4 12th. Resistance 2 gameplay trailer on the 13th. Genius. Now where the hell is Killizone 2?.

Kleptic3902d ago

um...Sony most likely doesn't have a lot to do with the launch date of MGS4...its not published by SCE...they probably have some say, but I doubt that the gameplay trailer for RES2 was influenced by it...

Insomniac told them how much time the needed...GTTV bought up some rights to the 'exclusive' showing of it...and someone said 'how about friday the 13th?' probably...thats my guess anyway...I don't think MGS4 has anything to do with when they decided to show it...

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trikster403903d ago

If that is using the game engine...drool.

The_Firestarter3903d ago

I wouldn't doubt at all that it's using the in-game engine.

TheIneffableBob3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

The water makes me doubt that it's in-game.
It just looks too complex for today's hardware.

Also, high-quality mirror of the video:

Mu5afir3903d ago

Umm, L A I R ... W A T E R.

SlyGuy3902d ago kinda reminds me of Ratchet and Clank.

You know when you start the level and there are a zillion things flying and moving around (all with excellent detail).

Reminds me of that, but with a realistic touch.

Blackcanary3902d ago

Dude its ingame and Lair had the same in game water so does Warhawk good i love that video.

jwatt3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Ok I watched the trailer like 15 times. What makes me think that's in-game engine, well look at the base of the bridge. The way the shadows move over it, that looks like In-game.

TheIneffableBob3902d ago

Lair does have some nice water, but the water in this trailer moves a lot more fluidly and looks a lot more like real water.

I'm leaning more towards pre-rendered footage using in-game assets than footage with visuals representative of actual gameplay. It'd be nice if I were proven wrong, though.

FLOPbox 3603902d ago

Wow this is so amazing... people are so dumbfounded all over Gametrailers all the fanboys are saying this isn't gameplay hahahahahhaha and this is 100% GUARANTEED THE INSOMNIAC PS3 Engine... and WOWWWWWZERS has it improved.

Do you honestly think they made this to show 3-4 seconds of CG video? Has Insomniac EVER used CG? Or is it that your just so dumbfounded by how amazing this game is going to be that it's easier to say it's not really Resistance 2 for now?

This is 100% R2 gameplay... and like Insomniac said.. they will be working on the engine until the day it ships.... it's not even completely running as well as it will.

Sorry fanboys but Gears 2 isn't going to look like Resistance 2 when it releases. Not even close. This is absolutely GODLY looking... like something out of a movie... I had no clue it was even goignt to look and run THIS Well.

Wow. Insomniac are out to prove a point. Imagine seeing what Killzone 2 really is and how the game looks now and some amazing levels.

PS3 is going to start seperating itself from the competition this year. SERIOUSLY THIS LOOKS AMAZING FOR THIS GENERATION OF CONSOLES. Holy crap man. Everyone at Gametrailers is saying it's CG and they actually believe it is! Why would Insomniac show 3-4 seconds of something that not there's? LOL THIS IS RESISTANCE 2 AND ITS F'ING CRAZY LOOKING!!! PS3 FTW!!

TheExecutive3902d ago

Its fricken in-game. Insomniac doesnt produce cgi for their games.

rexor07173902d ago

I mean, anybody that has played R&C:F know that Insomniac can have a lot of things going on at once. They said they are using an upgraded engine from R&C:F, so it highly probable that it was in-game. And its going to look even better by the time it comes out. I'm drooling at this trailer, and its not even gameplay... :/

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BlackIceJoe3903d ago

This sucks that I have to wait until the 13th of June. But at least this little bit was better then no thing.

Kugar773903d ago

gameplay two days after MGS4, but pretty cool always nice job insomniac

machete squad steve3902d ago

is dead to me for a long time(MGS4)! Crap i knew there was something is was suppose to do, finish resistance before 2 comes out.